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Mr Mark this is Mike Covarrubias this testimony is for my mentor Mark with my most deepest respect. This a great honor to have a mentor like you your kindness the love you share for US is great!!
Mr Mark Hamilton you’ve opened my eyes thanks to you I am a different ME
Mr Mark you are the GREATEST of the greatest I’m whit you even if I’m slow in technology I’m just an old man who believes in your guidance.I deposited my hopes in you Mr. Mark
your prime literature is priceless at list for me.Mr Mark whatever the storm or turbulence maybe!!! let’s walk through it with courage.
let’s see the light of truth in the other side of the STORM YOU Mr Mark you’re are going to give us the greatest GIFT of get rich program in HUMAN HISTORY.
This testimonial was written by a 66 year old NTWARRIOR



2 nights ago I had a dream. After my sad remembrance I needed more to let it go as the past. But more came… I saw a fat man, his back was to me. He was so sad for me, I felt his lose, his pain for me. As I stood looking at him I wondered who he was. I prayed his soul would become whole, safe, peace. He blew out a hugh puff of air from his body. My air angle was guiding the control. He became whole I could feel his wholeness, he was so happy. He is now free, probably from the bondage I bestowed upon him unknowingly. Please forgive my not knowing what I caused. I didn’t know I had that power. He controls the world, he is in now perfect health, completely capable of what he must do. He is kind, loving, caring, but the truths will now come forth…. Then last night I found the hunch back, he was frozen as a gargoyle, I was awake for this, it took alot of love, care, kindness to restore him. He was so sad & afraid of what may of happened to me. We came to the safe conclusion leaving me safely with the family I had been with was the safest. I know he will stay & receive or go to protect me. He will send as needed, to provide safety, that no harm will come to my safety. All the lies I believed, all the lies that covered the truth. I had a double who wasn’t always nice. So did the the man who told me the truth. All doubles, all confusion. It was many years later before I realized my mistake that he wasn’t with someone else. I was so sad for many many years. So I went on waiting for the truth. So thank-you all this is the closest I’ve ever come to knowing, to remembering,.



Greetings family , it has been 5years now in being apart of the Neothink . Upon receiving my heirloom books I was a confused person who was being usurped by many for my kindness and resources . I didn’t know how to stop what was happening nor did I know why it was happening to me .

And then I received my books and that’s when my journey began to in rich my life . Powerful information Mark Hamilton was say in these books that I could not put them down. They were very special to me and strengthening . All things that were never shared , he did say I could have anything I needed , wanted , look forward to . No one could stop me from having . Ever since that first letter I have had nothing but clear vision , a path that has direction , a life that can be happy for ever . Thank you Mark Hamilton

Sylvia F Taylor


I was very, very fortunate to receive an invitation to read one of Mark Hamilton’s books several years ago. It was so drastically different from everything that I had been taught throughout my (adult)life-it shook my foundation!! I had to set it down, put it aside-I knew it couldn’t be, it had to be wrong, I even thought it was perhaps evil. But, I continued to think about it-and then, a second invitation came and I read the second book and the third book. A world that I had dreamed of as a child was unfolding before me. A world where people cared about each other, life, and the world. They took pride in what they did, what they created. A world where people looked for answers and cures to help each other not for money, but because they truly cared about each other. Wow! I started to dream again, have goals beyond go to work, raise a family, retire and die. I came “alive” again and started sharing the information with my family. I knew that I was creating a different, magnificent, legacy for my family. We were breaking out of the mold that my family had been in for generations. We were finding new hope, new possibilities, new life!!! Thank-you, Mark Hamilton for your dedication in writing the truth and allowing us to be part of the new world to come-one of love, kindness, truth, prosperity!


My name is Mike Covarrubias, and my testimonial is or goes to Mr. Mark Hamilton who was the one to opened my eyes. His love his KINDNESS for the humans goes beyond I love Mark with all my heart although my background was RELIGIOUS I gained a lot of knowledge his prime literature that I absorbed for me it goes beyond the monetary value NEOTHINK my new mentality is helping  me to see he things what it is I creating my new world I am my own master piece…. Thanks to Neothink