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I have been religious most of my life. When I was first contacted by Neothink I was very critical of the society. I wanted to study this society  and find out what made it tick. I was living in a desperate situation. Whether to worship god or follow my own path. I had terrible nightmares and visions making me scared but I kept on reading and studying the heirloom packages. One day I read about our Neothinker. It all fit together. I had been thinking that maybe this is how things really are for a long time but I just ignored It . After reading about this I understood how things really are. The stress that had made me have all those nightmares disappeared. I feel like a new person. All those bicameral thoughts are leaving me. I know someday I will be completely cured of the old way of thinking. Life is good.
I personally believe that right now it is most important to defeat the Republicans. They really represent everything you say you are against. After that try to influence the Democrats.

My own personal agenda involves a combination of the Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I think this what will save the world.
You need to reduce the amount of anger in the world with EFT (tapping on acupuncture points) and moving toward the positive qualities in people with visualizations of what is really possible in the world. What each individual is really capable of and what the peoples of the world really need.

Barbara Shepardson


The Twelve Visions Party is greatly needed here in Alaska. As I go about my life I have observed on a daily basis the look of hopelessness and despair on the faces of the psychologically asleep people I come in contact with on the bus commuting to and from work; the homeless people standing on the street corners holding up signs; when standing in line at the post office, grocery store, Wal-Mart, the bank and fast-food restaurants. Right now, our newly elected mayor is making the issue of the homeless one of his top 5 priorities.
There was a time I experienced depression, hated coming to work, and got sick a lot because my job was making me “sick.” I grew tired of my current job, but didn’t want to apply for another job because I came to realize that it wasn’t “the job itself” that was depressing and making me sick. It was the whole idea of “working for an employer – working for someone else” that was making me depressed and sick. I wanted something else, something more. I tried a number of home-based businesses that didn’t work. Then one day something wonderful, something magical happened…
Neothink entered my life and like magic my depression went away. So now when I go to work I feel good knowing that I have found something better, something higher. For it is through Neothink that I am learning how to apply the Law of Attraction and will:
1. achieve the excellent health I crave via the best nutritional supplements Electric Life
2. achieve financial success and freedom from working for another via The Global Information Network
3. meet my soul mate
Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party and bringing their message to the world.
Melanie P



others are indebted to you.  I regret being so slow in thanking you in deep appreciation for your interest in me.  …And, introducing Law of Attraction to me.

Yes, we are of like mind and you do have my sward in your (our) fight to stop aggression of mental, economic slavery in any form.

You are to smart to pre-start this undertow not giving it a chance to succeed.  We are all playing our part as it was once said.

Your gifts go way beyond thank you,     MJ


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

I am going to assume that I am actually writing to you. I was a bit dismayed at receiving this e-mail. Let me back up a bit. I always knew that I was missing something I could not place my finger on. When I was 20 I read The Magic of Believing and it seemed to reacquaint me with a feeling that I cannot place into words but somehow I had felt it before. I never stopped looking. Then, I came across your materials and read everything. Again, I had re-discovered a long lost feeling that was to be described as nothing less than exhilaration and because I am of an entrepreneurial mindset a person who has multiple patents and trademarks I had an intense increase in the feeling that anything is possible and there are no barriers other than what is imposed upon us by those people who are not creators but love to control and dampen any human spirit so that they are looked upon as the only true source of knowledge when that could not further from the truth and is outright laughable.

My belief is that people at this point in time are infants for the most part in this way of thinking. Mark Hamilton, thanks to you I had the pleasure of ordering Kevin’s CD’s which was another eye opener which still has me on a natural high. The average person in those few times I talk about the law of attraction or God man or anything remotely of this nature I am looked upon as an alien. Unless people are spoon fed in mass these concepts, little by little, the average person who’s main thinking is going to a nine to five job, getting bogged down with a 40 year mortgage, getting a big screen tv , sending their kids to a second rate college and thinking that is the height of what they can accomplish in this life and that is the American Dream are going to look at us like we have 3 heads if out of the blue you discuss the Neothink philosophy.

My opinion is that these concepts first have to be worked into the masses before you can hope to run for an office or legitimize a political party. Ignorance of the masses of these concepts will be used in order to foster fear, disinformation, rumor, lies etc. so that those in power continue to keep the veil over the eyes of the majority. Now, most people somewhere deep inside feel that there is another way but just don’t know where to turn or who to trust.

I think a book or movement should concentrate on value producers vs. value destroyers and clearly explain what this means with real world examples and the implications of this. Initially, God Man, living forever etc. would only be looked upon as radical and wacko etc. at this point in time. When people not so far up the road see that anything imagined can be realized they will no longer see these concepts as radical nor fear those who espouse them.

At this moment , the average indoctrinated, brainwashed person can understand value producers vs. value destroyers and that would be a good first step. Since I listen to talk radio on a daily basis, the democrats are portrayed whether they know it or not as value destroyers by the right. Once the spotlight is placed on the value destroyer class whether it be by the Neothink Society, the NEOTHINK SOCIETY Party or any party that understands the concept this will be the beginning of the end for those who which to hold down progress and withhold the ability for the general public to live the life that you have envisioned in your books. By the public becoming comfortable with this knowledge will open the door for other Neothink concepts to be introduced.

Do not think you have to do anything at any particular time. Afterall, you are in charge. You release what you feel can be absorbed and appreciated at this moment. Most people are truly infants in these matters and reaching them has to be a gradual learning experience.

Your materials always work like a reality snap back into the unending possibilities for me.




Dear Mark,
I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now, and I first want to start out by saying  Thank You!!  Words alone can not describe how grateful and good I feel. The Neothink books I’ve read, to say they have changed my life would be an understatement! The value I have received from reading them is priceless.

