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I LeRoy P have read all on Neothink books and letters, plus TVParty’s letters.  I am all for it to get going.  I have been raised up as a Republican am ready to try a new Party also I’m mad at both Dem.& Rep. with all their bills that they make up to get all the PORK that is killing our generation, our kids & grandkids future.  I have gone to a TEA PARTY meeting and it was something I would back if TVPARTY does not services.  Today’s BIG Government has gotten way out of hand with all their crooked lawyer politicians.

the Neothink society has done great think for me it has given me the tools to enhance my knowledge of life an living the power of my mind an how to use it when to use it an were to use an how to tap into the person God intended for me to be every day is a learning experience i am  new in the society but it has help me and many ways i looking to the further with the society it will be a big part of my further growth without Mr. Hamilton and the society it may not have happen thanks Neothink society and Mark Hamilton–
-Knowledge Is Power