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Hello everybody.
My name’s Issa
To start this I got to say that joining the Neothink Society and the TVP founded by Mark Hamilton it was and still and will be the best thing in my life, the integrations that I’m in is indescribable and the readers will not feel and understand this until you out there involve and allowing your self in , in order to realize and discover you ability to create and to be happy to realize you own ability to lead your self and to live the life you meant to live, and truly it’s priceless, you need to know that your life is yours and our business here in the Society because we complete each other, your value creation is for and mine/our is for you.
We’re a happy family and you deserve to be among like mended people for you to get away from the created illusions and stagnation around you.
I said this before and I’m saying it know once you discover your true creativity and happiness and live the life you meant to live you can never go back.
Our mentor Mark Hamilton and his family dedicated his/their life’s to humanity to see beyond the created illusions and start seeing the true me/us.
I’m lucky and want to have you all be like me/us happy and healthy and soon will be very wealthy and this’s the propose of the TVP (twelve Visions Party).
is to Make All People rich Including The Poor.
Thank you for reading


Mark Hamilton
The Miss Annabelle’s story was the most touching and inspirational story I have ever read. The story touched my soul deeply, at times I cried and by the end I was filled with such happiness and hope for the future. Miss Annabelle is truly my hero I deeply love her. I can not convey the emotions I feel as I write this. In the end I thought it was just a story, until I was introduced to the Neothink Society and was able to experience the vast integrations from other people, that I realized the Miss Annabelle’s story would be actualized out of the Neothink Society. This society would change the world and bring about the Twelve Visions World. The Twelve Visions Party is an important puzzle peace to expose the great values of the Twelve Visions World to the people.
Thank You
Jon Quigley


Neothink Literature gives me unending value. Every time I read, it always is fresh and cuts to the essence of things. Every day I am different in some way and I get flashes of wisdom (integrations) that widen my perspective of knowledge and understanding ever more. Neothink cuts through illusions to reveal one reality.
The clarity I have in my mind now is extraordinary. Compare myself to I of 10 years ago and yes I have matured anyway, but Neothink knowledge has given me something more than I could ever find anywhere else, which I describe as an Olympian-like perspective.
Everywhere people are like-minded about the myth of authority even if they don’t explicitly know the internal machinations. They see mostly through the lies but they feel nothing can be done and say, “oh well, what can you do?” With the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society they now have a voice, an outlet, a cause, a future, as hoax upon lie upon deception is unraveled with mind-liberating awe. They can think freely past that rationalization now. I can hear the cheering already as Neothink men and women reduce politicians to null points in public debates, I can see the politician sweating, knowing that their tricks are no longer invisible with large crowds booing them. I can see the proud faces of visionaries creating values and fixing up the mess left by big government. I can see the joy on the faces of children looking forward to school learning to be integrated thinkers.
Others close their eyes, ears, mouth and mind and take a vow of silence that they will never ask questions, never bring up their rights and never challenge authority, then choose the lazy attitude and worshipfully except that the false authority of government is absolutely necessary. It seems totally crazy to me that some people actually believe themselves and others should be controlled in order to benefit society, but they believe it because they are programmed to once they were born.
People everywhere, those of you that suspect the illusion and deception, now is the time you can do something and no longer feel helpless because the Neothink Movement is growing worldwide and also the Twelve Visions Party that grew from the Neothink Society. If you see or hear negative comments or campaigns against Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, know now from me that it is dishonest lies being spread that are pathetic and immature and intended to rob you, your children and civilization of a better future with abundant health, wealth and peace. With the world going the way it is, it doesn’t look like it is going to get better by itself, what with the endless spiral of wars and catastrophes spearheaded by parasitical elites. The time has come for us all to grow and take responsibility by applying Neothink to society, the visionary innovation with Neothink and the TVP is the answer to the current failing system inbuilt with corruption, people everywhere are seeing through the lies. Like when someone reveals a magician’s secrets to his magic tricks, it becomes plainly obvious and even disappointing at how easily we were tricked, same goes with those in power who feed us lies to keep us tame, naïve and subservient. Once you see how they do their tricks, it becomes so obvious. Don’t close your eyes and ears to what the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party is about, even if now you don’t understand, you should still support it and learn more later because you have my honest word today that this is pure genius innovation and permanent change, not just lip-service, there is no sleight-of-hand, there is no smoke and mirrors. Visionary work is being done in the world, not only by Mark Hamilton, but by increasing numbers of self leader neothinkers worldwide. This is truly a remarkable time in history, that you are learning about once and for all. A completely integrated solution is unfolding for the masses to rise up to better standards of living beyond what the masses have ever known, and this is not naïve talk or wishful thinking from me. When you have the growing wide and integrated perspective I have, you can recognize what does not logically follow or fit in place. There might be a lot of bad publicity by the media to come toward NT and TVP, but it is done by envious and ignorant people who want the “average” person, who strives to make a productive living, to not have a bright future, wealth, health or peace, while the bureaucrat and politician enjoys unearned wealth and privilege.
People stand together, now is the time, embrace and support Mark Hamilton and his heroic efforts in founding the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party.



