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The Neothink Society is the best idea and life giving teachings I have heard ever and to lose this great knowledge and wisdom would hurt me, my family and the whole of world. Mr. Mark Hamilton is given us everything we need to help fallen humanity and I love the Neothink mind set. I beg the people of the world to help every one see the light of consciousness that Christ bought given again from this great man who is thinking about a better world for all. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes to the key to success.

Sincerely, Robert Conway-Bey III


Hi Mr. Mark Hamilton,

I am writing you in support of your twelve visions party movement.

I personally support you and our cause to move into the secret place that we have been called to. I support Neothink and the mighty movements that are associated with our victory club.

Please stand strong for us at Twelve Visions Party. As a member, I personally will give you my vote for presidency.

We need the knowledge and wisdom of the teaching from TVP and Neothink.

Thank-you for your



Mark Hamilton,

The ability to stimulate thinking that goes beyond the realm of typical thinking and knowledge has been the change that I personally encountered since I have been a member and apprentice in the Neothink Society. I have been exposed to a body of knowledge and wisdom that has generated a new found confidence in my ability of understanding and the comprehension of ideas, past and present .The insights gained thru the step by step reading and discussing of the literature has not only been emotionally profound and mind transforming but uplifting.

Also the emotional feelings and sensations from striving to make that what I know into my concept of reality has been one challenge. The second challenge is to apply that what you now know to the known .Given the fact that cynicism is a part of our culture and if you are not skeptic and indifferent then how can you fit in?

The empowering change of life that I have undergone since my introduction to Neothink has been a catalyst for real growth for me and my new way of thinking as it relates to viewing the world. I was able to power think my way thru a difficult and accelerated Master’s in Education program with honors.

I have started an Educational Consulting Service that is moving in the right direction and I am a home business owner. What value producer I will be remains to be seen but without this Neothink and the guidance of Mark Hamilton, I would not be so productive. and make efforts that is the only source of genuine power and prosperity and happiness.

Yes, Man in his attempt  to see the world from various points of view can sometimes be inaccurate. However the convention thinking is one thing and due to the socialization process… We are all inclined to fit in or not fit in. Neothink has changed that.

I really have gotten the biggest kick out of being a reader of the Children’s Book that was part of the experience and to read that to children and see how immersed they were to the stories helped me to relive and stay in touch to the Child in me.

I want to thank you, Mark Hamilton for your dedication and your willingness to be a change agent for me and anyone else that has been willing to strive for the good and strive for what is needed for all.

I remain staying the course and I know you will as well.

Thank you,



I can recall at the age of eight I was swinging on an old iron gate in front of my grandmother house. The southern mid summer heat was stifling. I found times like these perfect for pondering deep thoughts about who am I and why am I here. I found myself engulfed in my own childhood objectives. Even though it was exciting to explore my since of being, I felt somewhat isolated in my thinking because no one else around me appeared to be interested in the whys, what’s and ifs of life. I continued to seek answers to all the questions in my head.

Being entrenched in a neocheating and bicameral minded environment that flooded my family, school, church and community, there was no place to turn and no one who understood my search. When I attempted to challenged the status quo, I was quickly reprimanded. From those young years to this date, much has materialized.

I have been a member of Neothink Society for two years. Prior to my membership I found myself pushing against anti civilized concepts.  I explored and researched information related to human existence, our relationship to the universe, metaphysics, how God fits into spirituality. I even went so far as to write a children’s book to help children develop a new outlook on how to approach earth’s journey by opening up their minds to their own inner power.   I was in pursuit of further knowledge and wisdom as well the desire to meet more people of like minds.  Since I have become a member and had the chance to read the writings of Mark Hamilton I have had a new enhanced awakening of how man is designed to actually live the life he/ she is meant to live on this earth. I have obtained deepening thought of the earth becoming a sphere of light and life.

I want personally thank Mark Hamilton for presenting a genuine intent to help mankind understand his/her purpose and meaning, to elevate the conscious mind into a Neothink mentality. He has help mankind to understand there is no need to live under external control, no need to be poor, no need to grow old and die no need to not experience happiness and harmonious romantic relationships.