For those of you reading this and have ears to hear, listen to what I’ve learned in my own words. The story of my life could only be described as magical. From the time I was born until now I could tell you stories of my life that many of you would not believe, but I assure you are true. There’s no doubt if I shared this story and it was made into a movie it would break all the records and touch many of you deep within your heart and soul.

When I was a child I always knew there was more to this world than what I could see with my own two eyes .I knew as a child that there was something magical about this world in which I was a part of, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. As I grew older that magic seemed to fade with my past, until one day my situation had hit rock bottom and it was gone. I was as low as you could possibly get and I wanted answers. So I started seeking, asking why this? Why me? I started my journey that led me out of this negative cesspool of reality I was living. You know that saying, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Well I asked and it was given, I sought for something and boy did I find it, I knocked and the door was opened and all I had to do was have the courage to walk through it.
For the past 5 years I have been on one awesome ride that I call the magic of life and I wish everyone could feel as good as I do right now. A few years ago the secret was released to the general public, it’s also called the law of attraction, and all I have to say is WAKE UP!!!!! EVERYONE, WAKE UP!!!! Just yesterday I was flipping through the channels and the was a 13 year old gymnast being interviewed and the reporter asked how were you able to nail that performance and do you know what she said? I focused and I used the secret to see myself do it before I started. When I saw this I wish I could have shook that little girls hand. Now if this little girl gets it, can I ask one question? Why doesn’t everyone else? Is it fear? Lack of courage? Or is it that you see the lie to be real and what’s really real a lie? Have we all been duped? So dark is the con of man is what comes to my mind. The secret follows biblical writing and is backed by science. Here is a quote from the bible Mark 9-23, Jesus said to him,” if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes”. Albert Einstein said” thoughts become things” . Thomas A. Edison said a few years before he died” Ideas come from space”, and Buddha said many centuries ago” All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.
Lets go back in history and see that a few great people who had incredible powers and powers of influence and how they were dealt with. Let’s start with Jesus, he healed people, raised people from the dead, walked on water ,turned water into wine and you know the rest. So what happened to him? He was a threat to the corrupt church at the time and a threat to the Roman government so they nailed him to a cross. How about Joan of Arc, an illiterate peasant girl who at age 17 led the outnumbered French army to defeat the superior English army in one the greatest upsets in military history. She saved her country, put a king into power and because the church and the French and English politicians feared her power, she was convicted of heresy and sorcery and publicly burned alive at the age of 19. So what’s my point of bringing this up, for the last 2000 years and even before man has used government and religion to control and manipulate the uneducated masses I call the herd. The truth is we all have this power maybe not to the extent Jesus and Joan of Arc had, but we do have it. It was given to each and every one of us at birth when you breathed your first breath. You have always had it you just didn’t know you had it. Now you have to learn how to tap into it.

What gives one man the right to tell another what to do? what to believe? Are we born to blindly follow? what is the truth? Honestly I think the truth is whatever some one can get you to believe. I think the truth can just be some ones opinion, and lately I have found out many things I thought were true to be a lie, disguised as the truth. I came to realize that the little man behind the curtain with all the smoke and mirrors trying to scare everybody has no greater power than I. A man only has power over another if you let him. Just like the only value money has is the value we give it.

I could talk to you until I’m blue in the face but I can’t make you believe anything, nor would I want to try. It’s like leading a horse to water but you cant make him drink it.You have to come to a point in your life when you seek the truth and when you finally find it you will know and believe it on your own. Like this reference from the bible John 8-32 “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

I have learned so much in the past 5 years but I have barely scratched the surface, and I’m still learning and will never stop. Once you get there you’ll know what I mean. You will live the magic of life and the more you believe the more it will happen and the more it happens the more you will believe. Open your eyes and see the good that is all of us. Keep your ears open and listen, its all around you. Find a meaning in a movie, listen to the words in a song, and on a hot summer night look up at the stars and as they shine down on you, remember to let your light shine. The white light energy that’s connected to your heart that we call our soul. They say home is where the heart is. I think its time we all find our way back home. A wise man once said to a tin man, a heart is not judged by how much you love ,but by how much you are loved by others. My Grandfather always had a quote that hung in his office it said” love wasn’t put in the heart to stay for love isn’t love until you give it away”.

I have come to find meanings in a few quotes from songs that have helped me change the way I look at life.”Its along way to the top if you want to rock and roll” ,have the courage to take the first step, fear is man made (false energy appearing real).”long live the day that I decided to fly from the inside”,you have too look inside of your self and like what you see, you have to go in to get out. How can any one love you? if you don’t love yourself. “Always trust in who you are and nothing else matters”, we’re all spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience.”The road to nowhere leads to me” only I control my thoughts,beliefs, and decisions so I can have, be or do whatever I want in this world.
When I grew up my mom was a big Elvis fan and you can even ask the neighbors 12 houses down because the heard Elvis too.
There was this one song that he sang, If I can Dream was the title and there was a part in the song that went like this “and as long as a man has the strength to dream he can redeem his soul and fly”. I think Walt Disney said it best”A dream is a wish your heart makes”. I guess what I’m trying to say is, just like we all have different finger prints, we all have different dreams there are no two alike. Follow your heart it will always lead you to your dreams. And lastly be yourself because every one else is taken. Learn to live the magic that life truly is.


Hi my name is Andrea H

I’ve only partly gotten involved with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society to date. The reason I got involved is because it is the same in many ways as the Tony Robbins mentoring, helping the average person get past their mental blocks and improve their lives. For themselves and their families!  And a support group of fellow students who are very happy!  I wouldn’t get rid of Tony Robbins nor would I get rid of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society which is a caring about people and helping them improve organization! Let’s focus on the goals not the negative, there’s always going to be negative people. Remember the Law of Attraction!


Andrea H