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Mark Hamilton,
The Twelve Visions Party is the greatest Neothink integration to come out of the Neothink Society because it will change the political dynamics of the two party system, and once the people learn of the great values that the TVP offers to every one, the TVP will dominate the elections at all levels of government. Then the TVP can implement the changes that will set all people and every aspect of our society free to produce values. This will truly allow everyone to be happy and live the life they always wanted to live.
Thank You
Jon Quigley



I have always been a lay back type person, but at the same time I was searching. Searching for something in life, but there was always something preventing my mind from developing or expanding to it’s fullest. Now that I have acquired the knowledge of Neothink I have become a new person. I am so happy to be part of the Neothink Society, and is looking forward to share my knowledge and insights with future incoming members as well as for my own personal development. The Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton has influenced my way of thinking through integration of knowledge, and it’s through this knowledge I am able to control my life, my environment and the universe. Every thing in my life now has a purpose and true meaning. I am truly grateful for the change you have brought to my Life.

Peter Sellars Level 10 member


Dear Mark,
Thank you for your tuition. Your Mentoring on value creation and integration has changed my life completely. A life of joy and excitement at the prospect of becoming the person I was meant to be!. Producing and creating values for a better world, a prosperous world, based on honesty and wide scope accounting. Neothink removes the irrationalities of society to bring the next step in mans development into Neothink. We must prevail whatever the cost.


Integration of Reality is just one of the many ideas I integrated into my life…an idea that helped me keep my sanity during the past five years when time and time again I was stalked, harassed, deigned peaceful existence and sometimes over charged for common items that everyone else paid less for, all this being initiated by Psychopathic acting people in my state. “Integration of Reality” introduced to me by Mark Hamilton, author of Neothink® World, played a major part in helping me to keep my sanity. So, I know for a fact, that Neothink® can, 1.Help one to preserve their present state of Mental-Health, or, 2. Help anyone to establish Mental-Health.