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Hi” Neothink Society readers, and The Twelve Visions Party ”![And The Blind Anticivilization of Haters on Planet Earth!!!

I have been with Neothink literature for almost 9 years.  But first  my expressions to haters from whom got the scam letter as I did.

8 years ago i was a different person carrying  a lot of anger and hate on the people who made me hate them. Yes haters  i was hating life and everything that it came with it. I  just lost my apartment my job and family all to living  mystic of the anticivilization of haters. You may ask who are the haters well we are when we   are lost on a world of hate. To me are the corrupted minded  Anticivilization Government who has full control over us and made us hate each other and people  make us go against each other, play God and tell you how to think and follow their way. Yes indeed  who ever know about what i am about to write put yourself together meaning have and open mind but you won't be able to be cause your mind is  cluster and the aniticivilization of religion. Cluster with lies and hate from anywhere from Government to religions the Union IRS, INS and so on!

Anyways 81/2'' years ago i was feeling that i was the only man and that i was by myself and this unpleasant life that i was experiencing. I was not able to function not able to think clearly is this what life has to offer their has to another way after i was already and my way to seeking a better way and something wear happen to me "Yes'  I started  receiving  "Junk Mail"  is that what is call Junk Mail as i did work for the post office at one time  I knew what junk mail was mostly junk mail is anywhere from marketing to government letters.

I started playing sweepstakes all yes I did I was seeking anything to get me out of this  "Hate Hell". Life that i was experiencing and marketing  I try anywhere from circulars to getting pay for every envelope you stuff to having about 50 websites all yes   but I did not know nothing about web business for example Search Engines Ads ,Hosting so I was not a success on that but the exposure the chill feeling the way out. of been independent and not knowing what Entrepreneur was.   "I was seeking all right". But something was wrong the government started changing again doing what they did when i was working getting and my life again as you know now  I know and  kept a record of what goes on at the council at the White House from time to time. This one was about employers asking for protection anywhere from emigrants to Americans who have been rob that and mug and mislead by their owners  employer corporations I could not believe what i was experiencing and watching  listening this was going to effect our economy and hurt everything that it came its way. Not caring not but only for the ones who can support them with doubt knowing that their been mislead  as one so they could be able to continue destroying minds of innocent people and around the world everything that it came their way. That's the America way what happen to America of freedom what happen! And freedom of religion?

As I was   seeking more and other organizations of charity and from other countries as well. I felt and started waking up my mind and thoughts and feelings started to evolve and way of caring for all charity this organizations I can't name them all from feeding the children to cancer abandoned children yes and America soil abandoned children" Wow" and Animal Kingdom as well our pets dogs and cats.

As I was only making enough to survive no longer had a apartment home i was leaving temporary with i my thought they were family that ended and a Sherrif manner meaning force by family they wore family and no longer family then after that I rented a partial of a garage with haters who were against America but their whore Americans any ways I well explain that another time. During this time I receive a unusual letter with rainbow around the envelope and i said that must be from another clairvoyant or medium. Yes I am consider one of them but never actually kept up with it just naturally as I continue to explore the envelope I open it it had a booklet  with a few small stories this the envelope that others call a scam but I looked at it different remember'' I was seeking so is my thoughts were more integrated than most people at least that what i thought and those days finding out they are millions like myself out there helping and donating to all charities large amounts and reaching as far as their money can reach. Now back to the envelope I read the story about a man and prison about the man going to Vegas. I was like Wow even doe i was already familiar with this kind of knowing!

