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Nowadays, America has lost her greatness in the eyes of the international community and indeed in the eyes of many of her own people. There is so much skepticism in this country (and rightly so) regarding how much good a political party can, or will, do for the good of all people and for restoring America’s greatness.
Most have lost hope that an honest party really can arise within American politics that not only speaks of wanting to implement political and structural reforms but stands ready and waiting to be called into action with its real and viable plans for implementing such changes that we’d all like to see, be a part of, and experience. We need such a party and we need to demand that an alternative party be allowed to stand and prove itself without interference. Can such a party even arise? Yes. And I believe one finally has arisen, one that uses sound reasoning in meaningful structure poised to be put to use in very plausible ways – unlike the shallow promises and white-washed veneered “plans” that have been doled out by the preexisting parties over these many years. This new party is the Twelve Visions Party, created by Mark Hamilton and its platform is precisely what this country needs right now…a new way to conduct politics and a fair, honest, and intelligent way to begin to restore America’s greatness.
At first, I was skeptical and heavy skepticism can put one in the “protect mode” of thinking – things are bad, so don’t try anything “new,” because the new may make things even worse – but while that type of thinking may stroke our egos and temporarily distract us from the sad issues at hand, it really isn’t sound thinking. “Known” and “traditional” do not always equate to “the best” and “the most workable or doable.” Just having a look around at our current state of affairs here tells us as much; the “time honored” and “traditional” parties have become the pit of inequity, nepotism and stagnation. Overall, they have failed us in just about every area that they were entrusted with.
Governments – local, state, and federal – have seen such broad sweeping increases in their powers that the very people they have vowed to take under their wings, they have now skinned, dipped in batter, and popped into the fryer. American people have been cleverly led to believe themselves to be helpless nestlings in a nest too deep to allow them to finally fly high and soar with happiness and pride. Therefore, they have relied more and more upon government agencies that they have trusted less and less.
When the average American is asked how he or she feels with respect to the greatness of America and to its leaders and government, the overwhelming majority will respond by saying something like: “Greatness! Are you kidding? This country hasn’t been ‘great’ for years.” or “This country has gone so far downhill it may never get on its feet again. The mess is too entrenched and entangled.” or even “Its leaders? – Don’t get me started!” Responses like these are no longer limited to the larger, more heavily populated areas. Advances in technology have gone far in disseminating information regarding the real state of affairs of America over a widespread area and among a broad spectrum of her people, rather quickly. And honestly, currently, one often need not look further than his or her own life or household to see some of the crises faced in America today.
Americans respond with anger, frustration, confusion, distrust, despondency, loss of pride and the like. Such responses are due, to a large extent, to individuals and the people as a whole having been:
1) Recipients of broken promises born of repeated campaign lies,
2) Aware of having no real, honest, and meaningful representation,
3) Informed by the leaders that they do realize the system is failing, yet having observed that the root causes for the failure are never examined or halted – the symptoms alone are treated with palliative measures and are merely plastered with bandages, sideshow distractions, and quick tickles,
4) Very cognizant, through careful integration of thought and understanding, of how to fix the system but not having been in a position to fix it – either personally or politically, and
5) Dowsed with ever increasing and ever tighter, limitations, controls, bylaws, laws, statutes, regulations, codes, amendments, precedents, executive orders, etc, to such an extent that honesty, growth, and meaningful progress in and of private industry and enterprises, science and the arts is fast waning. Our families especially suffer.
These reasons and others have caused the public to lose their balance and to weigh in with a heavy veil of skepticism; but that stance need not be permanent. Give the people an honest alternative to the traditional institutions that have failed them and then each individual can and will stand up and say “I can trust again,” “I will examine the entire platform of the this new party to see if they are for real,” “I will think for myself,” “We, The American People, shall have representation again,” “We will not continue to have life and liberty sucked out of us, but will become full with grace and respect,” and “America and her people will rightfully reclaim pride and greatness, once again standing tall among the nations.”
You know…if all I had to go with was the platform of the Twelve Visions Party and its creator Mark Hamilton, honestly, that would be enough for me – for the platform is sound and I have found its creator to be very innovative, intelligent, brave, and genuine. But I have also had the pleasure of being part of Mr. Hamilton’s “Neothink Society” where like-minded people desirous of peace, change, and the advancement of the human species exchange ideas for building a brighter future in the fields of science, medicine, technology, honest business, and the arts. There is a wellspring of good people there – honest Americans – all sharing their knowledge and a vision of America’s future greatness….
Let no one, let no organization, let no word in hearsay, prevent you from personally seeing through the smokescreen and examining for yourself, what this party, this man, and his society are really all about. To allow someone else to make the examination, judgment and choice for you would be non-American, as we are a free people and must work to remain so by practicing and embracing our freedom and our right to examine and to choose for ourselves….
Liz S



Throughout my life, I have wondered why inequity was viewed by so many people as an acceptable manner of existence.  The “Haves”, who truly believe themselves to be superior to the “Have Nots”, have for generations used their financial and political means to create a world that benefits themselves with complete disregard for the greater populace—the true creators of all that is value.   The “common man”, he who works for his living, is belittled, treated as unintelligent and inferior when, in effect, the knowledge and sources of knowledge that the supposedly superior society members have at their disposal, have never been available to the masses.

Mark Hamilton is a man who also pondered these injustices and pursued the reasons and causes for many years.   His determination to scientifically investigate, correlate, and evaluate the causes and effects, and integrate the criteria honestly and precisely into a formula has created Neothink.  New, neo, logic and knowledge is the catalyst I have searched for to create the changes which each of us need to truly know success in every aspect of our lives.  Neothink  has enabled my family to strengthen our business despite government projects that might have used “eminent domain” to take our land and effectively put us out of business.  Neothink  has shown us how to create desire fulfillment for our clients, putting our company in the thoughts of those who come to our store because they “feel” a connection to something that raises their good feelings.  Neothink  has reawakened a deep love and appreciation of each other for me and my husband and has strengthened our relationships with our children.

Mark Hamilton is responsible for the factual evidence of attainable changes that will bring forth the way of life those brave men we Americans call our forefathers envisioned when the Declaration of Independence created our country.  Mark Hamilton, through the Twelve Visions Party, shall bring each person the world we should have been members of for countless years.  We deserve to know the joy of life with our hopes and dreams being fulfilled and our minds free to create even greater ways for mankind to share this world.

Our prosperity and abundance, love, health, safety and life will be assured through the Twelve Visions Party and the knowledge Mark Hamilton has compiled in his multi-generational  writings.  I am greatly indebted and grateful for his concise guidance for all of humanity.

I await with true joy and pride the Neothink world!