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I crack open one of Neothink Founder, Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts, and ZAAAA -> my mind flashes into action! There is the Power and Focus to get the job done! Thank you for the Inspiration!
– Yon


I read Mark Hamilton- American.
I will be in this American.
I want my husband and all my friend& family, to be in this American.
In MARK HAMILTON-American, we will all prosper and grow! All people will be rich in all aspects of life, even the poor among us now.
I want MARK HAMILTON – AMERICAN to be the normal for all citizens NOW!
I watch people in American struggle, to pay their bills, make a good living, and they say to each other “BAIL US OUT, NOT THE CAR COMPANIES, OR BANKS.” Then we watch the car companies and banks give themselves big bonus with the bail out money. This bail out money never gets to the people who need it most.
I want MARK HAMILTON – AMERICA NOW, FOR ALL PEOPLE, to grow and create their perfect job, become wealthy in all aspects of their lives.
MARK HAMILTON- AMERICAN is what our founding fathers wanted for American.
I hope we can all survive until the time of MARK HAMILTON- AMERICA is a reality.




Hello Mark

I want to thank you for the amazing twelve visions party literature. I have read the books on the twelve visions and it makes perfect sense. I have increased the value in my personal life and I am looking forward to changing other people’s lives for the better. I really believe in the value driven society and rewarding people for values they produce and for innovative thinking. This is the way life should be lived instead of being a slave to a job.

Sincerely    Pat M



I am a small business owner, Now I know that I have a F N E, ( Friday Night Essence)Twenty years later. After reading your ‘Material’ how important it is to do what you ‘Love’ to do and how to find what you are meant to do, I now understand why it’s so difficult to succeed in any Job, Business, Marriage, etc. because of our Government and Regulations. T V P is a Non-Political party and has Illustrated the way for our Country and anyone to be successful. I have found nothing but ’Honest Facts’ with the Twelve Visions Party and suggest everyone to make ‘their’ own opinion, ‘not the Media’s’. Thank you Mark Hamilton for my Independent ‘piece of mind’. Terry



Hi there! I’m Olga, I live in the beautiful city of Tucson, Az. When I first received Mark’s very first letter telling me “I have it”, I was so curious about it that curiosity was the main reason I kept in touch with him, his books were so amazing to me… they made me realize I am able to do what I want, I quit my job & now I’m beginning a little business with my sister.



Dear Mark,

Thanks for all your effort in getting the Neothink materials to me and all deserving people.  It has been a great inspiration to me to pursue my bliss and develop my special abilities.   Nowhere have I found a more inspiring batch of material that gets people to look at what they do best and reach for a better life that can be free of fear and the day to day grind of a job they are not happy with.  Also your idea’s about a wrld that could be possible without disease and death are intriguing.  Keep up the good work. If will support you anyway i can in the future.  Your friend,
Sincerely, Allan L. C


i am learning so much from all the material im reading or listening to. Mark Hamilton is changing the way i look at life and the things around me, mostly my job…i always enjoyed what i do but there seemed to be something missing. a feeling that i could do more. I never went to collage after high school because i had no idea what i wanted from life, and these meetings, and the books iv read have given me that idea…shortly after i became a member i sat and thought about what i wanted or could be good at and decided i wanted to become a psychologist to help others and create values i could be proud of, and i am now going to school to do just that…the other side of my experience is that i was twenty pounds over weight and in just a few months, I’m am for the first time, happy with the way i look…thank you Mr. Hamilton


It has been a year now that I was hand picked to join the Secret Society, the Neothink Society.

I have not put Mark Hamilton’s 12 Visions to a test as yet. I am still thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I have enjoyed reading all of the Neothink Manuscripts.

The 12 Visions taught me to think for myself instead of letting others think for me. People have the right to think for themselves.

If the Government has it’s way they would regulate every thing we do. I thought this was a free Country, but it seems the new President thinks he should think for us and tell us what to do.

This Health Care Reform Bill is a very bad idea. First of all if we let the Government regulate our Health CAre then what else are they going to try to regulate. Who we can and can not Marry. How many Children we can have and what sex the child should be.
What kind of job we should have.

This type of thinking has to stop and the Neothink Society is just the Society that will pervail.


I spent 20 years in the Navy and the recruiting statement “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” was definately true.

After my 20 years I was struggling to make ends meet as my retirement check and restarting my career wasn’t covering my expenses.

Then the freedom came in a letter. From the research I did on the information from the NeoThink Society I was able to anticipate certain trend in the future and find much more prosperous pay.

Now I am stil not satified at working for someone else so I have the confidence to create at my pleasure. I thought the adventure was over but since Mark Hamilton bestowed his secrets upon me I now know the Navy was only a warm-up!


I am very thankful to The Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton for all the powerful information that changed my life forever for the better! By reading the multigenerational manuscripts I got a better paying job that I enjoy.The multigenerational manuscripts empowered me to do it! I am so grateful to be a member of The Neothink Society! I found who I am and where I belong with The Neothink Society after so many years of searching. I also believe in The Twelve Visions Party that was created by The Neothink Society. Change is needed in our country and the TVP will bring a better tomorrow for all of us to live the happy,prosperous and romantic life we are meant to live! Also,it gives us hope for a brighter future for not only our country but also the world! John H Pa