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Hi my name is Alice

When I was first introduced to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I was a little skeptical.  But I read the letter and got the books and after reading all three of them, I could see all the honesty and love for all the people in MARK HAMILTON and not just for some people but all people all over the world.  And meeting MARK HAMILTON and the society has changed my life for the better. I am happy and have a love for life it not a burden to live I feel free in my mind and soul.

It is a joy to live and to see the future thru the TVP.  I’ll learning to lead my one life and not let other people tell me how I should think or be  have more confident in myself lost fears doing things  I would not have done if I had not met Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society they help me to use my mind in ways I didn’t know I could.  We need the TVP it will be life changing for all the people the poor, middle and the upper class for the better. Don’t be afraid of Mark Hamilton or the NEOTHINK SOCIETY use your head think for your self.  Don’t listen to what other people have to say 95%of them don’t know anything about Mark Hamilton or NEOTHINK SOCIETY they are afraid of what they don’t know so you find out for yourself. I have learn it better to find out for your self about anything you want to know firsthand that way you know what you are talking about and not talking out of fear of the unknown. and what tvp mean to me and my family is a better life in the future where the people needs is more important than making rules to control the people with all these laws that only is taking your rights and we the people have no say so .just do what they say do or go to jail or something like that .but with the TVP it will be all about the people right to live life to well and happy