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Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
For the past three and a half years my life has been filled with excitement and purpose.
Up until three and a half years ago I was stuck in my routine rut of lifeless complacency, with no real hope for a fulfilling life of prosperity and happiness.
Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for your life-saving Prime Literature. This literature has given me the tools and the knowledge that has already changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends in wonderful and amazing ways.
I have learned so much from you Mark Hamilton and your priceless Prime Literature. I have become associated with other like-minded individuals with-in the Neothink Society and they have helped me to integrate and glean even more personal benefits in this environment. I have become aware of my true value to society and to the world.
Together we are all supporting the visions of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. We look forward, with anticipation the life-enhancing principals of moving mankind to live more abundantly with improved health, peace, freedoms and happiness.
I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me and many others, if we had never heard of Mark Hamilton or had the privilege of reading his Prime literature. This information is so life-changing and powerful that each multigenerational manuscript deserves to be continually read over and over again and again. This priceless material needs to be integrated and learned by everyone who wants life advantages in their lives.
I shudder to think of how my life could have been such a waste of time for a valuable conscious human being like myself. Thankfully, my life now has value, purpose, direction, romance and excitement. My hope of the future is now based on the sound moral and ethical principles of the Prime Law of Protection which the Twelve Visions Party intends to have added to the Constitution. The country will be blessed and prosper like never before. Without the Prime Law, the T.V.P., Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society moving humanity into its’ next logical evolutionary step; mankind will be doomed to certain annihilation and possible extinction.
I would encourage others and plead with them to support Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Prime Law and The Neothink Society by directing them to go to and see for themselves.

With my eternal gratitude, love and respect,
Raymond Desmarais


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I have always lived a life of honesty, always in search for like-minded individuals that I can trust, as you know that is a very difficult search in our world today.
My wish came true! When your first letter came to me I felt the connection through the silent communication within us. You and your father are uniquely amazing individuals, truly and honestly helping others. I have felt and seen, as the energies connect, we can truly and honestly help each other as we help all people survive the big changes coming into our future.
As we approach 2012, the big changes coming for our freedom, and if my visions are correct as with many who predict the reversal of our magnetic cosmic energies will change, with the possibility of losing all electric as we now it, I have been chosen to receive the silent communication from our Neothink Person within me.
I realized as you are looking for help from us members, to help protect you and spread your honesty and good name, I must share with you the perfect opportunity. I have seen and felt a product fully developed in my mind, to help you/us, the Neothink Society and the TVP, and to help others around the Globe as we sit in darkness on the cold nights and days. This product will give us hope and rejoice to peacefulness.
I have always been a creative thinker, self leader, self healer, you can find out who I am, how I think, and the honesty within me as I have expressed my passion to truly help others while reading my blogs posted with the Neothink essence team.
I would like to share with you from the beginning, the thoughts and visions that came to me as I read Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. As I read about the suffering people hanging on to life while they were on the respirators in their homes waiting for the cure to stop ageing, and to stop death. From Neothink Person The Vision was sent to me deep from inside my thoughts. As I kept reading on, thinking about the homes of our future and the paradise cities, I felt this is where I want to be, as I continued thinking, my thoughts were into our homes today. Then suddenly! The vision of a product was seen fully developed in my mind.
All my integrated thoughts came to me putting all the puzzle pieces together from my life experiences in the H.V.A.C. industry. I started learning the trade at the age of nine years old, going to work with my step father. He took me and my brother with him on his side jobs sometimes after school and mostly on weekends. I realized at a young age I am making indoor space livable, heat the air, cool the air, filter the air, humidify the air.
I am now 50 years young, and my visions have been making indoor space livable while eliminating the never ending rising costs and saving our resources of man-made energies.
With Government in control, with their ridiculous constant tax increases, and other damaging policies, with all their stealing and cheating beating the people down. There will be no end soon enough! As the utility costs keep rising to who knows how high, keeping the people struggling with finances to make ends meet. I thought about my vision. The product: an easy do-it-yourself installation, The Portable Heat Strip/
A solar energy, window heat cell strip.
Start making the people rich today:
Every existing window in every existing home/ building, every existing window in every existing automobile/truck will be able to accept this easy
Do-it-yourself installation product. Everyone, even the poor will benefit as this product reaches the masses World Wide. With utility costs ( electricity and gas, home/ mobile) are cut down to fractions, while keeping livable space warm with clean breathable, healthy, natural heat. The current heating systems in our homes will only come on during extreme outside conditions. The people will have extra money to stimulate the economy. They will feel alive again to become creative thinking human beings the way life was meant to live.
The income generated from this product will bring millions upon billions of dollars faster than ever imagined for the research and development to cure aging and stop death. I am reluctant to search the web for knowledge in the new micro technology and research needed for developing this product with no protection.
With this product, it will show the people that the average person filled with insecurities of trust, can rise up through the Neothink Society and truly show the creative thinking geniuses within themselves, that they can make this World a better place to prosper and live happily and forever.
What I mostly feared as the months have passed, is eventually hurting the sheet metal workers industry, but through my Neothinking visions I have seen a new product for the movement of air to save the workers jobs. Another subject for a later date.
Being caught in the trap of debt I have no money to pursue the license or patent for this product. Although I have used my Neothinking ways to collect bonuses from the company I work for and to build a web site to generate extra income, things have not moved as fast as I had hoped.
I was hoping to do things on my own being a self leader, I was hoping to have the product on the market before the winter months. As the window closes in I am asking for your help and advice, I realized with your help and the many trusted associates among you in the technical/scientific fields, the product can come together quick and inexpensive and reach the markets in record time.
Please let us together make things happen quickly, time is of the essence, because as my thoughts go out into the universe and as I have sat in idle, I have fear of the dishonest individual who has the money and resources to move ahead to get this product out first.
I have drawn up the product and listed the many benefits and operation on how it works. I have shown a few individuals within the business alliance, but have also have some fear of trust.
Please respond with your intelligent advice.
Your truly honest friend,
Dale L