The booklet it said { You Will Exel The Career Of Your Dreams} You Will Live Vigorously, Well Past 100 } You Will Embrace The Lover Of Your Dreams }{ The Six Ultimate Gifts}

I was very skeptical and saying well let’s give it a try is all about knowing and experiencing the unknowing. I was I still cripple minded why because  I was still thinking my old ways still non-thinker and hater  you see I grew up and a city where people go by what others go by to stay happy if they call that happiness been embarrassed and been cheated. I know some of you what is this man talking about he must be a retard yes a retard but with "Conscious" just like you who  have and unconscious meaning blind minds not able to see the light".  Why do anticivilization religion-government want to stop us and shut us down… yes shut us down "Neothink World" and "The 12 Visions Party" and everything that it came with it?  But why So I did a research again to see if i was mislead by Neothink too! So I did much research and came with historical from The loose cannon of The Bible and how they reconstructed the Bible and cut off and add on just like Neothink said they wore doing for the last 24 hundred years! After this i was convince that the literature was going to help me to get updated. But First I want to share something with everybody That Neothink is been use for thousands of years i thought it was just a bogus  name but its written {Neothink] Adding tech meaning technologies new techniques is weird but is realistic and honest! Yes Build on the foundation of Honest then been blinded by the Truth. Meaning the truth is a lie and the lie is the truth!

The world fears a mind which thinks more rapidly and more accurately  than its own; such an intellect it destroys in self-protection. Hence, to think  is to be persecuted by the thoughtless; to have vision is to be hated by the visionless; to be wise is to be revealed by fools. For thousands of years men have labored under the delusion that Thruth could be destroyed by murdering those who sought to give to the world. But the sublime of philosophy are beyond the reach of mortality and every age are reborn  in the heroes who rise up to carry them forward. Thought the Neo-Platonic School has disappeared as in institution, nevertheless it continues to live as a spirit and now dominates the very forces which once sought to destroy it. The surest method of perpetuating an idea is to make a martyr of its first promulgator;  for in the  heart of man  there is something which recognizes  and respects the courage and conviction of those who die  for principle. Many of the world’s greatest religions and philosophies would have long since ceased to exist had their founders not met with tragic end. Though only the most  cruel and revolting deaths to which  any martyr ever was subjected.}

Well that was the paragraph now you have something to think about Neothink is here to stay and The twelve Visions well get you there become part of this historical event taken place  as you join us on this Revolution of {The Prime Law  Preamble: The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose. The prime law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.][ Prime Law Article 1: No person, group, or government shall initiate force, or fraud against any individual's self, property, or contract. Article 2: Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1. Article 3: No exemptions shall exist for Articles 1 & 2 ] That’s what we need you to be in The 12 Visions Party this is why we need to you to be part  .

You know and my life I was just leaving just like everybody else until I was no longer wanted by society itself and confusion as well as discrimination the mother of my kid said to me well my kid  meaning our kid she was just not my woman anymore said my kid well not experience discrimination is only done to illegal immigrant like yourself meaning me I started to believe it I forgot who I was I was been talked down by my family to my boss to friends everybody working together like wild pack of Hyenas as well as vultures. No mercy on me and the end they wanted me to forgive them just like i figure they wore going to do! I was brought up and North California and is very hard because of gangs have their own agenda from south California and how to get out stay i live well that is another testimonial been consider a minority and been discriminated  and having laws officers playing hard ball with and keeping us apart as a job security for them my all entire life I don’t have the time to write  all  my story  just a short testimonial about me  to make this short.

The Twelve Visions Party well help you with Mentors and Apprenticeship who well be there for your support and guide you every step of the way so do yourself a favor join us and be part of this historical event taking place right now and America and the rest of the world well follow. It has given me the tools to think not just think but Neothink and ways and all levels of fundamentals elements of understanding how and what our Planet Earth wants us to do is to advance into the new era of  evolution The Neothink World. And to get there we have to work together unite and leave this old mentality behind us to be able to leave longer yes leave longer before I go the main reason we age is that Bible that you believe so much and trust and die for. Die an such away of not knowing that they cheated yes they did  you  live a  short live. But that could change and I know is painful to give up something so meaningful of believing of going to heaven and worth dying for. If I continue with this testimonial integrating you and to our new world of honesty. My time is up if you want to know more about Neothink and The twelve Visions Party!  All you have to do is read and read until you integrated.

