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Hi. I just wanted to say how happy I am that I got involved in the Neothink Society. I used to hate life and people. I had no direction and thought life was pointless and at times wished that it would be over. Now I’ve been shown a different kind of life. Mark Hamilton’s books helped me learn to love life and helped me find a direction to go in. I’m now going to be starting school and majoring in microbiology for research into human health. I believe that the Twelve Visions Party will change the world for the better. People will be happy doing what they love in life and creating values for the world without being held back by all the unnecessary laws and regulations that are suffocating us today. It is important that TVP be allowed to grow. If it isn’t, the world will continue on this downward spiral and all the problems of the world will continue to get worse as they have been. I want to have children and bring them up in a Neothink Society where they can be happy and grow up properly. Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the TVP movement have absolutely saved my life. It means everything to me that this continues to grow and make the changes that are necessary in this world for happiness for everyone. I don’t even want to THINK of a world where this isn’t a possibility! It’s far too important. The Neothink Society and the TVP give life real meaning… for everyone. Writing is not my strong suit, but hopefully this will show how important Mark Hamilton, his literature, the Neothink Society, and the TVP movement is to me, my future family, and the world. Let’s stop doing things the same old way we always have…it’s quite literally killing us all. It’s time to do things right. Let the TVP grow.
Jennifer Naething


Hi Mark,
I am so excited to be part of the team. I’ve waited a long time to join the neothink society of ultra rich. This was my dream all along and hoping for it to come true very soon through your twelve visions party. I am pleased to finally be able to contact you to tell you how much it means to be to be part of this unique group.
I am a level one member and I learned so much from your books. It opened up my eyes to a new world. The world of true happiness, wealth and health. I want to be out of the anti-civilization and enter a place of pure honesty and love and happiness; to finally be my own person to create values for the society without too much government control, laws and regulations.
Neothink is changing my life. I have a new mentality, new view about life which is filled with so much love and appreciation of human life, free of burdens and stagnation. I can hardly wait for this dream to come true… Thank you Mark Hamilton for working so hard to make this happen for all of us. You are a true GOD-Man.
Lucine K