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Hello my (PM) Prime Mentor                                                                                  
The prime question for level 12:What has Neothink done for me: When I look back over the past
twelve months, I know and I feel, a great surge of confidence, has unfolded within me. This
unfolding of confidence, is really a shifting, and as you my Mentor has so properly stated a…
“jump” in my mentality, from that following mode to the leader mode or role.          

All my life I never went with the crowds, I have always been “my own person” meaning I
was not a “total sheep”. After studying under the most awesome, human being I have ever
encountered in my life,(you my PM).It has taught me I can create that world, that I have …
always dreamed of and I could do it by creating values, that in turn bringing and producing
a happy life, of course, this being achieved through puzzle building, adding piece by piece.

Early on from the letters ,the word mind blowing would come up, what was mind blowing
to me was, when I started to make this shift, in my mind, in my thoughts, it was then that I
started to feel the “power” you have always talked about. Once man breaks, or shifts from
mysticism, and gets a taste of the freedom, the creativity, the “power”, the happiest, and
think and know where this shift is and where it will take him, it is mind blowing. Neothink
has helped me to simply dismiss the neocheaters, which only had a shallow impact on me,
before I feel. The mere fact of being able to think for oneself, and control oneself, and all
of his or her actions, again brings that feeling of unexplained joy. Personally when I heard
the most profound words I have ever heard in my life, in level 3 when you my Mentor said
“Welcome Home” I felt something I have never felt in my entire life, as I speak about it now
my eyes well up, my mind, my body,  my whole being went through a sudden peace, a…
calmness I never felt before, for me it was like the opening of a door, and a cool breeze
flowed in, the very thing that sparked a slight “flash” a shifting for me I feel. Once I understood
what I had to do, and how to do it, the grip of mysticism, was loosed, and each day I feel
myself breaking it’s hold in all aspects. Neothink the hammer that smashes the veil of …
mysticism. Neothink that springboard to the Twelve Visions World the only road to the Twelve Visions World.

Roy Metcalf


Hi Mark Hamilton thank you for getting in contact with me as I am still learning with my Neo Think mind and read the three Hearloom packages . I am only a level 3 apprentice . The time is not right for me to speak out . As I know all about authorities I have been holding them at bay all my business life and still holding my ground . You can call me and we can talk about this my mobile is 0407491293 Australia you will need to use the international code for my country please call me Regards Stephen W


Hello Mark…. and thank you for inviting me into the Neothink society….. I have not been in the society very long, but the biggest thing that I have noticed is the way I look at numbers at Work…. I have worked for General Motors for 26 years in many different capacity’s….. Politics have crushed most of the good Jobs I have had…. but now with my seniority I can hold a pretty good Job…. I am now a machinist in a hi tech department working with hi tech computerized machines and robots where I am responsible for machining transmission cases and valve body’s…. and what I have noticed is the numbers and how I usually make production faster than anyone else and plus I look at things at more of company standpoint…. and why the company would do this or that….
I look forward to getting more involved in Neothink…. and getting involved in the political side of Neothink in my area and also intend to find out more about local chapter meetings also….
I am a level 3 apprentice and I cannot wait until I have my next session with Mark Hamilton…. Plus I plan to join there web site in the near future to find out what other Members I doing in there states…..
and I am going to order a Seminar on cd disc so I can listen to Neothink in my Vehicle on the way to work…..
In closing I know Neothink is for me….
thank you again for choosing me to become a member and change my life the way I always wanted now and in the future…..
Bruce P. W