Neothinking has changed my daily thoughts as well as my plans and actions for the future. Instead of wishing, hoping or praying for things to change neothink engages my mind to action for creating the changes I desire. This has dissolved the inertia of faith in my life replacing it with a life that bears fruit.

Neothinking has permanently changed the way I think. Years ago I was told if I changed my thoughts, I could change my life. Unfortunately I was not told how to change my thoughts. Neothink clicked into my mind and shifted everything into a new way of thinking. This has caused me to change many things in my life, practically everything in my life. I live a different life now. So it was true about changing your life when you change your thoughts, but only neothinking accomplished this change.

There are obvious and not so obvious ways neothinking has transformed my life.
I had a mistaken view of society and held ‘important’ labels on certain individuals, who are the select few with ‘power’, authority, wealth etc. I now realize this is not the case. This view I am aware was from strong programming that began at a very young age. As a teenager, I was constantly reminded to do as I was told. The rest of course is to obey God. Talk about confusing!! Neothink has set my mind free. Instead of thinking someone else is in charge I realize there is no one to follow. I have known this and was an independent thinker but found my limitation was in manifesting my dreams into reality, not knowing how to overcome limitations. Neothinking puts me in control of my own life. I now seize the day. Instead of feeling powerless, I get to choose my outcome. I fully utilize this choice in small and big ways. I am experiencing the exhilaration of my new integrations.

Neothinking changes how I see other people. Instead of getting frustrated with people, I choose how I need to respond to them or not respond.
I have a greater appreciation for the special qualities in others. I have more tolerance, understanding, and compassion for others because of the things I now understand and at the same time have less tolerance for people who talk too much while doing too little. I have shifted my thoughts to what steps I can take to make a difference, now knowing that one person can make a dramatic change in society and in the world.

I am more deeply moved by political agendas and read the papers and follow what is going on very closely. I never cared about these things before. I am very interested in the Twelve Visions Party. Even though I am not directly involved, I think about and care deeply about the TVP and its role and purpose in the Neothink Society. Neothinking reaches far beyond my integrations, seeing larger pictures, bringing smaller ones into greater perspective.

I am enjoying doing things I used to dread. I did not enjoy being on the computer. I am building my second website, this one is for the Church of God-Man. I have several more websites yet to build. I am finding it fun creating them!

I have more faithful friendships and it is obvious the changes that have come about in my dealings with people. I have learned to see my emotions objectively and when they are and are not enhancing a situation. This has been a very pivotal shift for me in improving business relationships. Working in and for the anti-civilization remains to be challenging, however I am able to handle things more effectively. This has been rather amazing.

