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I want to thank Mark Hamilton for introducing me to the opportunity to help my country, friends, family, and the world. I was born into a family of proud Americans. I was taught what it was to be free. It was only in my adulthood that I learned there is another side to that. I was told to stay as far away from the “system” as I could if I wanted to feel free. As time went by I learned that the IRS could destroy you. The tax system is a sham. The people involved will drain you of everything that is rightfully yours by making “Laws”. The court should be named “Hall of Money”, instead of “Hall of Justice” How many times I wanted to make a sign and put it in front of the court house saying just that. The media is one of the worst. We used to have REPORTERS that you could count on. When they reported the news they had researched it and told the TRUTH. Now all they do is destroy lives. They all think we want to hear BAD NEWS. Unfortunately, some people still believe they talk the truth. They manipulate where ever it suits them to



Dear Mark:
Thank you for introducing me to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, and for being my mentor. I am relatively new to the concept of true freedom.  I have been a member less than a year.  I am a sixty nine (69) year old retired real estate trainer and instructor.  I spent the majority of my career teaching the laws of real estate to the practicing realtors and real estate agents in my State.  I retired due to illness.  I fell behind in the payments of my federal income tax, due to my health issues. I have withstood the pressures and penalties of the IRS when I lost my ability to earn a living. I lost my home and all my life long acquired assets.  I am living in one room off the garage of a good friend.  My wife lives with her mother.  Since becoming a Neo Thinker, I have formed several businesses which this next year will bring me to a level of prosperity that will exceed all my previous losses. I have six people that will be building their future based on the premises of the NEOTHINK SOCIETY working for my company.  They will be developing their own businesses as NEO Thinkers earning money solving the business puzzles and fitting the pieces together. My health has improved and I am now working with the enthusiasm I had 30 years ago. My Friday night essence is in full gear again.  Thanks for your introducing me to the Neothink information, which has given me hope for a better future. I feel I still have a lot to learn.  The Twelve Visions Party is developing at a time, when we in America are in real need of a party of truth, prosperity, love and true happiness.  Today, our political opinions do not mean much; as our politicians can not respond to them any longer because the PARTY bosses are running our government.  The politicians themselves are just an illusion. We are to close to being a complete socialistic society. I feel the Twelve Visions Party is the only way our country can survive in the future.  Our current politicians are sucking us dry. There must be a change in our country’s direction soon!  Good luck with the coming challenges in your life.  You have my support as a learning student of the Neothink society.
Billy R
Mount Vernon, WA



The United States of America was founded on the ideal of a government by the people, for the people and of the people. Sadly career politicians have taken that government away from the people. It is now; the government against the people, who it is suppose to represent.

The career politicians used their strong arm government IRS to tax us unfairly and spend money for their pet projects against the people’s will. They use other government agencies to keep the people pushed down killing new businesses and controlling existing businesses.

They try to control the MEDIA thus eliminating free speech. The government tries to control every aspect of our lives. If the founding fathers were alive today they would encourage an armed overthrow of such a government as they did in 1776. Fortunately today there is a man with a vision to restore America to what it was suppose to be, a country ruled by the people and not politicians. The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY.  The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY wants to take government out of our lives so we SOAR to whatever heights we want to achieve! We want government back to what it was originally intended, and that was protection only from outside enemies. The TWELVE VISION PARTY wants America to again be a government by the people, for the people, and of the people. We want a FREE AMERICA, free from government interferences. I’m glad we have THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, and let us get back to our TRUE America!