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The Neothink Package was some of the most eye-opening reading material I have ever run across!  I was intrigued from the first invitation.  I am captivated to this day.  At a time when I was looking for answers in a world where truth is in short supply Mark Hamilton’s Inner Circle Secrets. Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and Inside Secrets opened my mind to an interpretation of my purpose on this earth that has become an integral part of my current belief system.

Thank you, Mark, for caring about your world and the people in it.  Because of you I will never rely on the mysticism of religion again!

Wanda R


I was invited to order the multi-generational Manuscripts. first i received my first book ” Neothink packages of inside secrets” i was given time to complete the reading before my second book was sent, “The Neothink package of inner circle secrets” and last i received ” Miss Annabelle’s secrets”. Reading these 3 books open my mind to new ways of thinking, new patterns of wider integrations which allow me to qualify to attend the 1 threw 12 levels of meetings to be mentored by Mark Hamilton. This allow deeper integrations to take place. At about the 9th 0r 10th level, i said to myself “self wouldn’t it be nice to talk to other individuals who had read the same materials”. To see what other like minded individual had to say about the literature as well as being mentored by Mark. So i joined the website and found that their was regular meeting being held on Saturday evenings in north jersey. I wrote down the address put in my pocket and off i went. Me living in a 1 family house it never dawned on me that this was a high rise building. here i am standing in front of this tall building with no apartment number, and i was not going to ring every bell so i left, with a greater determination to return the following week with all the information, to get into this meeting to meet some new people. The next week i sign up again on the website and the following sat i attend my first meeting. I rang the bell a voice on the intercom said hello. i stated my name and i was their to attend the clubhouse, a warm and excited voice said hello come on up. The guys i met that evening was some of the nicest people i had ever met. very friendly and kind you could see it in their hearts. i felt at home right away. Clubhouse meetings consist of member doing presentation, and discussing each other perception of what we had read and learned, it was awesome. Because of the distance involved to travel to the meeting Steve thought it would be neat if i started a A-Team with member from south jersey since i was in central jersey they would not have to travel as far  So i did all the legal work to establish (Jersey Central A-Team) i sign a contract with Mark Hamilton. Jersey Central A-Team grew to 5 member but they slowly dropped out do to financial problems and personal problems. I was determined to keep moving forward to keep Jersey Central A- Team breathing. I join forces with Tri-State A-Team to build our clubhouses together. Once it was discuss in the meeting with Mark about the political side of the society i got excited. I grew up in Newark on a very famous street, Stirling Street  the most famous street in nNewark at the time. I lived next door to a famous writer and poet Amiri Baraka he was my first mentor at 13 years of age. Everyday of the week some famous person would be seen visiting his house,  i remember the day Martin Luther King came for a visit just before he was killed. Rap brown, Jesse Jackson, just to name a few because there was many. I played a key role in Newark electing its first black Mayor, which did not benefit the community at all. I was part of the organizing effort for the national black assembly which was held in 1972 in gary Indiana where over 10,000 delegate attended from every state in the country. So when the tvp was being discuss and formed from a business dynamic which is different from anythings i have ever seen a creative new process was being born . It gave me a chance to integrate with the tvp. our joint meeting with Tri-State has produce a powerful mastermind at work. when we was ready to start developing tvp in our clubhouse i approach Royd Garcia about the need for a tvp-coordinator and he said that he new a guy that had read the literature and was excited about the political side of the society. We contacted Bill Hunsicker who join my A-Team along with his sister Peggy Hunsicker. bill took the lead in organizing us into a Political party here in New Jersey The founding of the 12 VISION PARTY  of new jersey was here in my home. and we presently still meet in my home once a month. Nov 9th 2009 i was offered to head up the state planning committee for STATE CONVENTION which we are in the process  of pulling together for March 20th 2009. The PRIME LAW will lead the way, along with MAKE ALL THE PEOPLE RICH INCLUDING THE POOR & UNITY WITHOUT UNIFORMITY.  Please let me know your thoughts and integration.  This is for my children and grandchildren and future generations to come.   thank  Larry J