Deep within my thoughts I have often wished “ if there could only be a place, where the truly honest people can unite together and make this dishonest world we live in, a better place to live and be happy”.
My wish came true! I was introduced to the manuscripts written by the greatest author of our time, his name is Mark Hamilton. Within his manuscripts are written the honesty truth that has been kept secret from us for thousands of years. I have learned from reading these manuscripts valuable information that has changed my life, and my families lives forever.
Mark Hamilton’s research for over thirty years has been, finding the honesty truth and helping others. What a rare man in today’s world! Mark Hamilton has helped me discover the Gift we are all born with, the gift of Neothink, the Power of our mind. He is teaching me how to reach the full potential of achieving anything I want within my honest thoughts. While I was reading the manuscripts, the thoughts that entered my mind was similar to the Jesus story “ when one man was teaching, value thinking and creative thinking is the key to survival”, Jesus was telling the people they can use the Power within themselves, to overcome the value destroyers and the creative cheaters.
After I have been discovering Neothink, I have been able to teach myself how to use the computer, simply with my visions that come to me from within my deep desired thoughts. I wake up each day with a smile and feeling good, because I am now able to communicate with the growing number of like-minded individuals, that have attained the same valuable information contained inside the manuscripts.
Mark Hamilton has built a place called the Neothink Society, where all truly honest people share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas and help each other make them come real. With the help from Mark Hamilton, clubhouses are developing in every state and expanding to be in every community.
Within the Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions party has developed, this system is in place to overcome all the dishonesty, corruption, and cheating. As we all struggle to keep up with all the constant price increases on everything around us because the current thought process is to make things as cheap as possible and sell it for as much as possible, keep adding ridiculous tax increases on everything, only to put unearned money into the dishonest people’s pockets. Take ,take, take who cares about how many people suffer and try to survive. We are falsely to believe, that this is the way of life. When in fact we know deep in our hearts things have to change.
We all know this has been going on for a long time and getting worse.
During these very hard trying economic times, we are constantly searching for trust and honesty. I want a better life for my family & friends, how about you? Honesty will always prevail, now is the time to stand up and bring a better world into a better future. I encourage you to discover Neothink, The Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law. Honest people united together, come join us and change your life into the world we are meant to live!
With True Honesty and Happiness,
Dale L


