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Neothinking has changed my daily thoughts as well as my plans and actions for the future. Instead of wishing, hoping or praying for things to change neothink engages my mind to action for creating the changes I desire. This has dissolved the inertia of faith in my life replacing it with a life that bears fruit.

Neothinking has permanently changed the way I think. Years ago I was told if I changed my thoughts, I could change my life. Unfortunately I was not told how to change my thoughts. Neothink clicked into my mind and shifted everything into a new way of thinking. This has caused me to change many things in my life, practically everything in my life. I live a different life now. So it was true about changing your life when you change your thoughts, but only neothinking accomplished this change.

There are obvious and not so obvious ways neothinking has transformed my life.
I had a mistaken view of society and held ‘important’ labels on certain individuals, who are the select few with ‘power’, authority, wealth etc. I now realize this is not the case. This view I am aware was from strong programming that began at a very young age. As a teenager, I was constantly reminded to do as I was told. The rest of course is to obey God. Talk about confusing!! Neothink has set my mind free. Instead of thinking someone else is in charge I realize there is no one to follow. I have known this and was an independent thinker but found my limitation was in manifesting my dreams into reality, not knowing how to overcome limitations. Neothinking puts me in control of my own life. I now seize the day. Instead of feeling powerless, I get to choose my outcome. I fully utilize this choice in small and big ways. I am experiencing the exhilaration of my new integrations.

Neothinking changes how I see other people. Instead of getting frustrated with people, I choose how I need to respond to them or not respond.
I have a greater appreciation for the special qualities in others. I have more tolerance, understanding, and compassion for others because of the things I now understand and at the same time have less tolerance for people who talk too much while doing too little. I have shifted my thoughts to what steps I can take to make a difference, now knowing that one person can make a dramatic change in society and in the world.

I am more deeply moved by political agendas and read the papers and follow what is going on very closely. I never cared about these things before. I am very interested in the Twelve Visions Party. Even though I am not directly involved, I think about and care deeply about the TVP and its role and purpose in the Neothink Society. Neothinking reaches far beyond my integrations, seeing larger pictures, bringing smaller ones into greater perspective.

I am enjoying doing things I used to dread. I did not enjoy being on the computer. I am building my second website, this one is for the Church of God-Man. I have several more websites yet to build. I am finding it fun creating them!

I have more faithful friendships and it is obvious the changes that have come about in my dealings with people. I have learned to see my emotions objectively and when they are and are not enhancing a situation. This has been a very pivotal shift for me in improving business relationships. Working in and for the anti-civilization remains to be challenging, however I am able to handle things more effectively. This has been rather amazing.

Applying Neothink I am able to figure things out. Soon after learning Neothink last year I accepted a marketing position. In the past opportunities like this would have passed by me. Thinking this way has stretched my confidence. It is exciting to integrate and seek the right pieces and fit them together. I have accomplished success in this and exceeded the expectations of the people I market for. I am grateful for the experience and now neothink the integrations of my own business as well as my integrations with the Neothink Society.

Neothinking has increased the productivity in my day. I accomplish in a day what used to take me a week. Of course that’s the effectiveness of the mini-day or I should say the necessity of the mini-day. Neothinking needs the mini-day to function. When I see people doing nothing it strikes me more deeply. I realize the importance of scheduling down time.

I always wondered how those ‘super-achievers’ did it. I am excited to now be one of them. This year, I was teaching at the college, marketing and working on many other projects as well as continuing my own education. Neothinking has changed me. Instead of dreaming, I am doing. With my bookshelf full of self-improvement books I have read, none of them changed my life or helped me manage my plans. They all told me to do it without a real sense of how. Neothinking has changed that.

All of my thoughts are shifted through neothinking. I have a greater accountability to myself, with greater expectations. It is exciting when I complete my projects. I now see how short days are and pack as much as I can into each one prioritizing my actions to bring into reality the things that are mine to create.
I have always been a ‘doer’ but neothinking has taken me to a different level and changed the things that I do.

When I began this journey with Mark Hamilton, he said we would be completely different people at the end of the year. I wondered what he meant but I now understand.
I look at my life now and my creativity and productivity and it makes me feel a little sad to think of what I might have done if I had known these things sooner.

As I learned neothinking as well as many other insights, this past year has brought profound change and intense work in my life and now instead of looking toward the end of my life, I am ready to accomplish the things I have dreamed of and to dedicate my life to sharing value creation and neothinking with others. This is the most important change neo-thinking has made in my life, planning for life instead of planning for death.

Since consciousness cannot die, (cease to exist) Neothink is the final evolution of consciousness because Neothinking cannot integrate death or thoughts of death. Neothinking can only think of life. More specifically, “The Abundant Life!”

Marlene Hudson