Applying Neothink I am able to figure things out. Soon after learning Neothink last year I accepted a marketing position. In the past opportunities like this would have passed by me. Thinking this way has stretched my confidence. It is exciting to integrate and seek the right pieces and fit them together. I have accomplished success in this and exceeded the expectations of the people I market for. I am grateful for the experience and now neothink the integrations of my own business as well as my integrations with the Neothink Society.

Neothinking has increased the productivity in my day. I accomplish in a day what used to take me a week. Of course that’s the effectiveness of the mini-day or I should say the necessity of the mini-day. Neothinking needs the mini-day to function. When I see people doing nothing it strikes me more deeply. I realize the importance of scheduling down time.

I always wondered how those ‘super-achievers’ did it. I am excited to now be one of them. This year, I was teaching at the college, marketing and working on many other projects as well as continuing my own education. Neothinking has changed me. Instead of dreaming, I am doing. With my bookshelf full of self-improvement books I have read, none of them changed my life or helped me manage my plans. They all told me to do it without a real sense of how. Neothinking has changed that.

All of my thoughts are shifted through neothinking. I have a greater accountability to myself, with greater expectations. It is exciting when I complete my projects. I now see how short days are and pack as much as I can into each one prioritizing my actions to bring into reality the things that are mine to create.
I have always been a ‘doer’ but neothinking has taken me to a different level and changed the things that I do.

When I began this journey with Mark Hamilton, he said we would be completely different people at the end of the year. I wondered what he meant but I now understand.
I look at my life now and my creativity and productivity and it makes me feel a little sad to think of what I might have done if I had known these things sooner.

As I learned neothinking as well as many other insights, this past year has brought profound change and intense work in my life and now instead of looking toward the end of my life, I am ready to accomplish the things I have dreamed of and to dedicate my life to sharing value creation and neothinking with others. This is the most important change neo-thinking has made in my life, planning for life instead of planning for death.

Since consciousness cannot die, (cease to exist) Neothink is the final evolution of consciousness because Neothinking cannot integrate death or thoughts of death. Neothinking can only think of life. More specifically, “The Abundant Life!”

Marlene Hudson



Dear Mark Hamilton,

The initial invitation letters from the Neothink Society struck me as amazing writings in themselves, yet I resisted.  The thing that convinced me to invest in Neothink was the mention of displaying my art and music at one of the Clubhouse Meetings.  I had been working to find my audience and this idea spoke directly to my soul/inner child/higher self and my business self.

I received my literature and read it in 8 days, writing many pages of notes with new mental integrations like I had never had before.  After 2 more long, yet highly energized weeks, I received an invitation to a Clubhouse Meeting.  The next day, Wednesday, I called to RSVP and was offered the chance to play my music at the Clubhouse.  I suggested a Clubhouse Drum Circle and that’s exactly what happened – my new team/family stomping/clapping/chanting/banging/moving to our own music.  And this happened one day short of 4 weeks from the day I received my first book – the lure of the letter had come true!  

By this time I was familiar with the web site and had music and video up on my Neo-Space.  Reading NEOTHINK SOCIETY Secrets had connected me to Mark Hamilton and the Prime Literature;  the Clubhouse and web site connected me to the body of NEOTHINK SOCIETY, the people.

When I called to RSVP about the Clubhouse meeting, I was also invited to listen to a national conference meeting that night (wed 10/8).  One thing that came through to me clearly from the meeting was that Mark Hamilton wanted the leaders to video their testimonials.  I learned my A-Team Coordinator was having some trouble with her video.  I sensed the importance and on Thursday (10/9), I offered to help.  At first it seemed she would not have time, then later she realized that she had asked the Universe for help with her video and here it was.  So, Friday evening (10/10) we shot the video, and on Sunday we were able to upload it to her Neo-Space.  It turned out wonderful!  The focused mental and physical energy we experienced was the result of reading, learning, and applying Neo-Think.  It was actually rather easy, and so much fun!

