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I Larry D Williams Sr. will like to thank you for accepting me into your Neothink Society.  It is a great pleasure and I am learning so much from reading the society literature. I thank Mark Hamilton for this opportunity and being able to walk among the winners in life.  I did not know what to expect in the first meeting, for I wasn’t sure if I were ready.  But, I am ready to continue to walk with the winners.
My love is music for I am a bass player in the country music.  I perform with “JESSE BRYANT AND THE COUNTRY OUTLAWS”, for we trying to get an record deal with 17 of our orginals songs.  Please review “” for I know you will love what you hear.  We are love by everyone that hear us and looking for the right record deals to take us worldwide. I want to get involve in everything that the society have to offer, so please keep me inform.

Larry D. Williams Sr