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This should not happen to this Society. The great values I have learned more and the help it gave me to open my eyes and heart up more will not be forgotten and I will always use in my daily life of my life. Why would anyone want to take away the greatest opportunity for all of us and I mean all of us in this world to be finally free, wealthy, healthy and be able to live forever. That would be a very big mistake. This society shows you for yourself that this world gives you this chance to grab this opportunity with both hands and not thing twice about it. The literature and Neothink Society has open my heart even more and show me the true value of life for myself which this world has taught me i have the right to have in my life if it benefits me greatly for a the best life that i can possible have and it says to go for it. So why fuse about it or talk bad about it. Its great for all of us not just for many but for all of us. We the people have tried all kinds of things to help us live better because we all deserve it so lets all try this way and give all we got to really make this world a better place for all of us finally. I mean this with all my heart, spirit and soul. Just think to really life as equal and no one better than the next person. We all can do what we want that is good buy anything we want go any place we want be happy and live forever . Man I would love for this opportunity to be offer to me. The reason why I would go for it is because I tried it all the other ways that system has offer to me and I have not be able to be what I was meant to be and I deserve it no matter what. It is long over due for me and anyone else who feels they deserve a better life than they have now and deserve also to be what they were meant to be which is to have there life living at its full potential with all the greatest things this world has to offer. This world has so much to offer too all of us in which we all would be so happy to have lived experienced it and cherish for our whole life. Tell me the truth would you the people grab this opportunity if it was offer to you. I am not saying the perfect life but a life in which you deserve to have. Which you will not have no stress over money, love, happiness and never miss out on nothing extremely good for your mind body heart and soul. So I tell you this if you stop this you will regret your life dearly and I am being very honest with you when I express this. This Society is here only for the benefit of all of us and does have so much to share with us which will change all our lives if you give it a chance to. This world is deep trouble and we the people need to do something now that will fix all our problems for forever not just for a little bit. Please take this testimonial very serious this is no joke I am being very fair minded and I am not choosing sides I am just seeing for WHAT IS and grabbing and holding to what really will work and work for a long time not just a little bit and it is the Neothink Society Group. If you would like to talk to be me more Henry Hobson III feel free to let me know it would be my pleasure to do this for you all. You then can see in my eyes and hear it in my voice that I am meaning everything I express with the upmost sincere truth. Have forever great days in your life forever.
Henry L. H


Dear Mark Hamilton, although we have not yet met in person, the impact your, the Neothink Society, and the growing TVP have made on my life has been profound. In attending the New Jersey convention in March 2010, I caught a glimpse of what it felt like to have the lens of my glasses cleaned for very first time. I caught a glimpse not only of love, but of love in its purest form, as it is born out of rational thought and out of self awareness, and awareness of the world around us, the state it is in, and why.
I feel so much gratitude for each and every letter I receive from either you or your movement, and will continue to strive, to best of my ability, to contribute towards the world you are creating, by pursuing my essences within at least two of these three realms, and continue receive bountiful moments of pure love and happiness, as a result of the wisdom you have imparted and continue to impart.
May you live forever, Mark Hamilton.
With love and sincerity,


Mark Hamilton’s windows media videos on publicly announced websites, and I’ve only watched 2 videos of him, have given me the confidence to predict the lottery to fund my own company, I actually believe I can do this thru his teachings and whenever I feel down in this ever world that surrounds us, I read his books and I feel right on track back again, there is something different about those books, including the materials on the website, and all I’m trying is, to well better take care of myself, to survive to live a better life because the one I have is not good is bad, I have nothing if my father dies, in fact I’ll have less from all angles, so I must, pursue what’s on this teachings to advance my own self and pursue a literally giant skyscraper which I always wanted, plus right now I’m writing all the video games that SCEA ever publish to gather all the video game makers to understand the history of all failed companies and how there all clinged to the demands, investors, stock owners, rules of any kind. But most importantly how there power of titles they possess doesn’t reflect the real world reality that they advertise, so I want to actually make it a reality. I believe that If I let my ego go all out, and removing the jealously barrier and just concentrating on the death factor that I might die and know of anything else soon afterwards, from someone that is poor and hasn’t experience much and with his natural good looks deteriorating and his body never fully grown due to malnutrition, I have decided to use my ego to the max to pursue the death factor of not believe anything can happen to me, as long as I believe, I will die. I think what it means to live life means to live forever, and that means to work to produce such a result, to use such force you have to want the edge to win it and make it happen to take your life and survive until the end, and then you can say you lived forever. I guess we all make our mistakes, but if we take accountability for our own problems we’ll pay back the earth a better pay, and will have ourselves a better life that we all want right now in all angles that affect us. I see a lot of Mark Hamilton’s work in the Fanta soda commercials but I myself as a business/marketing; journalist, type of mind speaker, I think it can also be viewed more clearly and at a faster rate over the internet in all business transactions, things are going faster and faster, but I think if we think more and focus on all angles we’ll cover more terrain than if, at the rate that were travelling , and we’ll have clear thoughts compared to the fast route to riches without any thought; of unsureness. I’m not sure, but I know happiness is the most valuable thing on earth.


