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dear Mark,
I’m very grateful to join such society i was lost all my life don’t really know my purpose, why am i here on this planet until i met you Mark. You really put things in prospective i want to thank you for everything you have done for me, right now I’m studying for my test on Massage therapy next month after i pass my test I’m going to focus all my energy on becoming the man i was meant to be. i want to thank you again for everything.


I want to thank Mark for sending me his book’s. If it wasn’t for his book’s, I would have giving up on every thing I have ever worked for, I was at the lowest point in my life I had lost my kid’s, I had know where to go,living from house to house, not knowing where my next meal would be,I had know family nor freinds,I was at the end of my rope.wanting to end everything, He had told me to find my friday night essence,the person I was meant to be, What would make me happy in life,and to go for it.Now I am able to enjoy life once again, I feel happy and alive.
LOving life every day.Wanting to live for ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your the best thing that has ever happened to me. Michelle A


     I cannot even begin to tell you how my life has changed, since my first letter from you and the society.
     One year ago this Christmas I was ready to give up on life so much mysticism, 
Neo-cheaters in my life I had no room to breathe anymore.
     For four years I’ve been living with this heavy heart, I gave up believing in people 
in a whole, church wasn’t the answer for me.
     I was a truck driver and four years ago years ago I lost my mother and my job, 
because of the need to come home.  My company fired me for coming out of route 
when she died, I hadn’t put things together until that letter i spoke of from you and 
the society.
     Your literature and the Neothink Society has brought me back with this large heart.  I’m so 
thankful for getting this new chance at life, I’m living proof of my child of the past 
will catch the child of my future.
     Knowing that we have a Twelve Vision Party and what they are doing is the best 
thing that has happen to me since my FNE and the best is yet to come.
     Please keep your literature and the Twelve Visions Party going.
                              A Neothink sister,
                              Lavonne B


Hi, My name is Christopher Chamberlain and I want everyone to know the value of NEOTHINK. NEOTHINK is a new way of thinking, with your entire mind. It is believing in yourself and not something false. Since I have been a part of NEOTHINK I have altered my ways and have begun to change the course of my life. Before NEOTHINK I was lost and confused and had no idea what my true potential in life was. If you get rid of NEOTHINK you won’t be able to find that sense of anything anywhere. I am now on my way to achieving my dreams in life. I am in school and getting a 4.0 and you know what I’m actually happy again. Thank you NEOTHINK for showing me the light when it was gone and nowhere to be found.


Mark Hamilton
  You are the source of hope and truth for all those ones like me that are lost in their reality.

You brought me back to the life I lost many years ago, when I lost all my dreams and enthusiasm. I became like a zombie, without dreams and expectations for my future.

      Then one day when I pick up the mail, I had this invitation from you to join the Neothink Society. I started reading and soon I started to gain the hope it was missing from my heart.   

      Soon after, I order the first package. I was desperate to have it in my hands and soon the reading was on. Going through it page by page my enthusiasm was growing and growing.

Then reading the second package about miss Annabelle`s Secrets I fell that I can dream again.

      It was like flying through the Universe and connect to the source and born again.

Thanks for saving my life

Wilson Perez 


Dear Mark,

HI  I know we have not meet in person but I have talk to a few other if not for you and Neothink I would not be here right knows the battle of my  health and mind were at great stake till neo think pop in to my life most of all the health issues are under control with out the med s mind over matter I can heal and the survival of my kids as well people need Neothink / Also I have gone from being in a finical hole to now having thing straight and by the end of the year should be debit free as well have to fix me to move for ward the iron grip move in November stated to work 12 hour out of the month for my self on top of working a regular job of 40 hour s I have refinance my house so that I keep it I  have lost 40 pound there a lot more but I will keep moving for ward , Neothink is needed in many ways if people can just see the good of it all these are some of the thing with in the last 10 month that I have done , you have my support mark , I came from all  most losing what I had to stable now , much love Michelle



I am extremely proud to be a member of the Neothink Society & knowing Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton & his literature has helped me see & build a future not just  for me, my children, their children, & future generations. Also for this country.

I firmly believe Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, & the Twelve Visions Party will bring amazing values to this country, Which this country has seemed to have lost & forgotten.

If you silence Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, & the Twelve Visions Party, you will have silenced any hope for this country. Let’s face it this country is going down the tubes fast. Our only hope is for Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society & the Twelve Visions Party to continue their work.

Could you live with yourselves knowing that you not only silenced but also destroyed everyone’s future? I thought not! Maybe someday in the future, you will be glad you didn’t. And thank Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society members, & the Twelve Visions Party.