A day does not go by without giving thanks to Mark Hamilton for finding me and exposing the unticivilation of the world in which I was a part, as well. Through his Neothink literature I learn to integrate my thinking and now I can evaluate isolated political events and find the common denominator which is suppression of individual rights to name just one common denominator. Now I know that only a political system which puts human rights above all else is a system for everyone, and The Twelve Visions Party is such a system with it’s Prime Law. Also, through Mark Hamilton’s literature I learn to stand on solid ground, knowing without a doubt that I am responsible for whatever shows up in my life, that is priceless. Life looks much brighter, optimistic and above all wonderful because I’m in a group of like minded individuals who wish to bring the Twelve Visions World on earth. Everything is possible when a determine group comes together in a single thought, and I know it’s possible. Many Thanks To Mark Hamilton for his Courage and Clirity of Vision.
Paola A


Hi Mark,
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how appreciative I was of your mentoring. Thank you so much for my awakening.
Your illustrations in the Miss Annabelle story of the twelve visions provides a big picture view of how each of us collectively can build a better tomorrow. The Twelve Visions World working in tandem with the Twelve Visions Party is the goal of harmonization of all individuals. The process to actualize this goal is to dynamically change the political system within the 52 states with like minded individuals in office who believe in the prime law. How we will get there is by spreading the word of your visions to many individuals. They will then know they have the power to make changes for the betterment of all and not the select few. They will consciously break through the illusions and away from them once and for all. When that happens they will want and believe for a better tomorrow.
I know I don’t have to tell you that because I learned it from you. I can’t tell you how happy I am that the society has grown since I was an apprentice. And your skyway, amazing! If I can help out in any way, you know how to get a hold of me.
Once again Thanks!
In Love and Peace



When I first learned about Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party, I learned that the only purpose for government is to protect its American citizens from violence, initiatory force, and fraud. The Prime Law shows us how our government is like a business, and as such will be run like a business – producing values for the people and increasing our means of living. As a business owner, a father, and a friend to many like-minded individuals, I discovered the value of making myself a better person every day. Through choices I make and accepting responsibility, I value using my mind, or Neothinking, how to be a self-leader, and also being a part of something our children will look back on and be grateful for what Mark Hamilton is doing and this priceless information. The best part is anyone, regardless of their situation, can benefit by getting the literature and reading it for themselves. Then everyone, including the poor and the elderly, can discover for themselves how life will be with the success of the Twelve Visions Party!

Adam H.
New York


To: Mark. 

I have much love for you and I absolutely love all of your literature and feel it is very precious and dear to me.  By reading and integrating the Neothink literature my life has become a wondrous journey.  Being in the society for a while, I have seen the changes within me and the way others see me evolve.  The journey starts with the individual and grows from there.  I am now with a group of like minded individuals and it feels good to share my thoughts and feeling with others.  I feel great satisfaction helping others find there Friday Night Essence, or just visiting with them.  I help others see through illusions in there lives and this makes them/me feel better, they are then able to catch a second wind.  In this second wind, myself and others, pay no need to the anticivilization and all the no starters.  Within the Neothink society I find comfort because others are like me.  If I have a problem someone else more than likely is dealing with the same issue, or may be I can contribute through my own experience.  It is wonderful.

The growing Twelve Visions Party IS the future.  Today we have such dishonest and cheating politicians it makes me sad, they lie right on TV and think the average person doesn’t know it.  As a nation we need the refreshing honesty of the Twelve Visions Party.  It’s time we make all the people rich including the poor.  Health, wealth and romance everyone needs and wants this, but from an honest and good way.  Not the cheating and lying and tax you to death.

Mark Hamilton and his literature enable a person to see through illusions and let go of chains that bind an individual to failure and frustration.  Through meeting like minded indivduals one is able to share and grow. Through this growth, one learns about Neothink and how the little pieces of his life snap together to make a little puzzle piece This is when life becomes amazing and full of surprises.

The Twelve Visions Party, puts all the pieces together, eliminating illusions, being fair and just to all, and enabling each individual to create in their life lasting happiness.