I now keep an essence journal.  I’ve learned that my essence is akin to my creating value.  The Society has welcomed my essence/value creation:  I shot and edited an important video for my team leader;  I shot and edited video of our Clubhouse meeting where I facilitated a drum circle to open the meeting; and, I offered to help with data management and now I will be gathering regional data about the introduction conferences.

For a second business of mine, I have set up databases, tracking reports, and analysis tools.  Activities are grouped into mini-days.  Very soon I will be working my mini-day schedule.

My plan is to update my written testimonial regularly (every few days), while my video will be updated once a month, so that a video update will be an addendum to the previous video(s).

I am Stephen Blank and this is my testimonial.



Hello Mark,

Below please find my response in regards to what Neothink has done for me:

1. Neothink has caused me to see the big picture clearly in the real meaning of life for me.  Together with power-thinking, I’m able to snap together puzzle pieces immediately.

2. It has affirmed the eternal honesty state of being in my future development with a clear plan of action.  With this plan, I will move forward in the never ending journey of my life, as a self-leader.

3. Neothink has measured and made known to me my progress in all phases of life. By honesty integrations of reality into my time and space, values are created, I’m able to take control of my environment and conditions thereof, where by creating time for all our future.   

Otto Beasley


I have been a Neothink customer for 16 years. There has never been a more mind expanding collection of printed materials in history! Upon exposure to these profoundly integrated and honest collection of words, I have been transformed. I fully support Mark Hamilton and the NEOTHINK SOCIETY/Twelve visions party in their vision of reaching the ultimate goal of a truly free society and biological immortality to all who desire it. The time has arrived for Neothink integrations and foundational principles to be brought to the application phase for all the world! I hope to contribute in any way that I can. Thank you Mark Hamilton!
Marc M.


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I wish to try express to you in words how truly grateful I am, to you and your family for this chance you have given me to change my life for the better. Without your help through your writings and my precious collection of M.G. Manuscripts I would not have ever been able to see through the illusions.
As I recognize my mysticisms and begin to rid myself of them, I feel a comfort inside of me that I have not felt before. Even though many areas of my past have disintegrated, as well as my old relationship, I see a new picture piece that will fit into place in this large puzzle and help to change many lives for the better.
I feel the most wonderful opportunity is right before me, without your writings I never would have seen the common denominators that helped me to see where I wanted to go. An opportunity that is so large, I find myself at times crying tears of joy. I also realize that I can have more than just one piece in the beautiful puzzle that we will integrate together through our efforts and values that we put into society, with the TVP and you Mark Hamilton us safely into a better world, and to the pure honest good of humanity.
I wish to give my thanks to the Neothink Society and to the many members who have put so much of their time and love into building and sharing their many values and integrations with other members. I will always honor this time in my life and look forward to meeting other members in the future.
With the Twelve Visions Party and all of the Neothink Society members I feel so much hope for the future of my family and my grandchildren.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton, Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society.
Brenda H


The only you have to lose is your chains… so goes the battle cry. As a worker on the front lines…the only thing that I have to lose is the controlling interests that keep me chained in servitude.
I have been working in the mailrooms in general for over 30 years. I can see the thread now…over 60…and still coming to work each day and performing to best of my abilities. Everyday is a new struggle…but since I started reading Mark Hamilton’s books; the ground beneath me has shifted. Instead of relying on external authorities telling me what to do…I have elected to go thru my work day using the Neothink methods of total whole scope accounting, mini-days, and of course the Friday Nite Essence. For it in the FNE that we can structure our attitudes into better and wider value created application.
Moreover, Mark Hamilton’s battle cry has been to incorporate the 12 Visions into given reality. First has to come the political leveling…then the economical leveling…then the health and medical leveling. It will all take team working in the Neothink method of total integrations of making each day count in applying the visions in a non-conceptual matter!
Everyone get rich in the Neothink way…everyone including the poor!
And using the 12 Vision Party as method of attaining that greater vision; as saying goes: Visualize…don’t conceptualize!