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My journey to the Twelve Visions World started with Mark Hamilton on August of 2009, when he perceived the pain I was going through in the stagnant rut I was glued into after I had received several medical treatments for many months as a result of a serious car accident I had on November 19, 2007, as I was driving to work in the morning from where I live in Raleigh, NC. I got the tibia, and fibula of my lower left leg broken with a 2 inch-bone gap in that accident.
I was admitted into Wake Medical Center, Raleigh NC where I received treatments for several months until I was able to move around with clutches. When I recuperated from my injuries after several more months to go back to my job before I had the accident, I was told by my employer that my position had been filled up with another employee after they had waited long enough for my return to work after the accident. I was paid-off quite alright, but I lost my job. After seriously looking for another job with my Bachelor degree in Business administration, and with several years of experience but failed to find anyone, I became stranded with nowhere to turn for help, until Mark Hamilton found me, and invited me to attend his monthly structured lectures on how to become a value creator for people for rewards.
After I had spent more than a year of unemployment experience, Mark Hamilton sent me his Neothink Manuscripts which gave me comfort, and assured me that there is no age limit in Furthering my academic desire at any stage of my life. He also, encouraged me in one of his level meetings that there is still hope of a better future for me after my down fall last couple of years.
Mark Hamilton’s literature taught me that there is no age limit in educating our conscious minds which can go on learning and acquiring knowledge to create and generate happiness forever.
For the first time since I had car accident, and became unemployed for more than a year, my psychological leap occurred first to know that human minds are not supposed to be nature controlled, limited in learning, or doomed as I thought that I was after my serious car accident which occurred on November 19, 2007. Mark Hamilton’s monthly levels 1 & 2 teleconference meetings and Heirloom volume 2 taught me that human consciousness is supposed to be man-controlled, unlimited, immortal, but not designed to stagnate and die as I thought when I became unemployed since June of 2008 after recuperating from the injuries I sustained in car accident on November 19, 2007. When I became aware that man made conscious mind is designed to create, And eternally live, I went back to school and registered for MBA courses on-line at the University Of Maryland University College to upgrade my credentials for a better future in my career as soon as I successfully graduate with MBA degree in less than 2 years from November 05, 2009.
With Mark Hamilton as my mentor, I have learned his principles by persistently applying as routine, my mini-day process technique, and my determined Friday Night Essence thru. downstream focus, I can become a value creator for people, and be rewarded with wealth, good health, and love.
Many thanks to Mark Hamilton for being my mentor, and having opened my eyes & conscious mind to behold all of the above which have inspired me to go back to school to further my education in my field of expertise & prepare myself to become an entrepreneur of my dreamed Business Enterprises which will create and build values for people of all color & race, and enhance wealth, love, and health in bound for me.
The Twelve Visions Party is the universal dynamic of conscious life. TVP is fully integrated honesty, uncompromising rationality, and wide-scope accounting. These rare qualities have made TVP the People’s party which has come to stay for eternity.
The TVP will replace the anti-civilization with the Twelve Visions World. TVP is with fully integrated Honesty that can go beneath any manipulators illusions. It is full of integrators who can create values for People of all ages, race, and color more than any anti-civilized party can attempt to do.
The twelve Visions Party will reduce the size of the government, and will cut non-defense spending programs to the bone, but will increase national defense funds. TVP will also, reduce the federal government suppressive regulations that hold back business, and hurt our economy since 1999 to the present date. It will reduce government size, reduce taxes, but boost, and promote business for individuals.
Mark Hamilton will be more than able to carry on the Twelve Visions Party’s agenda to depoliticize all the Neo-cheaters who handle the machinery of the government before the close anti-civilization time.
TVP wants what is best for the United States of America, and the entire world. It will give rights and protection to all, including to the smallest minority in most need of protection – to the individual.
There may be some differences between TVP and other parties, but there will be no cardiac arrest In TVP’s budget approach; instead there will be a solid approach with its budgets.
The people’s Twelve Visions Party will take the politicians’ big hearts used as a ploy to get voted into Power out of everything they do Washington DC Finally, Twelve Visions Party = Good Health, Honest Love, and Abound Wealth for all Value Creators.
Long live TVP for the Twelve Visions World, God Bless America, and the Universe for All People.



