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Hello my name is Sanford W. Cramer 3rd.
My friends and enemies know me as Mike Cramer. I was born on January 6, 1948 in Long Beach, Calif; I was a preme baby and arrived 1 month earlier (8 months).
I was fortunate to have well off grand parents whom took care of me. My father the late Sanford W. Cramer 2nd was a
career military man and didn’t have much of a formal education though he finished High School he like I received from society the best education around the school of Hard Knocks. My father was poor and my mother had to work also to support a family of 5. I was with my father and brother in Germany when I came down with Rheumatic fever and military doctors were not that familiar with the ailment except I wouldn’t live long unless I had better care. My Grand
Parents received custody of me and had me flown from Germany to Calif where I for 17 years had the best Doctors and treatments. I went to Private schools for awhile then to Public Schools. My- Step Grandfather (Clarence Asa Compton
whom was a successful entrepreneur) in the building materials and marble business was a free Mason member and taught me many things that my father was not able to teach me, I have always since I was a child had feelings I was
on this planet in another time, and as I grew older more visions were put before me of what my destiny was to be
in other words why I was created. I worked in private enterprise and then Public Service. I always had a natural
talent of being a value creator and this didn’t work out well with the current anticivilized Bi-Cameral minded administrators/superiors, neo-cheaters I had to work for; I created jealous individuals that were afraid I would replace them; Well any way to move on I met some Politicians (Former Alan Cranston) whom He and I were able to help in the 70`s the Vets Value Creation.
Then in the 80`s when I was managing a Juvenile Probation Camp for L.A. County Probation Dept in Malibu, CA I
again interfered with from the powers to be like my boss at that time for a short  period of time the Camp Director, but my Value creation performance attracted attention to others and I was able to apply a training format for 12 other
camp managers (whom were jealous of I being chosen by the Division chief to train them on Value Creation ect) then
problems at home with my family since I resided at the camp and was recalled
many times while on vacation for emergencies my family, my wife and daughter suffered, so I resigned after
8 years in that field and took 2 years off to have value time with my wife and daughter; then I figured that with my work experience, Value creation; some jr. college education I could get not a job(Just over Broke) but gainful employment and even start a small business to eventually provide employment to others
whom I have met that were value creators. Well lets just say I had to start at the bottom again; We lost our
home and had to file bankruptcy (medical) another story for later, and I secured a JOB for a school Dist as an Food Service worker(I was in the early 70`s a cook and assistant chef at the Clouds Restaurant LB Airport and also when a teen worked at fast food restaurants and auto mechanic. This food service JOB lasted for 1 year then since I had experience working with Juveniles I landed another JOB at a little bet better salary $9.00 per hour(1992) for
a High school s a Campus Aid and then I came to the attention of the plant Forman whom was trying to be a value creator and I subbed in summer as a commercial Pool Operator and painted, cleaned what ever was needed at $11.00
per hour 40 hrs and eventually in 1995 I was hired full time with benefits as a Pool Maintenance worker and did so
until 2000 when a principal heard of my leadership, value producing being and hard worker; he asked me if I would do him and the school a favor and take over the position on the night shift as lead custodian (I didn’t really want to
be a custodian but I said yes and this was on a Friday and he said maybe you want time to discuss this with your wife
and I said no need my soul mate always supports me so I can start Monday evening. Well this lasted until 2006
Many School Principals game and went and the anti-civilized neo-cheat, jealous higher ups started to get rid of me so
since I was over 55 and had over 10 years in (They had a union contract 2% ect) I decided to retire early I only got a small monthly pension ect; so then I started to doubt my journey and destiny in this corrupt world so I started researching and self educating myself and keeping abreast and involved with the political world (I have always been a activist) to voice my options’ on the way the corrupt politicians locally were doing. But my visionary kept coming
back to me in visions and sub-conscious sleep of what my destiny is to be and I would be led to the right individual and others to fulfill what the creator wanted me to do. So that when I was privileged to be a recipient of a letter from a Mark Hamilton, I of course researched him and thought to my self of course negatively that he wanted something from me Like the so called Religious leaders of Churches; Boy was I wrong and again Destiny Mark Hamilton is
tritely a Prophet of the Creator a God/Man and has brought faith back to me to fulfill my destiny and end this corrupt world and depolitize Politicians ect. To cross paths with other neo-think members and visionarys to be THE
person I should be. I still haven`t found gainful employment yet(my age seems to be a determent because of the powers to be but that will change when the 12 Visions Party ends the corrupt anti-civilized world (no age limit in the Neothink society) Mark Hamilton’s books and literature and mentoring has kept me in a PMA (Positive mental attitude) and has always given me opportunities to participate in his visions, mine and others in we the peoples goal and destiny to depolitize America and the world and make everyone rich, Happy and have a long life and immortality if they wish.