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To: Mark Hamilton
I received a letter from Neothink Society November 2006. I had been invited to join a exclusive group of individuals from around the world was ready to share their knowledge of how to achieve wealth  in all areas of life. My first impression was to go forward and look into this by ordering the Neothink material that had been offered. My first book once I started reading I could not stop it held my attention for days and weeks and weeks turn in to months. I was amazed at the honesty that was shining threw and the knowledge that kept me reading. The wonderful information was eye opening, a wide scope to view life and my life experiences to be able to look at the world in a objective way, and how one can succeed in life. I have to be honest their was some doubt if I would be able to succeed and survive. But the Neothink literature on Self Discovery lit a burning desire within me that took off like a rocket, gave me the confidence to achieve in my life what ever I desired. Since I left my job and started my own company it has been a fast pace of growth. This Year 2009 our company has done ¾ of million dollars in service work in the construction field. We are project next year to be doing 2 to 3 million dollars in service work. We are very excited about the future. Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society that believe in helping each individual to find the creative ability that each of us have. Everyday life has become exciting. The mentoring has been life changing. The key is to want more out of life and Neothink offer the tools and knowledge for each individual to go after their dreams and desire. What a wonderful contribution to mankind. Once again that you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  
Larry Johnson



Larry Johnson from Jersey Central

Consciousness seeking the knowledge to understand one’s self and the realities that exist around each and every person in the universe to understand reality as it exist without illusion from “higher authority, neo-cheater and mystics alike. Mysticism is the creation of problems where none exist. I can now see threw the illusion that the Anti-Civilization have us trapped in, weather it’s the current economic crisis that been created by Neo-Cheaters to steal our money. By integrating the 12 vision into one’s life you can see threw illusion everyday on TV in newspapers or local issue in our local areas of day to day living. The time is rip to show other and the world the truth and honesty that exist to teach others and the world to become self leaders and help build the C of  U  to help build a parallel society  that free of the of the ills of the Anti- Civilization to rise up and make real change for our love one’s, and future generation to come. To become the foot soldier that spread the message of change can start right now in one’s life. The prime Literature has been a wealth of knowledge. I had bits and pieces of knowledge that I thought was correct. Well the prime literature has confirmed some of that knowledge and systematically added new knowledge and insight. The contact with others in the Neothink Society has been rewarding and very stimulating. By using the tools in the literature (FNE) “Power Thinking is made possible because of the min-day schedule. The min-day schedule allows one to complete your work in a record time and open up this new dimension of integrated thinking-power thinking which allow one to be creative. The contact with other members has been  re-warding, by using the tools in the literature. By exercising Discipline Thought and Control  and removing limitation that stops one from actualizing his ideals has been great.

One example would be the thur nite coordinator call  by participating I had a ten second  miracle of pulling  together a eastern regional super clubhouse meeting. The response from rick was make it happen. I reach out to other A-Teams on the East Coast, They was as excited as I about the ideal of getting together. We immediately instituted regular  conference calls to get down to the nitty gritty details to create something that had not existed before. And on September 27th 2008 it became a reality. I’m presently working on a concept that came to me in the middle of the night.

Circle of Creator’s
I am presently power thinking this concept  with Jersey Central-Team in alliance with Tri-State A-Team the purpose of the circle of creators to up hold Neothink foundation and apply Neothink the tools that leads to integrated thinking and power thinking. The purpose of Circle of Creator’s will be the keepers of the flame. The keepers of the vision to always uphold honesty and integrity in NEOTHINK SOCIETY certain Qualification must be met to be a member . level 12 mentor, taken a ideal and actualized it.  have formed a A-Team be a coordinator. Participating and running a program on the national level.

Thanks    Larry Johnson