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Mr. Mark Hamilton,
Thank you for the work that you are doing. You have really helped me through your writing. The following is my testimonial:
Neothink Society has been a great value to me and my family. It has help me understand what is truly important and valuable in life. I have a wife and four children. My family and I are very happy and highly motivated as result of being a part of Neothink Society. I would truly like to thank Neothink Society for all of the insight and knowledge.
The Twelve Vision Party will have a great impact on my life and the lives of my children. By implementing the much needed changes in our system will allow me to take better care of myself, my family and provide better products and services to my community at a lower cost. We will be able to create more jobs and live happier, longer lives. This is about giving everyone the opportunity to create the kind of life they want to live without being attacked. Forced taxation is immoral. Who gives you the right? No one. Morris C. – TX
Thank You,
Morris R. Coe, Jr.
Have a Wonderful Day!



Reading the three Manuscripts by Mark Hamilton has changed my life. My child of the past was awakened and I am anxiously awaiting the Twelve Visions World.

Only through the Twelve Visions Party, founded by Mark Hamilton, can this be possible. Dishonest career politicians will be silenced, Big Government will be taken down. It will be replaced by a Protection-Only Government guided by the flawless Prime Law.

In the Twelve Visions World, everybody will become rich, including the poor. We will all have productive jobs following our Friday-Night Essences. We will all live longer, Healthier, and happier lives.

Peace be with you.

Jill S