Joel E


When I first learned about Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party, I learned that the only purpose for government is to protect its American citizens from violence, initiatory force, and fraud. The Prime Law shows us how our government is like a business, and as such will be run like a business – producing values for the people and increasing our means of living. As a business owner, a father, and a friend to many like-minded individuals, I discovered the value of making myself a better person every day. Through choices I make and accepting responsibility, I value using my mind, or Neothinking, how to be a self-leader, and also being a part of something our children will look back on and be grateful for what Mark Hamilton is doing and this priceless information. The best part is anyone, regardless of their situation, can benefit by getting the literature and reading it for themselves. Then everyone, including the poor and the elderly, can discover for themselves how life will be with the success of the Twelve Visions Party!

Adam H.
New York


I cannot explain how much the Neothinksociety has organized my business and my life. Before receiving the secrets that i now know, i was very unorganized and just another sheep in society. Now that i have the knowledge from NEOTHINK i am on my way to living a very SUCCESFULL LIFE.

Wake Up America!

About five years ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton, little did I know that my life was about to be changed from a life of stagnation to an exhilarating life of creation. At that time in my life I spent most of my time playing video games. I responded to the letter, Mark Hamilton sent to me and I ordered a book from him. When that first book arrived it was too big to fit into my mailbox so I had to go to the post office to pick it up. Except, to learn something specific I hadn’t read a book in 20 years, so as you can imagine when I saw this first book with over 1000 pages I was quite intimidated. I haven’t played a video game in over three years, because I don’t have time to waste in a life of stagnation.

I started reading and my life started changing for the better. I found myself so interested in this first book that I was reading 10 hours a day, instead of getting up in the morning and playing video games I was immersing myself in this prime literature I received from Mark Hamilton. I ended up ordering two more books, and both of them were very large. Inside the pages of these manuscripts I found that I had a desire to learn. I have continued to read and study every day to increase my knowledge and understanding so that I can make a difference in this anti-civilization society in which we live.

Because of Mark Hamilton I joined the Neothink® Society three years ago. Since joining I have met people from all over the United States, and Canada. The friendships I have made in the past three years are lifelong friendships filled with fully integrated honesty and love! Inside the Neothink® Society is a group of like-minded individuals who realize something just isn’t quite right with the way our government is running this country and we are working to correct the injustices and illusions that are being put over on the American people.

While reading the third manuscript, I became interested in the current political structure in this country. I no longer went along with the status quo; I began seeing the destructive nature of career politicians. I began understanding the need within myself, to help with restructuring, what is right now a corrupt government system in this country and bringing to it a fully integrated and honest system of government. With the Prime Law (see the Twelve Visions Party® national platform on the website) as an amendment to the United States Constitution will end an era of corrupt Career politicians and bring a New Beginning to the political arena filled with Honest Businessmen and Women.

We had our first Twelve Visions Party® National Convention on July 18, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. I was quite honored to have been the first speaker and the last speaker of the day at this historic event. I recite the Prime Law each and every day, the Prime Law is in my mind and in my heart; it has become an integral part of who I am. From this one Prime Law which is the foundation of the Twelve Visions Party® and as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution will bring universal wealth, health and peace which has never before been known on this planet. Thank you, Mark Hamilton for inspiring me to become a Value Creator.

We have had over 200 years of career politicians, breaking down the United States Constitution and now our current government is attempting to bring socialism to this country. It is time for us, “We the People” to stand up and let our voices be heard. We can no longer stand by and let a government filled with career politicians, whose personal agendas are destroying the U.S. Constitution and taking away our freedom, which the founding fathers of this country fought and died to Create.

The media in this country is controlled by a parasitical elite class that wants to keep the American people, ignorant so they can be easily controlled. If you are among those who believe the propaganda the parasitical elite class (the media) wants you to believe, then you need to start studying Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature so that your eyes will be opened to what is really happening with the current political system in this country!

The Twelve Visions Party® with its Prime Law, written by Mark Hamilton is the only chance this country has to recover from the degradation that 200+ years of career politicians has brought to this country. Wake Up America and see through to what really is! Never before have we had this chance; let’s restore the U.S. Constitution to what it was in the beginning of this country, and with the Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution we will ensure that never again will a corrupt government be allowed to take away our rights, our freedom!

Wake up America, before it’s too late!

Thank you again Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes, and bringing me into a life of Value Creation.

Kenneth T