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A few years ago, out of the blue, I received letter in my mail that has changed my life completely. It was from the Neothink Society and what I read seemed too fantastic to believe. But I was unable to throw it in the trash because everything in the letter rang so true. Deep within I knew I had to follow through and learn more about this incredible organization and its leader, Mark Hamilton.
I purchased their literature and from the time I read the first chapter I knew that what I had been searching for the past decade or so of my life had found me! The concepts I read about rang so true and resonated to my very soul. I knew that those words were written by, not only a true genius, but by a person who had been able to strip away all of the layers of half-truths and falsehoods, placed on society as a whole, for generations. The world and my place in it finally made total sense.
I am now able to see how all good people of the world have and are being duped by unscrupulous people in positions of power and authority. Their dishonest actions and statements designed to hold people down while they are being bled of the values they have toiled to produce, are so obvious now that the truth has been revealed by the Neothink Society and Mr. Hamilton. All of the illusions propagated on the unknowing public cannot stand up in the very bright and honest light shone on them by the Society. How simple and basic; to protect the rights of the individual, is the only function of government. I can now spot these cheaters and their pathetic antics a mile away.
It is time that the good people in this world were allowed to see what I can now see with ease and total clarity!
Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party must be allowed to keep educating people about how the universe really does and should work. Their message must never be smothered by the self-serving and dishonest politicians and religious leaders of the world. Please allow yourself to be exposed to their message so you too can cleanse the sludge from your minds and be able to once again think for yourselves with clarity and be able to judge for yourselves what is right for you. Freedom to think and do for yourselves, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the individual rights of others, is the very basis of all free societies and these rights are about to be taken away if you allow the power-hungry elites to censor and silence Mark Hamilton and his literature as well as the good people in the Twelve Visions Party (TVP).
I know we are all feeling more and more helpless as more regulation, taxes and rules are being foisted on us daily. We must not allow our rights of freedom of speech to be taken away! Please fight for your rights by protecting your basic freedoms and do not allow this to happen to the Neothink Society, TVP and Mr. Hamilton. Your children will be even more enslaved to taxes, regulation and helplessness than we are.
If allowed to continue unchecked by dishonesty, Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and their political arm the TVP, will bring freedoms and unchecked prosperity to not only the U.S., but the whole world as each country follows suit. Our children and grandchildren will never experience the fear and negativity that we are increasingly experiencing in our world today as their rights, and the rights of every individual on earth, are protected. Prosperity for all never before seen in history will be upon us in a very short few years if allowed to spread their message.
Please everyone, for your sakes and the sake of your families now and in the future, keep your eyes wide open and think for yourselves. Don’t buy into the fear-mongering and dishonest hatred that the dishonest power elites are foisting on the fully integrated and honest Neothink Society members, Twelve Visions Party and above all, Mark Hamilton. Our future generations will thank us!
Daryl R. S
Proud Canadian and NeoThinker!