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dear sir,

the twelve visions is the foundation for a free society.

1- people need freedom to choose their Friday night interest to have value for their success in life and to be happy in their pursuit of a profession.

2- the only ones the workers and the general public are the only tax base in America.  Rich people don’t contribute to the tax base.  The rich have a system of write offs from doing big ventures in business.

3- politics and religion has tried to control the public on what they think you should be doing in life situations.  The society tries to open people’s minds  and do some thinking about life itself.

Our fore fathers who first settled  this country would turn over their graves if they knew what is happening today.

Our freedom today has been compromised with this trying to control other countries in our beliefs.

This country should not be in other countries politics or siding with certain countries to fight a war which they have been fighting for generations.

Reading the books the society composed has changed my thinking of things in general.  I would advise people to read the books and see for themselves the value of a better way of doing things.

from gordon



The “only” thing better than being filled with Love, Health, Wisdom, Peace and Wealth is “SHARING” it ALL with others.

This is what NEOTHINK@ and Mark Hamilton’s Books and Teachings not only mean to me but have done for me personally.

Through my own transformation in these various areas I am now able to enjoy “BOTH”, continued Growth & Change and Helping Others.

I was like a boat w/o a rudder, before NEOTHINK@, drifting through LIFE after many tough life situations and poor choices.  I gave up on my dreams and even setting specific goals.
When I received my letter I was “SEEKING” answers in every area of my life up to that point, I knew there had to be a better way, just did not know where to find the answers, it seemed like one disappointment after another.

I was most of all “intrigued” by the “secrecy” of it all. I struggled with some areas in the 1st book big time, picked it up, read some more, then put it down for awhile, picked it up and managed to read it all.  Then the next two were presented, I read book two almost in one sitting and the rest is history. Once I connected with others who were experiencing the same things as I was it was easier to integrate the concepts and understand everything.

Now I’m “THINKING” and dreaming bigger, I’m

setting clear & inspiring goals in every aspect of my life again. Basically my life has more direction than it ever had for quite some time.

Yes, I love boats, I’ve always been drawn to water, that is why I used that analogy in writing this.  Will be living by the water and acquiring a boat this year.

I have come to the realization by becoming a part of NEOTHINK@ that everything in our Universe is moving and nothing stands still. I refuse to be complacent or set in my ways. I am “THINKING” outside the box once more in all areas of my life.

Through NEOTHINK@ and Mark Hamilton my “eyes” are now wide open, and my “ears” are opened to hearing the truth, and my mouth is now speaking it, and my thoughts & actions are now moving me forward not backwards as before.

Thank You, Mark for “SHARING” it ALL with “others”.

Pat L

Nashville, TN