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Neothink is the only way man will ever be able see and perceive reality. It’s the only way to break from the chains that bind us. Without Neothink, man will always have war and injustices, we must learn to think independently and freely to learn, know and thrive for a just, peaceful, and prosperous world for all life loving beings to happily flourish. Mr. Mark Hamilton is a great man who wishes to teach true honesty for the sake of the future evolution of man in the name of prosperity and happiness. We must obsolete ways of the past via honest, and Neothink is the cure for the lies and slavery we currently, and unknowingly fall victim to.


What the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) means to me is putting the choice in people’s hands to act on what our instinctive human nature is: Love, peace, freedom, and creation of wealth, values, and prosperity. Only through the TVP will we see this happen. I live in a city where I see, day in and day out, people living in anguish and despair because they have lost their job or their government benefits have been depleted, and I see hope disappear from their eyes — only replaced with a sadness and a dejection of the heart. As a result, the crime rate has increased with crimes of desperation, such as robbery and hurt on other individuals through acts of initiatory force. The reason, I believe, people force harm on others is because they don’t know any other way to do things to bring peace of mind into their lives. Lately, we see the corruption and dishonest propaganda from greedy politicians who don’t value the lives of the public and who continually use the media to brainwash society into a mold they see fit. The TVP, putting more fulfillment and wealth into everyday lives will see an end to almost all acts of crime and terrorism. These actions put into effect will lower and then end taxes, and put the money back into its hard-working citizen’s hands.
The TVP, under the Prime Law, will bring those things to cease. I see injustices and those being tried in courts unjustly and punished for crimes that do not bring any harm to anyone. Yet the greedy politicians believe it is for the “social good.” Yet they become hypocrites because they then turn around and do the same thing they punish the small person for. But it is alright for them to do it because they are somehow privileged in this regard. The TVP will take power out of the hands of greedy politicians and back into the power of the people using market businessmen and women — the very people who seek to build the economy and create values in our lives, not destroy it. I believe that this is the only way to feel a worldwide peace that has been promised to generations before us. Now we have the capabilities, technology, and worldwide support to see this reality become actualized. If you ever want to feel that peaceful feeling of relief, then the TVP will be here to show mankind how we can do this.
Mark Hamilton is definitely a pioneer and an individual who purely and honestly loves mankind. He isn’t looking to make money off of the world’s hard work and honest living, but rather is showing the world an honest and true way to live — one where we are true to ourselves, each other, and our families. Only through the TVP will we live in a loving and peaceful world, one where cures for disease and poverty will be brought to light even more. The greedy, parasitical politicians won’t do this, instead they say there is no cure for cancer or diabetes (only a treatment for these diseases) because they fill their wallets with money made from the big pharmaceutical companies. If people cured these diseases using natural remedies, then big pharmaceutical companies would go bankrupt because no one is buying their drugs. Drugs only make people’s lives harder and more difficult to progress and grow to the fullest potential a human being can. With these limitations in place, the Politicians become an unstoppable force and continue to lie to the public for the “social good,” to enslave mankind so that the only way out of our problems is putting our hopes and dreams in this modern-day government system. The TVP will finally bring power back to the democracy our forefathers intended, and our government will become the machine it was meant to be — to bring wealth, peace, love, freedom, and prosperity to all mankind forever and ever!
Love and Peace!



Throughout my life, I have wondered why inequity was viewed by so many people as an acceptable manner of existence.  The “Haves”, who truly believe themselves to be superior to the “Have Nots”, have for generations used their financial and political means to create a world that benefits themselves with complete disregard for the greater populace—the true creators of all that is value.   The “common man”, he who works for his living, is belittled, treated as unintelligent and inferior when, in effect, the knowledge and sources of knowledge that the supposedly superior society members have at their disposal, have never been available to the masses.

Mark Hamilton is a man who also pondered these injustices and pursued the reasons and causes for many years.   His determination to scientifically investigate, correlate, and evaluate the causes and effects, and integrate the criteria honestly and precisely into a formula has created Neothink.  New, neo, logic and knowledge is the catalyst I have searched for to create the changes which each of us need to truly know success in every aspect of our lives.  Neothink  has enabled my family to strengthen our business despite government projects that might have used “eminent domain” to take our land and effectively put us out of business.  Neothink  has shown us how to create desire fulfillment for our clients, putting our company in the thoughts of those who come to our store because they “feel” a connection to something that raises their good feelings.  Neothink  has reawakened a deep love and appreciation of each other for me and my husband and has strengthened our relationships with our children.

