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Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Neothink Society, has changed my life. My life has become better and better, each and every day because of them. Every aspect of my life, from my professional life, my love life, my living situation, have all changed dramatically for the better since I started reading the Neothink Literature over a year and a half ago. Reading this literature was the best decision I have made in my life.
The success of the Twelve Visions Party means everything to me. It literally means more happiness, success, love, and wealth for everyone on the planet, including myself. It will make my life, my loved one’s life, and everyone else’s life, way more enjoyable and healthy.
If Mark Hamilton were to be silenced it will be more devastating to the world than I think you understand, especially if you have never read his literature for yourself. Someone who will bring so much value to each and every person in the world should never be silenced. It will be a dark day for the planet when Mark Hamilton is silenced, and even darker days will follow.
I am forever great full for what Mark Hamilton has done for my loved ones and me. I want nothing more than peace and happiness for the world. If you have read Mark Hamilton’s work, you know that’s all he wants too.
Joe LoC


My Name is Devin and today I just have to tell you what Neothink is to me.
For years I have struggled with myself because my persona reached its limits while my mind sought to achieve more. This created a great stress on my life wanting to obtain things so to become happy but my happiness was out of reach because like many I live and have lived paycheck to paycheck.

Neothink made me really look at myself and wonder why my goals aren’t being achieved.  Not only did it show my why I am unhappy but how to overcome it.  It continues to teach me so I am able to feed my mind what it wants and give my life success.  I’m currently in a building stage from the stand point of success.  Every day is better and along the way Neothink is helping me to appreciate what I am to be so not to ever lose it once I fully achieve.

I was always a grand thinker but my thoughts were misplaced or better yet, mismanaged.  Neothink is helping me to give my thoughts meaning as well as structure.  I am currently figuring myself out more so to build values for myself thus leading to my idea of success.  Values that one day I will be able to translate in terms others can understand and achieve their goals.

My family is already benefiting from my new (old but finally realized) thought processes.  I’m surrounded by just a whole bunch of love and appreciation but not only from my immediate family but my new Neothink family.  A family that will help you through your problems because even if you are a middle child you are looked at as equal.

I look forward to government officials who practices Neothink, after all the basis of it is success thru honesty.  Governments need virtuous officials whose only desire is to stand up and fight for honesty and prosperity for all.

To sum it all up for me Neothink shows how to achieve and utilize powerful mind, feel everything with passion, and live honestly.  The great news however about the tools Neothink provides is that im only just getting started and I’m excited to make that above list longer.

To the ones that will have honest virtues rule the world, THANKS Mark Hamilton, for letting me see with my very own eyes that good people can come in abundance.

Devin T