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Honest Leadership

Honest Leadership….

Like most Americans today, I have found that honest leadership, whether in government or in big business, was next to impossible to find – whether in the U.S. or in the majority of other countries around the world. I had thrown my hands up at the political process here, having seen that it made no difference whom you voted for – they all ended up pulling this country down and had only come into the various offices in order to fulfill their own greedy, personal agendas. Many businesses are operating much the same way, especially a lot of the larger corporations that wield their power so dishonestly. I had really lost hope.

I regained that hope through exposure to a man named Mark Hamilton, and through examination of his literature and his Neothink Society it became crystal clear to me (as it has to thousands of others) that this man has the right ideas, the right plans and the honesty that I was so desperately seeking. I had learned some leadership skills as a soldier in the armed forces, but those skills couldn’t compare with the honest, self-leadership skills that I gained through this man and took to heart – all the while applying them into my life.

A Neothink member had mentioned a point that we all echo, whether we are fellow members or are other fine citizens of this republic: “We need honest people to lead this country” the operative phrase in that sentence being: “to lead.”

“To lead” does not mean to usurp, force, hold back, blind, starve, or mislead by physical, legislative, economic, political, agricultural, religious, medical, scientific, psychological operations (PSYOPS), “cognitive infiltration,” “doublespeak,” or any other means.

Business defines “leadership in an organizational role” thusly: “(1) establishing a clear vision, (2) sharing (communicating) that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members or stakeholders. A leader comes to the forefront in case of a crisis, and is able to think and act in creative ways in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learnt and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring.”

Mark fills that definition of “leadership in an organizational role” and adds definition many times over – yet he does so with the simplicity and honesty which we can all understand, trust, follow, work with, integrate, and build on. He is that honest leader that all Americans are so desperately seeking. He is helping thousands of others to become the honest, peaceful self-leaders that they are meant to be. That is why we can rely on his Twelve Visions Party to turn this country around…he and his party really fit the bill that the people seek….

Find out more about him for yourself and renew your hopes and dreams. Read his literature and read his Party’s Platform. You too will be thrilled at the prospects.

Liz Szarka, New York