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I am 59 years of age and in severe debt. I am on the threshold of bankrupcy, and my life has been on a downward spiral for years. However, upon being discovered by Mark Hamilton, I am seeing things in an all new light, free of illusions and mysticism. I have taken control of my job, and now make $14,000.00 a year more than I did a year ago, and I know this is only the beginning. I am in control of my destiny again, and I want to stand at the ready to assist others with their break from the anticivilization. THANK YOU,MARK HAMILTON.


I think that the neothink has already become apparent  here in Cleveland ;s  counties with so many corrupt government county officials being hauled into court and convicted by the old establishment in an attemt to hide the even higher up corruption that persists still by  this move clouding the citezenry into thinking that “we are doing our job for you “while the real corruption goes on in the state and fed levels which mandated the investigations to cover their own corruption and fleecing of the American people .Example : The speaker of the house wanted to order a bigger jet so she would not have to stop and refuel .so much …….the whole of the senate  wanted to order all new fleet of planes when America is down so low as it is and to burden her more

Just some thoughts ,

Rick S


     I cannot even begin to tell you how my life has changed, since my first letter from you and the society.
     One year ago this Christmas I was ready to give up on life so much mysticism, 
Neo-cheaters in my life I had no room to breathe anymore.
     For four years I’ve been living with this heavy heart, I gave up believing in people 
in a whole, church wasn’t the answer for me.
     I was a truck driver and four years ago years ago I lost my mother and my job, 
because of the need to come home.  My company fired me for coming out of route 
when she died, I hadn’t put things together until that letter i spoke of from you and 
the society.
     Your literature and the Neothink Society has brought me back with this large heart.  I’m so 
thankful for getting this new chance at life, I’m living proof of my child of the past 
will catch the child of my future.
     Knowing that we have a Twelve Vision Party and what they are doing is the best 
thing that has happen to me since my FNE and the best is yet to come.
     Please keep your literature and the Twelve Visions Party going.
                              A Neothink sister,
                              Lavonne B



I was born a teacher; looking for ways to help others grow.

My dream became reality graduating and working for P.B.S.

Well over a decade later I needed to leave, to make money;

Securing a job with C.B.S.

On that first day, I was announced in the news room;

“…do you know who this is?” my reputation had preceded me.

When I became a “Neothinker”; my fellow colleagues wanted to know more.

That is why they want to hear and see of what I bring to them today;

for you and the world you have brought to each of us.

Since our beginning I have sought to record for posterities sake,

on video everything that has transpired until now.

I hope I too can reach the level of conveyance,

you have inspired us all to become.  Thank you!  Kerry H.


Dear Mark,

HI  I know we have not meet in person but I have talk to a few other if not for you and Neothink I would not be here right knows the battle of my  health and mind were at great stake till neo think pop in to my life most of all the health issues are under control with out the med s mind over matter I can heal and the survival of my kids as well people need Neothink / Also I have gone from being in a finical hole to now having thing straight and by the end of the year should be debit free as well have to fix me to move for ward the iron grip move in November stated to work 12 hour out of the month for my self on top of working a regular job of 40 hour s I have refinance my house so that I keep it I  have lost 40 pound there a lot more but I will keep moving for ward , Neothink is needed in many ways if people can just see the good of it all these are some of the thing with in the last 10 month that I have done , you have my support mark , I came from all  most losing what I had to stable now , much love Michelle



Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party, I can now look forward to the future of the USA.  It seems to be obvious that our elected officials can no longer think for themselves, and just follow the leader (the sheep syndrome).  When politicians only vote their parties line, it is time to vote them out.  I do believe the TVP will bring forth candidates that think for themselves and make decisions based on the good of America.  However I will do as Mark Hamilton has taught me to do.  I will look at all candidates and vote for the one I think will do the best job to make America great again.   Thank you Mark Hamilton and the TVP.

Dave L


Mr. Mark Hamilton, whatever happened to freedom of speech? We are human beings, we think of better ways. I read the manuscripts and did enjoy reading them. All I got to say, is this is going to be a job. It’s going to be rough road. I do believe in what you wrote. It’s not the government; it’s the people running it. – Thank you Wayne K


I crack open one of Neothink Founder, Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts, and ZAAAA -> my mind flashes into action! There is the Power and Focus to get the job done! Thank you for the Inspiration!
– Yon


Mark Hamilton   has  help me  a 35 year old  here in  portland oregon   i am  vicente and  for  the  most  part   i have had  a  hard time keeping  down a  job   and  what   Mark   has  done is   given  me   tools    so i can  keep  a  job  down and  then  move on   to  my own  business  if  i want     the  business  that   Mark  Hamilton  runs   is    nothing  more than  pure and    honesty    with   all  members  that  are  part  of this  club    and  one more thing    look at   it like this    we have  lots of churches   the  door is  open to any one   right?  well   Mark Hamilton  is    saying    the  door is open  for  any one    you  do not have  to    that is up  to  any person   like myself   vicente i step  in    NO  one  made me   or  paid  me  to step in   i  wanted  to step  in  all on my  own.       Mark  Hamilton  has  given me hope  in m self  to start  my own  business   if   i want  to  last  thing here   Mark Hamilton is   NOT  a  crook   in  any  way   he is  truthful   and  upfront   and  a  very  honest   man    let  his  business  run  i ask  you  not  to  shut  him  down   it is  helping  people like me  in a  big  way   thank you  Mark Hamilton   for all  you have  done  for  me   it  has  been great   i love  the life  i have  taken  on  and   by  the  way   my little one that is  6 years old   her  name is  Leann  san martin   all  will be  past  down to her   and   she   is  a   smart  little one  for her  age   so i am  looking  to see  what happens   when  she   gets  older  and  when  i  pass down  all the  tools  to her and see what   she  does with her  life   but   my  life  has   just   got  going   thanks   to  Mark Hamilton     vicente