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I bought The Neothink Discovery a few years back. When I started to read it, I almost burned the book. For some reason I put it back and two years later, I took it up again.

I guess this time I was ready for it. What it has done to me personally is to give me CLARITY and since then I’m able to identify the leeches among us: lawyers, politicians and the clergy. I am a FREE man

I thank Mark Hamilton for his courage in continuing his father’s path and bringing us the magnificent Neothink Society and the TVP. This is what people need to prosper and to finally bring peace to the world.


Wilfredo Novoa


I was always disgusted with politics because I knew they were dishonest leeches as I called them. I never wanted any part of politics. But knowing what I have learned now of the elite society and the corruption of the govt & what they continue with there is no way I will sit on the sidelines. I will do what ever is necessary to awaken any one & every one I can to the truth of what is truly going on behind the scenes of the govt. No one’s dreams should be diminished by a small group like this.