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I am a member of the Neothink Society, have been for a couple of years, since I joined I have developed a whole new attitude toward life in general, politics of our Country, causes and effect of certain elements with in our civilization and the future of Mankind, all from my mentor Mark Hamilton and other members 0f the Neothink Society. The Goals of the Society are to have Health, Wealth, Love and Peace for all Mankind.

Those are worthy goals for any segment of our Civilization and I am proud to be a part of


Hi Mark Hamilton,
I am writing in regards to our situation that is currently in the media. Mark Hamilton has brought support and good will to many people around the globe. Mr. Hamilton is a man of good deeds and will help in time of crisis.
His writings and conference meetings has brought understanding and freewill to many dis-in-hearted people that needed to find a path of love, and peace. I support Mark Hamilton and want to continue with his team now and forever.
Love to Mr. Mark Hamilton and all of his work.
Peace & Goodwill,
Lady Sampson