My Updated Testimonial
As I sit down to write this it is a snowy, cold, blustery night in Dublin, Ohio. I am getting so excited about what we have been working on in 2008 and now in 2009. We, meaning what we have started calling ourselves the Three TVP musketeers and Dartanian. The names that most have heard on our TVP calls and other calls are Michael Dilworth, Kenneth Townsend, and Jeff Smith. We have replicated ourselves with the second musketeers who are David, Patricia, and Jill. I have been honored to be a part of these TVP calls and also on the Wednesday night A team call with Mike and Steve and the Tuesday night Heirloom call with Chuck and Ted.. I have grown every time I have done one of these calls.
It astounds me to look back and see where I have come from. I remember getting my letter and then getting my first Heirloom book. I devoured it and couldn’t wait for the second one.. It opened my world up to a whole new way of living and thinking. I was in an apartment then and was so excited when I contacted my first Neothink brother.. It was Greg Mauter and we met at a restaurant in Toledo, Ohio where I was living at the time. We spent 3 hours together and it was like meeting a long lost brother.
I have sense met many more Neothink Society brothers and sisters in person and through the calls that I have participated in. I truly have an ever expanding family of fully integrated honest, loving, geniuses. I get real pumped up on calls now when I see people getting on from other countries and I know that this Neothink mentality will change the world.
I have enjoyed all the level meetings with Mark Hamilton and review them whenever I can. I love the website and have seen it get better and better. I am looking forward to mentoring as many people as I can by introducing them to Neo think and our parallel society we are creating. I have known what my FNE or Friday Night Essence has been from the beginning and have used these on the calls. One of the things that I love to do is act and write scripts so that is how The Taking It To The Streets came into existence. That is why I have been in sales and marketing for twenty plus years because a good sales person is a good creative thinker. I am currently with a home improvement company and have been able to use my Neothink tools I learned from the Prime Literature to not only get a promotion but have been offered to go to Dallas, Texas and be the City Director of Marketing, I accredit my mini days, ten second miracles, power thinking, and all the other things that I have learned in the five years I have been involved with the Neothink Society to this. I am looking forward to getting involved in the clubhouses, workshops, and most of all in the Texas TVP. I am currently checking hotels in the Chicago area where we will have our first TVP national conference. I am projecting having a place nailed down with a website up by February so our people can start making reservations and travel plans. I want to end with a Big Thank you to Mark Hamilton, Eric Wallace, and F.R.W. for your literature, insights, and for the mentoring. I am so thrilled to be a part of this and with my musketeers and my many new friends in the society we are looking to help BRIDGE the anti civilization into the Twelve Visions World. BRIDGE standing for Bringing Real Innovation Declaring Genuine freedom to next generations Experience.

Jay A. Solether, Porthos of the Three TVP Musketeers, TVP coordinator of the Columbus A Team and mentor in training



Dear Mentor Mark Hamilton,
I take the opportunity of this season to express my heartfelt appreciation to you in particular and the Neothink Society especially. You said it a year ago that this year is going to be the best year I have ever had, and that is exactly how this year 2009 has been. In fact, I find it limiting to address you with just the title above because you are more than a mentor to me especially and other Neothink family as a whole. Even though I have not seen you physically yet, meeting you virtually at our level meetings put a lot of smiles on my face each time, that at times cause a fear in me with the thought of the impossible happening to you as other past great teachers.
Mentor, you are a special gift to humanity as you know yourself and I can feel greater values coming from you and the Neothink Society to me in person and the world as a whole. You and the Neothink Society are what the world really needs at this time and it is good you have come out with the Twelve Vision Party that will really set everyone free from the dishonesties and illusions that we all battle with, starting from America then to the world.
By your help I can now understand a whole lot of things around me even thought I still have a long way to fully evolve into who I believe I am meant to be.
Even as I can say I have not make much money this year 2009, I believe consistently using the tools in the literatures by working with downstream focus will make me realized the benefits. This I believe is a puzzle in my personal life that will enable me to free my mind with no financial burdens as I evolve into great value creations and help others in the same direction.
It has been an exiting journey since I first received your invite into the society. I can truly say that yes! I feel really free and exited as I can see the direction of my life now.
In fact, I know it can only get better with you, Neothink Society and the new Twelve Vision political party as our passion is widely heard in the world for freedom of humanity.
Much love




Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

It is with great pleasure that I write this late into the morning.  I must apologize for my delay in getting my Testimonial to you but as you stated in the first Heirloom introduction, ” My life was about to change forever”.  It started about January 2008 for me, my mind will truly never be the same.  My personal life was already changing and I new I was going to go through a Divorce but many internal struggles still tore at my insides until the 1st. Heirloom pointed to my struggles grounded in Mysticism and broke me free.  I further had a bout with my health that kept me pre-occupied even when I listened through the 12 level meetings.  I was fighting some Arteriosclerosis that I have managed to control naturally without the need for Statin Drugs and am back to running my 3 to 5 miles a day.  I’m also your down line with G.I.N. and was thinking you were going to be one of the Guest in Cancun.  In any case I was wanting to do a Visual Audio of this testimonial but I’m not sure how to do that.  I’m computer literate but still not sure how to do some things.  I hope to be your mentor here in Florida once I get myself on my own again and this Divorce behind me.  I hope to visit a club house near by and see how they are working their Club House.  Thank You, Alfred R. S