Mark Hamilton is responsible for the factual evidence of attainable changes that will bring forth the way of life those brave men we Americans call our forefathers envisioned when the Declaration of Independence created our country.  Mark Hamilton, through the Twelve Visions Party, shall bring each person the world we should have been members of for countless years.  We deserve to know the joy of life with our hopes and dreams being fulfilled and our minds free to create even greater ways for mankind to share this world.

Our prosperity and abundance, love, health, safety and life will be assured through the Twelve Visions Party and the knowledge Mark Hamilton has compiled in his multi-generational  writings.  I am greatly indebted and grateful for his concise guidance for all of humanity.

I await with true joy and pride the Neothink world!



If you go back in history of media you will see how it started. The reasons why it started. Then the reasons it changed. If their goal is to stop the truth, could it be their afraid of the truths people already believe. See to many people take it personal, when you don’t think or feel as they do. They feel intimidated not good enough. When we allowed poor images, injustices, to happen, to show with, well get a lawyer or your not smart enough, cause theirs always someone who feels this way. I can’t afford the gin or a lawyer, most people can’t. So to change the rules that have been ingrained for centuries, except the smart or wealthy is mind boggling. You feel dubbed, short changed because your not good enough. They weren’t told the truth in the beginning. Like when I died on the operating table, they said I bleed like a stuffed pig, they gave me 3 pints of blood. I didn’t know who I was or where I was. I had to count on those around me for truths. Someone with Alzheimer’s , I can relate to… cause you have to count on truths, honesty, & no one is perfect. You become acceptable to what is around you & the truth of what they tell you. A commercial of 20 of the same & no punishment of their taking advantage of you when you waist your hard earned money. Now we allow our government to do the same when we tried to prevent them being dishonest to begin with, but the proof is in the pudding, & boy is it bitter. Most of us don’t live in Fancy homes or expensive life styles; we may want to achieve the American dream. But to tell you the truth, I don’t want to harm anyone, judge anyone or commit a crime. But what are the playing rules. I don’t care if you have more, achieve more, but be honest with me, with us all. Have rules we can learn, to keep straight, to be honest. I have the same hopes & dreams as you. Though I may not of accomplished as you, who’s to say who learns what when. It’s not to late unless you let it be. You have to ask your self, who am I, who do I what to be. I’ll take my magic lantern to help you any way that I can. Together united we can do this, sometimes slowly, other times faster than a speeding bullet. I’ll send my peaceful Air fairy to blow the winds of truth, of light, of Justice together we can achieve the impossible, because it only continues if it stays the same, the same lies, the same untruths. I have begun to awake to the inner soul I am, & I like myself even more than just words. Together we can unite in love, kindness, peace, understanding that we unite for the good of our selves & each other. To be the best, the strongest, no more nasty perverted language, we lose who we were. To know we all have a story, let’s share it together. I’ll share mine if you share yours. Come see me & I’ll listen, tiring to all achieve  the goals we seek. Some one will win; some one will lose but to be fair & honest… Numbers don’t lie. So mighty media lets sit down, write our goals our achievements lets fact find with truth & honesty for our well being & others. Remember when you were innocent & didn’t worry about injustice. Lets start from their, & work forward     
Jim and Donna Grant


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

We have dedicated our life to develop a new method of education to create a new kind of human being for an honest and upright society. After that, we have knocked on many doors to market and implement such a wonderful technique but, illogically, we have found nobody interested in developing such a wonderful tool for humankind, and could not understand the reasons behind it. We were about to give up when a year and a half ago we discovered the Neothink Society and since then our life has gone through many changes. I will name only a few of them: My wife has recovered her health that had gotten worse in the previous years. Although I am a Psychologist I recognize that with NeoTink’s simple formula, our relationship went to a higher level, allowing us to enjoy more our life together. Your ideas, through the NeoThink philosophy, have given us a deeper comprehension of life and all the injustices committed every day. At the same time it has provided us with new tools to improve ourselves, our relationships and our businesses. It has helped us to finally put together the whole picture of life giving it a new meaning and dimension with new beliefs. But MOST IMPORTANT for us is, that it has given us hope again that, with the new course NEOTHINK is redirecting society, it will allow us to finally find ways and people interested in applying our educational system globally to produce the geniuses the world needs.

Thank you Mark!

Armando and Lilian Elias