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I had retired ,my children had all gone out into the world to lead their own lives.I felt redundant and useless, ready for the scrap heap.

When I was invited to read Mark Hamilton s manuscripts my life was transformed, I no longer thought about winding down towards death and now think only of living.


The information and knowledge in Neothink will lead you to unlock the truth about the real
power that exist in use all


My name is Tony, I have been a member for the Neothink Society for a near 4 years, and the Neothink pages are ones of the most valuable information, in teaching. inside the multigenerational manuscripts are some of life’s most valuable morals, this knowable has helped me to transform my thinking in too many different possibilities and speeded up my knowledge of using the materials for the creation of endless possibilities for life to come…Mark Hamilton’s teachings are ones of the most powerful values as in this time of day in are world… my mentoring with mark Hamilton has lead me to understand, on how I and are A-Team members are here for are teaching from mark Hamilton, to help use the people to see that we have the greatest treasure right under are feet… as we are all protected from the negatives of are surrounding world, as we can lead are self’s in to future seeing greater than any other movement in the worlds countries, as we the people have the power to creation…as I hope we the people could see as I have to understand the great knowable the has been locked in a box from us the people for a longtime…as I have learned that we are free…thank you



Hello all
It’s truly being exposed to Mark Hamilton’s books it transform you to the very positive way it put you on a stage where you realize how much power and ability ,creativity,control lead you self and that will lead to the most health and happiness .
you really will be doing your self the biggest favor ever by being among the most integrated ones ever found and mentored be Mark Hamilton and being a pert of the Twelve Visions Party TVP.
Love you all
Issa .F