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Dear Brother, I am writing you to let you know some really good news.
I know that you have been a seeker most of your life…and that you are still looking for answers. It can all be found in Mark Hamilton’s Neothink materials for they will set you free from your bi-cameral dilemma/impasse. First know that what you have been seeking…has been seeking you…and remember that everything has a reason; karma-related!
Life is a series of choices…in how we make our choices will bring other results as well.
As a family…we really weren’t given any information or advice on how to grow up…it was just assumed that somehow we would catch on…as our parents never taught a mythology on how to deal with the outside world.
Our parents didn’t know, so they couldn’t teach us anything beyond necessary body maintenance. But we knew that we weren’t given the total picture; because of the struggle and difficulty of making in this world. We never had any plan or idea on how to accomplish that plan of making it…beyond a livelihood.
Now…I understand, it wasn’t any more their fault…nor was it was their parents fault and so forth.
Therefore, we spent most of our lives looking for that road-map towards success and personal happiness. Not realizing at the time that it all falls back on the individual to decide and make the life choices himself. Form of self-leadership.
And this form of self-leadership comes by following a mentor/teacher…a teacher who knows more of what life is; and how you can make it better!!!
So…like you, I started reading books, going to seminars…teachings; to find the answers that I sought. Finally came to Buddhism…when I picked-up Gradual Awakening by S. Levine…mid 80s. And that book started my journey into Buddhism…by the 1990s I was following Sogyal Rinpoche, author of Tibetan Book of Living & Dying.
And by 2000, I was seeking refuge…to begin my training as a vajrayana student.
This went on until just recently…until six months I started receiving Mark Hamilton’s first of three volumes secrets of secrets. And within a week…my depression stopped; and my enthusiasm came back to my art; and resulting Friday Nite Essence.
Which meant…that I was motivated with a game plan…road map as it were…showing the methods in determining one’s own fate…and not leaving it to another?
In order words…a way out of the impasse and towards self-fulfillment at the highest level!!!
We may have the good karmic fortune to find a teacher…but it takes effort to maintain that special link.


The current political system is anti-civilization, It’s agenda’s are widening the gap between classes, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. Democracy is a huge threat to an elite class of people who manipulate using their vast amounts of money. The U.S. Constitution affords Americans the opportunity of freedom. Freedom opens avenues such as free speech, free enterprise, etc. and the end results are new ideas, new products and new jobs.
Big government, while offering a hand also takes away freedom, because someone else makes vital life choices for you. It is one of the best ways to repress individuals and their creativity. Creativity is processes that take place in each individual, individually and when you bring individuals with their creative processes together and integrate their ideas, something new is learned, something new is created.
Big government is designed to keep the rich, rich and the rest of the people subservient to them. Greed being, is the ever termed “anti-christ” of our world, it is greed and dishonesty (particularly with one-self) that can truly lay claim to the freedom of every individual alive. We are all meant to be value creators because we have individual consciousness, it is our birthright. If that is taken away…we wither and die.
Through Mark Hamilton,The Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party a promise is waiting that is full of hope. The mind in its search for the, “why”, is on a quest for new knowledge as it travels its path to individual genius. Conscious Awareness of our life, our journey through it, and our effect on the world is the gift of a honest integrated mind. An integrated mind creates and grows ideas that become more valuable to the universe, and continually contributes to its greatness. It is in the face of adversity, facing the bad, experiencing the sad that we become the most aware of our responsibility to question the
“whys”. When we question we’re open to create ideas and experiment with ways to move forward. In asking , “why”, we can imagine. Through honesty we can create a world full of life, quality life, moving in the direction of peace, happiness, and success for everyone. We can imagine everyone we know thinking the same way. A universe is waiting and we have so much to learn.
Personal responsibility is a natural law for conscious beings and makes pointing the finger, or laying the blame and exercise in futility. Universal peace, happiness, and success for everyone starts with individuals honestly living their lives, dreaming their dreams, creating ideas, and emanating thoughts that harmonize with the wonders of life and the universe.
America needs to continue along the path that our forefathers began. We have been driven away from our freedom by the greed of elitists, and the co-dependent relationship of big government and its people. The private sector operating under the concepts of honest integration does not require a heavy hand by government, which cuts the operating costs of government. People can then use the money that government doesn’t need (because it is smaller)to create new ideas, new products, and new jobs. Your individual right as a human being to choose what is best for you is your birthright. What you honestly want, what you honestly feel, what you honestly think are all relative to the world around you, your happiness, health, and success are a part of the whole happiness, health, and success of the universe that is spoken to over and over again in Mark Hamilton’s writings. Wrap yourself in the love that was meant to be and the rest is a piece of cake!
This is what Mark Hamilton has written about, what The Neothink Society promotes, and what the Twelve Visions Party brings to America’s failing political environment.