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I first was pitched by Mark Hamilton’s Neothink back in 1999, I believe, and dismissed it as an obvious hokey scam.

I’d begun reading other revisionist history authors however; Jared Diamond, James Webb to name two, and it became clear that the truth was right in front of us.


To Whom it may concern: This is being sent to those who have expressed forward looking Neothinking concerns about our future as a Society and as a supporter of the life of our planet and thus ourselves:
This came to me in my open-state after awakening today: It fits into the thought provoking discussion on the ARTS Conference Call last Sunday by those wanting to use the phrase “free market Capitalism” in the Mission Statement of the “Neothink ARTS Co.” : To make up a new use for those old terms that many on the planet find distasteful: Neo-Capitolism, ie. a resource based supply and demand,…inserted into the Mission Statement:
(instead of over use of our planets resources, and the inordinate demand from consumers forever newer goods, the peoples of the Earth and its Leaders take into consideration what our planet has to offer and with this knowledge takes a conservative stance to not drain our planet of its resources and thus supports the sustenance of life and the survival of the human race. This facilitates research into developing new sources of energy and whatever other creations fall into the category of enhancing our planet’s base of offerings in the form of its life sustaining resources).
This approach was stimulated by Professor Jared Diamond’s presentation of looking into the History of previous dead civilizations that made those decisions guided by their leaders and the peoples themselves who did not recognize the necessity to reverse the trends that ended up with their demise=approximately a lifespan of 250+ years only per civilization. Our present civilization has dominated around 230 years thus far, so hopefully it is not too late to reverse the trend of the course we are on at this time!
Rob R brought up the links to Jared D’s talk, with comments by Bill Gates, in the Council of Mentors e-mail string. Please read: (I’m having Yahoo mail complications & will senda PS…e-mail since right now yahoo will not make a draft for me to save while I capture that link)….Read his “talk”…but mainly the material below the video:
Love, Elaine