The twelve Visions party will lead you into your new life they well help you. And we are here to stay. Even doe they want us to be deleted from letting you know that we are trying to help you.. YES  helping you get your mind clear from fear and false believes and frauds laws the they use to get into your weak mind if you said that your mind is strong because of your bible or what ever religion you have and your present then continue living and  be left behind i know wants you see that you are falling behind you well change your mind. We well be expecting you!

I want to thank:   Mark Hamilton and Mark Hamilton and his family and the entire society of The Neothink World and The twelve Visions Party who well make it possible for everybody to integrate the un integrated into a new level of consciousness! And also the The Book that  thought me how to read and understand what i was going through made it possible that was the book i order from the scam letter and now a new man with and  intelligence  Neothink mind the you well have one’s you integrate with us!

Signing of for now.

James F



Hello Mark Hamilton 

My name is Joshua D.  I first received my invitation letter from the Neothink Secret Society in the month of June, 2005.  I never gave it a thought that the letter contained very important articles about hidden secrets were life on Earth supposed to be.  At that time, I just put the envelope away.  One day in the year 2006, I started to sort through the junk mail that I had, and I started to discard them.  For some reason, this one envelope was still in the basket where I put the ones that I thought will be discarded later.  In the month of Nov. 2006, I went through the kept mail again.  It felt so different like I never felt the feeling of touching it before.  I opened it and started reading it very carefully, just like it advised me to do.  Anyway, I was really into it.  It really opened my mind up and I never second thought it. 

I started having this feeling that Mark Hamilton already knew me just by reading this letter.  At this moment I was feeling sad, thinking that my chance to become a member of the Neothink secret society was passing by. 

By the way, my hope for another chance to be a member was still strong.  My concious told me that I will have another chance to wait for the same envelope to come again.  Sometime in year 2007, that same envelope was in my mail box again.  I quickly opened it and started reading the same information that I already knew.  I quickly respond to it and the process started from there. 

Mark Hamilton, I never second guess or thought what I have read from the letters, the manuscripts, or the books.  Seems like everything just clicked.  It was like the, “miracle” is finely arrived or borne.  It prove to me that what we are accustomed to in the anticilization is not the essence of life.  I started to realize that Neothink is the most valuable work ever developed.  It started make me feel free of guilt and inferiority feelings.  Lift big false hoods that hold me back into the anticivilization by overcoming Neothink advantages in facing up to the Neo Cheaters, and the fact of how the producers us are robbed by the non producers. 

Neothink is so profound, wise, and simple.  Mark Hamilton, I congratulate you on your significant achievements.  I am passionately desire to work with you, and the members of our Neothink secret society in achieving man’s highest goal, “the biological immortality.”  Neothink has clearly defines my attitudes to lives, values, and future achievements to live life the way it is meant to be. 

Mark Hamilton, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your achievements that has discovered me as one of the chosen one. 

Joshua D



Dear Mark,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me into your society.  I, like everyone else, almost threw away the invitation I received from you three years ago.  Normally, I throw away all junk mail but for some reason I decided to open the letter and read it.  I knew right away that I wanted to know more about the information you discussed in your letter.

I ordered and read all three manuscripts.  What a life changing experience.  Strangely enough, I felt as though I already knew this information especially the sections on mysticism.  It was at that moment I knew I would never be the same person again.  I finally felt free from all the guilt that was laid on me in Catholic school and church.  I fully believe that is what held me back all these years and destroyed my confidence.

I finally found the confidence to go back to school.  It is something I always wanted to do, but never thought I was smart enough.   I only wish I would have had this information twenty years ago.  I am thinking so much clearer now.  At work I am constantly looking for ways to improve the way I do my job (ten second miracles).   I feel more creative.

I am slowly trying to introduce this information to my family and friends.  I can’t believe anyone would want to continue to live in an anti-civilization.  I know I don’t ever want to go back to that way of living and thinking again.

Thank you again Mark Hamilton for the extraordinary work you have done.  I hope we can change the world.  I don’t know about anyone else but living life the way we’ve been living just isn’t working any longer.  It’s time for a change.