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The writing of Mark Hamilton has not only given me the impetus to turn my dwindling life around, but, has provided me the insight and knowledge to set my heart, mind, and soul on a path to ultimate happiness, prosperity, and longevity! I am, and will be, eternally grateful for the wisdom attained from this remarkable man.

The years I wasted in futile fear and consternation around my own woefully inadequate self image, have been replaced with a new confidence and joy in my own depth of vision. I have found the determination to reach for and fulfill my own vision for my life, and those around me. What small wisdom I


I have been learning the thousand year old hidden secrets to wealth, love, power, creativity, happiness, health an longevity from the saintly teaching and honest leadership of Mark Hamilton for the last three years. I eagerly look forward to a longer life, enjoying sharing increased wealth, power, exhilarating, creativity, happiness, and good health under Mr. Hamilton’s magnanimous leadership together with my fellow Americans including all us presently poor.