Dear Mark Hamilton, My brother and I ponder your idea of coming out with an Ad in the Newspaper.
Follow your Vision, like in the Miss Anabelle Story. Let 1 or 559 people circulate in society for a year, such as David did. Preaching like David Did. You are much to valuable a player to be crushed by those negatives in the anti-civilization.
The MLM idea was the same. Good job in not going that route!
I am a Mother raising her son, Christa Walter, level 9 apprentice. I have the utmost respect for your Visions, they must live forever and take hold in this era. That will not happen if you do a head-on with the anti-civilization Man. As a Native of Kansas we are completely into your ideas and strive to be entrepreneurial in all our endeavors. With Respect. Ms. W


I could not have asked, for a better person to be part of my life. His book has changed my life completely, I was on the urge of giving up on everything, I have ever worked for, I had lost, my kid’s I was living from house to house, trying to stay on top of things, I did not have a job. I just wanted to end it all, I did not have no family nor friends, I had know where to turn. He told me to find your Friday night essence, to be the person that I was meant to be, find what would make you happy in life, which would be your down stream focus in life. Now I wake up every day happy and excited about life, wanting to get out and do good things for people. It’s like I want to live forever. Every day it just get’s better and better. Thank you for every thing you have done for me. With love Michelle A.


I would like to thank Mark Hamilton for allowing me to purchase the literature from his company. This literature is the best information I have ever read. The information contained in his literature has enriched and enhanced my life tremendously. It has moved me on a path that I feel is wonderful and exciting. The literature opened my eyes to a lot situations and confirmed what I felt about a lot things. I feel Mark Hamilton is an outstanding individual with a high level of integrity and integrated thought processes of a Genius. Mark Hamilton’s literature provides information that I can use in many aspects of my life. What can be wrong with information that is fact and scientifically based. Doing things with love and honesty allowing yourself to be a free thinker become a self leader. I love the direction of my life and the choices I am making that allows me to move forward and achieve whatever I want. The literature has helped me to do that and to not be led by outside forces that never has my best interest in their agenda. Thanks, Mark Hamilton I hope you live forever


My journey which l Traveled on. Which l experienced through the Knowledge of all the books live read. READ TWICE. Live experiences euphoria with the levels and the tools. And technique. It’s been an incredible thrill along the way. When l read book by book. it has been amazingly experiences of your knowledge mark. Which l gained through to taking the first steps on the first letter? L would not have had this amazing and incredible EUPHORIA. And every think. Through your Knowlege.This as change my live forever.

T.V.P and the NEOTHINK AND THE POLITICAL PARTY also plays a BIG role in all of our future.AND the literature with my FAMILY.Is the way forward to become the person I was meant to be. THANKYOU MARK HAMILTON.Ive just PASS my DEAR MOTHER. your last book. BOOK of MISS ANNE BELL for my mother to read.  By the way. My mother is going on 90years old. YES I’m the person I was meant to be NOW THROUGH literature and the TOOLS. Through NEOTHINK. THINKING I got five new PRODUCTS. AND I hope to START my own BUSINESS.


I with to thank you for your teachings, which have been responsible for bringing me forward into the light.

As we grow up we all become trapped into a false life showered upon us of fear, guilt, lies and deception.

What a great feeling to shed all these negative burdens and live the life we were meant to live.

Thank you mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart.

Imagine if we could all learn to live this life full of pure love and integrated honesty, what a world it would become.

We would all surely wish to live forever.

Mark Hamilton, may you continue your great work.

Kindest wishes

Max O



As I continue to walk this Neothinking journey I have grown beyond my wildest hopes in living . Much have I changed , ways have I stopped from controling me as a puppet , dreams can I now live forever without a worry or concern . Mark Hamilton showed me the path to objective reality ; not even my own flesh and blood could clearly know let alone teach me as he has in the honesty way to live .

Thank you Mark for everything I have now in knowledge . Sylvia




Mark Hamilton’s literature dramatic change are in my life and empowered me to live the life of my dreams no longer waste valuable time in prayers or other superstitions. I devote all my energy reading all the books that I have it makes me feel better specially when I’m so dispperate and if I’m not feeling good I feel this the  only medicine I know that could solve everything and also devote all my energy toward rational and beneficial conclusion. Discovering harmony with the world around you with the universe and with yourself that everyone’s
life long search for something more come in completion for I found it, through your rare knowledge for everything Mark Hamilton! You are so genius you are not just saving yourself and your family but throughout mankind. I admire you so much Mark Hamilton hoping everyone work together same as the twelve immortal’s, to achieve the super-puzzle. The Neothink society the twelve vision party their aim’s first depoliticize America
to free all the geniuses and set free medicine, science, and businesses. Neothink geniuses will rise and take  care of all our needs making everyone very wealthy, very healthy as medical technologies soar and will eradicate diseases while free to prosperous society. Boring routine jobs of labor get replace with exciting creative jobs of the mind resulting deep individual happiness from creative not stagnant lives which will love rekindle permanent feelings of romantic love and exciting family love, finally the new Neothink puzzle building mentality will spread to everyone creating futures full of extraordinary values happiness and love then you’ll feel to live forever for the super-puzzle!”Biological immortality”!!! Thanks again Mark Hamilton for being in to this society!!! luisa p