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An Amazing Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trilogy was an Eye Opener..CONNECTING with the child of our Past is Essential. If you Love to Work Hard & Play Hard, than you will Enjoy Mark Hamilton’s Book’s. The Dreamer in Me is AWAKE AGAIN!!! The Business Aspect’s that Mark talk’s about are Dynamic. If you want Tool’s that will work than this is VITAL information.




I Believe In Mark Hamilton

To anyone who has a head on his shoulders, and can think for themselves. Who is not a follower of the masses and lets themselves be herded around like sheep to the slaughter.

By the corrupt politicians, media, TV, drug companies etc… For someone who wants a better life. You know there is more to life then what you have right now and you want it so bad, you can smell it see it touch it. I f you are someone who wants real honest change in this world of ours look to Mark Hamilton.

The man is a real true visionary and a genius in his own right. I was very fortunate to have received Marks letter to join the Neothink society. I am so glad I did.

Mark’s written material is very eye opening, He gives you the truth and facts and all the proven research that you need to know.

It has opened my mind to a much larger scope of understanding.

His vision for a better world for all mankind, can happen, and will happen with our help, in backing and supporting

Mark Hamilton.

The future you and I want for Health and Wealth is in Mark Hamilton’s life vision and the Twelve Vision Party.

Please don’t make the mistake of believing what you hear about Mark Hamilton from the main stream media, TV, news papers, web sites as truths, they are all owned by the corrupt politicians in power and have been for far too long.

It is time for us to break the shackles that are holding us down. To every one reading this testimonial, open your eyes. Look around, and listen to what is happening around you. Do you like what you see? I certainly don’t.

We need big honest change in our world and Mark Hamilton is the man that can give us all our free will back. We will have the freedom to control our own lives. So we can think for our selves, live life in harmony and prosperity. Keep out of our lives the hands of the corrupt politician.

The governments do not care about us, they lie and cheat us out of everything we have and they want more and more.

They are taking so much from us that we have no more to give. Their bank accounts are getting bigger and bigger and they leave us with absolutely nothing in the end. This is wrong and you all know it. Mark Hamilton promises us, the right to a good life, with

Health and Prosperity for all. With his insights and visions for all of our futures in mind, he is the right man for the job. He will deliver what he promises.

Think about it, hard and long the Neothink society and the Twelve Visions Party are the answer you have all been looking for.

Go to.

Check it out for yourselves, investigate. Study the information with open minds. See what they stand for. It is all there for you to see and learn what is the truth? and discern from the leis you hear about in the mainstream media. The corrupt politicians in power have a lot to loose if the Twelve Visions Party gains strength and power with our help. Voting in the Twelve Visions Party, we can change our lives for the better good and also the world.

To your success Mark Hamilton, you have my support. Rita D