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My name is Ralph Menchaca. I received my invitation to the Neothink Society from Mark Hamilton, 2,years ago. I am very glad now, to have responded to the letter.
At that time I was struggling, to not lose my Home, and struggling with a mountain of personal problems, and
payments. The Economic collapse did not help any.
After reading the Multigenerational manuscripts, and attending Apprentice meetings, I started to work with Numbers. Working the Numbers/Values as outlined in the level 2, & 3, meetings with Mark Hamilton. I now manage all my Debt, and Personal problems successfully. I constantly reduce or eliminate any debt, or huge debt that I may have. Also, most of my Personal problems were eliminated.
I use the Integrated Concepts, and Neothink advantages,to create that something more, that was always missing, for me and my Family.
I would like to thank Mark Hamilton, and Compliment him for the Great Mentorship of the Neothink Society.
I also, have the privilege, to be a member of the Twelve Visions Party. A Mark Hamilton creation.
I recommend the Mark Hamilton Multigenerational manuscripts, and Mentorship Programs to anyone and everyone to create the Values for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity.