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Our founder, friend and mentor Mark Hamilton has the vision that will bring this country and the world a new beginning with peace and prosperity for everyone. We are bringing forth these ideals through the Twelve Visions Party now and for many years to come, with the Prime Law and a protection only style of government, that will return our country to a true Republic as designed by our forefathers.
Please know at this point in time in my life, I have made a great change in the way I think and act, from a few years ago. I attribute these good changes to the writings and mentoring of Mr. Mark Hamilton and of course to the wonderful friendships I have made in the Neo-Think Society with all of the like minded people, that have also been inspired and mentored by Mr. Hamilton.
As a true Neothink person, the primary function is to remove all bonds of external authority and rely on myself to make judgments and actions to guide my progress through this life in accordance with the Prime Law, by the way this is called Self Leadership. We must always be honest with ourselves and others to be free from the need to seek approval from any perceived authority.
Here is an example of what can happen to us when we use the good business information Mr. Hamilton has given us in his mentoring and writings. I have used “self capture” to secure my financial future and that of my family, by getting involved, with my Neothink friends in our LLC, in a large project that will bring prosperity to us and the community, of course this is only the beginning as we will progress through “company capture” and “world capture” to go international as well. Note: the how to is in the literature by Mark Hamilton.
I can only assure you that what Mr. Hamilton has given us, indeed will change our beautiful country and the world to bring peace, wealth and health to all the people everywhere!
Peace and Love to you and yours,
W.T. Singer “Bill”


My name is Kjelene and I am friend, advocate and supporter of Author, Visionary and Founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s literature for over five years now. His books have become reference materials for all aspects of my business and personal life. He is a visionary that shares his secrets to success with those that just ask. Mark Hamilton has developed a new culture of like-minded people who have read his work and are now experiencing their own success and personal fulfillment in life and they are now helping others.

In my own business, I’ve always reached out to my clients for testimonials of my work and they have gladly offered them to me. This is why I must give you my testimonial of my involvement working with Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society


I hear most people talk about their life in America; and how they want their life to get easier and be more rewarding. I listen and think I am happy to be in NEOTHINK. Neothink and all the like minded people has helped me grow, and have a rewarding life.
I know my passion in life, and see other people find their passion in life also, but we can not attain our true passion and develop it in the society we are in now. With Neothink, and Mark Hamilton-America, we all will be able to develop our passions, have great health, joy, love, money, see and feel all the bounty of our lives develop before our open eyes.
Margaret Levine


Dear Mark Hamilton:

The Neothink Society has been a life changing experience for me and my family in a positive way. Our way of thinking has been enhanced to see a clearer picture of where we want to go instead of where we were headed. Without Neothink and the associated people and prospects that we have been exposed to, the outlook we had did not look very promising. We have found many positive and similar thinking people through this life changing adventure. This is what this Country needs right now, millions of positive, like minded people. If people have not found out by now that the Government does not have their best interests in mind, then I do not know what will wake them up. Maybe reading messages like this one they will see that there are many people out there that have found a better way to deal with life’s issues and challenges. People need the support and encouragement of their fellow man to help achieve happiness and success, and that is what can be found in the Neothink Society. Instead of people trying to hold other people back or hold them down in a mind set of non-achievement.

Like you said in previous correspondences, the media will try to discredit Neothink and that is unfortunate. People should not make up their minds about something without actually checking into it for themselves. I believe most people would prefer to see something for themselves than just follow the lead of a media that is driven to slant the real truth just to make headlines. The public is starting to wake up as to what is really going on in this country and the world as a whole. I just hope enough people will become interested in finding the truth to a better way of living through an organization and people like that in Neothink. Being involved in Neothink has introduced me to people and opportunities that would not have been possible without it. I truly see that there is a better way. Life is not without it’s challenges and there is no free ride. We must all pull together in a common cause and help each other to achieve Health, Wealth, Peace, and Happiness. Thank you for continuing on with your father’s work to to educate people that there is a way to make life a happy, loving, and adventurous experience. All they have to do is open up and allow a new positive way of thinking to enter into their lives, which can be found in the Neothink Society.

Hopefully this letter will let a few people open up and see that any negative press you and Neothink will receive is not true.

I hope all is well with you and your family through the Holiday season.
Kevin T
New York




Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have completely changed my life. For years I’ve had a passion for making music. I’ve also been aware of the corrupt and political restraints on the commercial music industry. Due to this, I’ve never delved into making music my livelihood. Music is simply too sacred to me to defile it by playing by the establishment’s political rules.

Mainstream music today is filled with many “watered down”, over produced, talent lacking corporate stoolpigeons in my opinion. With true independent artists unable to access the market place without signing their soul away on a contract with a major label, the fans/consumers are truly missing out on the best music available. Thank goodness through the internet and other means, the corporate power brokers are loosing their stranglehold on the industry and the free market is shining through more and more.

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have clearly outline how this evolution of the art industry is and will take form. Through the power of Neothink, I’m able to see what the future holds and capitalize on it today. After reading Mark Hamilton’s works and becoming involved with the Neothink Society, my creative ability has skyrocketed…Not to mention my productivity, intelligence and network of other like minded people.

My mission to depoliticize and free up the music industry has taken amazing new turns since getting involved. The artists/musicians I’m working with completely blow my mind. The creative synergy and affinity amongst us is unmatched! Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating a wonderful home for me to grow and blossom into the person I was meant to be…Free of the debilitating restrictions of dishonesty and illusions. Thank You!!

Jeff Smith



Dear Mark Hamilton,
Your Neothink Society and your Twelve Visions Party mean the world to me. Thank you for creating these two wonderful entities.

I know the Twelve Visions Party will change this country to the perfect republic. I can’t wait until the day comes when I can walk into the voting booth and cast my vote for a TVP candidate. Many wonderful changes are in store for the world with TVP and the Prime Law.

And the Neothink Society is becoming more and more a part of my life. Thank you for creating this playground and social network for like-minded people like me. I have found so many wonderful life long friends and associates in it. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and continue to do!

Jeff Smith


Thank you Mark Hamilton!

          Thank you Mark Hamilton! Your Heirloom books have been of tremendous benefit to me. They have enlightened me in a myriad of beneficial ways. I am now able to recognize those who truly have my best interests at heart. The information in your literature has helped me to be able to “connect the dots” regarding so many of the basic questions I have always had about our purpose of life here on earth. As a result of my exposure to your writings, I am now a more positive person, with a renewed focus on enjoying life while looking forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.

          I really enjoy my association with the like minded people I have discovered as a member of your Neothink Society. I feel the other Neothink Society members I have met are good people. I believe their main purpose is to contribute to making this a better country and world, with happiness for all people their ultimate goal. I always leave our meetings feeling uplifted and better off because of the interchange of thoughts and ideas intended to make our lives better.

          I am looking forward to the growth and expansion of the Twelve Visions political Party. We have gotten away from the ideals of our “Founding Fathers” who created the near perfect United States Constitution. The current state of affairs is evidence that it is time to get back to the “Founding Fathers” wonderful plan and guide. Of the existing political parties, I believe only the Twelve Vision Party has the spirit and substance that will get this nation back on track so “We the People” can live the lives we were meant to live!

Thank you,

~ Bruce A.


I am writing this email to you after listening to one of the many conference calls. I’m sharing how much they’ve encouraged me to keep believing in me and the knowledge I’m gaining has improved my life immensely and will continue to improve the rest of my life for the better. I simply do my best to apply the concepts that Mark Hamilton shares with like-minded people who want to improve our society for all people.

As I heard a member,  Diane sharing her five F.N.E’s discoveries, my eye’s welted up with big tears and I’m still trying to hold my tears back because I don’t want my parents to see me cry, cause they won’t understand at this time, that my tears are really tears of joy and acceptance that upon hearing Diane’s testimony it’s touched my core essence on a deep level.

It’s amazing to me how Diane’s F.N.E.’s are similar to my current lifestyle…

I’m now my parents legal care-giver, gardening is a therapeutic activity for me, I enjoy being of service for my family and for other’s. I love learning; especially learning scientific information. I truly enjoy quiet time so that I can read and meditate on what I’m reading. I love animals and all of Mother Nature and I love tennis too!!! :-) .

I believe now that I feel this acceptance of my new way of thinking and feeling for life is solely because of the information that Mark Hamilton has graciously provided for me to read. I can now believe and vision my financial situation definitely improving!
Oh my gosh! I’ve had multiple F.N.E.’s all this time! I’m so happy to have heard Diane’s journey to her F.N.E.’s and most of all sharing that acceptance of herself.

I feel the tears in my eyes, were heart felt acceptance, of accepting me for me.

This knowingness that I’m in my F.N.E.’s and have been for awhile now is truly an awakening for me!

Tonight’s call was a miracle for me to hear, cause I feel like a big heavy weight of dissatisfaction with myself has lifted, I feel so happy inside I just want to close my eyes and soak all of this truth in!!! :-)

I’m so very grateful for all you, the Neothink Society in my life…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)


Belinda Campos 

Pasadena, CA.