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To whom it may concern,

In a perfect world every problem has a solution. We live in a perfect world and for every solution one can come up with there are more problems to solve.

I would like to thank Mark for giving me the blueprints to finding solutions to my many problems. Now when I encounter more of these hardships I can confidently embrace them knowing pride from the humble self-leader training I’ve recieved. Never before have I absorbed such revelating skills for managing stress, than to feel the empowerment of such life lifting advantages as being a part of competent like minded and influential people.

When I grew into the Neothink Society there was a lot of hospitality and room for praise of positive “value” creation. The themes revealed by Neothink literature gave me great inspiration to follow my dream. When all options were gone I decided to give this neothink society a run for my money. The kind of return I recieved was phenominal I became deeply motivated and experienced happiness unlike any other.

It was all for me that Mark Hamiltons labor revealed to me who I could become and now that I’ve discovered that pure inner child there’s a level of success that is virtually priceless.

I had been badly treated by my husband of 27 years He had embesseled  $26000 from Montgomery Ward, gotten a girl 15 years younger pregnant, turned my three children against me ,lied to my family & friends about me , made me give up the home we had. Ifinally after a few years married another lier worst than the first one. I had no idea a person that claimed to be christian, a deacon in the church, would be so low. He proved to be  even bigger  & lower than gully dirt along with his children, who stole my belongings from me & wouldn’t let me have my things. They are so ignorant, even with their college degrees.

I received a beautiful letter from Mark Hamilton, telling me I could be the person I wanted to be if I would just follow a few simple rules, mainly suggestions.

I have learned to think for myself, to do  for myself. Because of my eyesight, I have not progressed like I should have.

The new world we are bulding, will be good honest & kind a place anyone would love to be, to raise their children. The Cof U will be a healthy, loving, & marvelous place to be.

We will have a new political party , an Honest one , that means more then anything to most of us. TVP will take us where we need to be. With Mark Hamilton to guide us, We cannot  fail. We will prevail

Love & Carring

Peggy  L.