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Dear Mr. Hamilton:
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts on your Neothink live style. After reading your Books that certainly made absolutely perfectly sense to me this Nation needs to wake up and start to take responsibility for there own actions, rather than waiting for the politicians to dictate what there life style or future should hold they should use all that energy for there own and there families well-being. How quickly they could realize how happy, healthy, and exciting there new found freedom will be. Free from the interference from there own politicians and completely in charge of there own destiny. We all need Neothink if we know it or not.
Mr. Hamilton thank you so much for sharing this so important information whit us. Kind regards
Heinz H


to who it may concern,
i think the twelve visions is a good foundation for society to follow in their lives. the Neothink society has a lot to offer society. their thoughts and ideas help people realize their potential in society. one to follow their Friday night essences and help themselves improve their lives through thoughts of accomplishment in their lives.
two to improve their health in realizing their freedom to improve their life style.
three to follow their dreams as to the life they want to live and prosper in dealings with life. these are a few of the influence the society has to offer to every person in the society. government has too strong restrictions of life improvements trying to control a person’s life and actions. so many rules and restrictions to govern the public.
leaving people to lead stale lives with no advancement to think for themselves.
its time for a change politics as we know them has down nothing for the working people
because without the workers in society no tax base would be continued and the rich do not contribute to the tax base because they write off their expenses and lay the burden on the workers. these are a few of the lessons we have learned by thinking for ourselves. i thank Neothink society for giving food for thoughts and opening our eyes to this problem of our society in the present time.
When I was introduced to the Neothink Society, I had just lost my wife to cancer a few months earlier. I kept to myself and didn’t say much about anything. It was affecting my job. I was on the verge of losing my job. Neothink helped me change that. I took my life back. I started thinking for myself. I have become a leader at work. I have coworkers tell me they could see a big change in me. Many people come to me for help.
I believe in the Twelve Visions Party because we need a change in the government. We are losing are freedoms one at time and most people don’t see it. TVP is going to put an end to this. We will get our freedom back. TVP is for the people. My thanks go out to Mark Hamilton with all of heart.
I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
Thank you Mark Hamilton,
Mike T



Yes I have read the three Neothink manuscripts. I did find them extremely interesting. I read the Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, the book that formed the conceptual framework for much of your work. You have taken these thoughts to the next level of realization and I honestly enjoyed reading your books and have been making an honest attempt to implement your suggestions. Actually, I am writing a futuristic novel featuring the behavior of highly evolved beings and I have been trying to employ your suggestions on how to approach my current job and how to better manage my Friday evenings and weekends to complete the book I am writing. I have also applied many of your suggestions on how to control food cravings and maintain a healthier life style. So I think you are hitting the mark, especially for people who are consciously evolving into more highly evolved beings. I have not been able to participate in your web meetings because of my busy work and travel schedule.

Good luck and hope all works out well for you.

Vincent S. D’


Dear Mark Hamilton:                                 

I want again to give my testimony about Mr. Mark Hamilton and his father as Neothink Society’s creators.  I want to say that since I started learning about The Neothink Society my life style has changed for better.  In 2008, I went to a rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction, and now after one year, with the help of the Neothink Society message, I am cured.

I feel full of life and THANKFUL with Mr. Hamilton and his father. They have been good leaders guiding my life. I am sure that every person who read Mr. Hamilton’s  literature as TVP, Inside Secrets, Miss. Annabelle’s Story and many more.

Mr. Mark Hamilton is not a dangerous person, he is the opposite; he is a Marvelous leader full of love for the humanity.  I don’t want anything happen to Mr. Hamilton, because we as Neo- Tech Society need our Leader and creator of TVP, because his guidance is making life better to me and a lot of peoples like me.

Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton.

Truly yours,

Maria C R