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Hello everybody .
My name’s Issa
I’m here to leave my testimonial .
I have been holding this for almost 10 months ,thinking that tomorrow I’ll gain deferent knowledge and integration and so on, the fact is true every day I’ll gain a new knowledge and integration , but that will never stop it’s on going integration.
I’m here to share with you and everybody out there to share the feeling of happiness and exhilaration to life I have gained since I got exposed to the heirlooms and the society, I really started to enjoy life more than before and every act I do, I started playing making my living, truly words are not enough to describe what I’m going thru from happiness , peace of mind, finding my true me (the child of the past) and really really healthier knowing where I’m at and knowing where I’m / we’re going, knowing that we’re moving thru to a life where we can but we will be hundreds but thousands of times happier and wealthier and healthier than what we’re right now.
It all starts with finding your self and who you are and who you meant to be , finding the child of the past ,start feeling Love to life and to everybody who’s a life, to be and have all of this will be gained by being with this society and become knowledgeable with the heirlooms.
I can say this, I really feel lucky to be among this society, in the other hand I feel that I did make my luck by allowing my self to except Mark’s invitation and being involve with the society therefore I’m creating my future luck, wouldn’t you want to feel and make your luck.
I did my self a favor and did you a favor, because I’m in a stage where I love you whoever you are and want you to experience and live the life you deserve , and you will be the same when you become knowledgeable with the society and the heirlooms.
the last think to say and should be the first is that Mark you’re the father of all of us even thou you’re younger than most of us, but a father in a since of finding this movement and looking after us, We Love you and will always be.
thank you Mark
and thank you all for reading ,,, I know that I’ll see around.
Love to all


to Mark Hamilton am happy to talk about multigenerational manuscripts and twelve vision party what mean to my life and my family what MARK HAMILTON learn me love the life. create the value live smart health .safe rich take responsibility for my own life and deeply appreciated life and all this mean self leader.
i discover the illusion of ruling class of lazy ,dishonest ruler and leader. What Mark Hamilton means to me he open my mind i am lucky to meet this man and more glad he became my mentor, he earned my eternal respect.
Y. K


I would like to express my gratitude and amazement with Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP
Out of no where during years of the most desperate financial and loneliest time of my life, I received a Orientation Booklet from Neothink after receiving a letter asking me if I would like to receive the booklet. At first I thought it was bologna, but I noticed the letter interested me so I asked for the booklet.
When I received the Orientation Booklet, I feel then, was when my life changed(this was a little less than four years ago). I couldn’t put it down. I read it and felt myself thinking, what if all this is true, wow, that’s the life I want to live. The booklet told me of things like, becoming wealthy, being more attractive to have a romantic love life, and many other things that I prayed for.
At this time, or prior actually, I spent years of not being able to pay my bills because of playing catch-up from a nasty break-up with an ex-girlfriend. Which led to long periods of loneliness because I never had the bucks to take a lady out or anything. Also at this time, I was a Born-again Christian I was kinda backsliding as they say, but I still believed in Christ as my personal Savior. During this time I studied the bible, and other supplemental books using the bible, and prayed, and prayed, and begged, and pleaded with god to answer me or help me. Nothing. I went to churches, talked to other believers, everything I could think of and, Nothing.
After I had the booklet a few days, and studied every word in it, I thought and thought, and saw that it was worth trying. So I scraped up the money to purchase the first heirloom pkg. It was the thickest book I ever had, but I studied it like a mad-man. Hours and hours everyday. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. I couldn’t wait to get back to that book to learn everything I could. As I’m looking back on it now, I was very happy. I was happy and I was exerting myself in reading and studying like never before. I read that heirloom thru twice. I started applying things I learned and it was incredible at what I could do. Without even realizing it, I was becoming intelligent, clear thinking, and focused. I couldn’t wait to get the second heirloom pkg. As soon as I got it, same thing, I studied and studied, and I was so happy. I learned even more tools and more ways to enhance the tools I learned prior. Plus, I learned how to be myself with great pride and fulfillment. I wasn’t such a looser. Then, when I received the third pkg, well, I knew then, I will never ever go back to the stagnant life I was living before. It was amazing. I will not speak of the things within them, because that is for anyone to find out for themselves. I will say, the pure honesty and firm but gentle control within all those pages are so much more worth the nominal fee(note: at the time I was broke and barely came up with the money, not because it cost a lot, but because I was broke) for the books or the effort it takes to study them. But I did it, and anyone else can too. You can actually make your dreams come true.


Neothink transformed my life. It changed me. It gave me the power to think for myself, see what I am creating, and how to take control of that picture for a phenomenal outcome. It reassured me of my essence, my love for my work in life and has brought many good opportunities, people, circumstances and happenings that never could have been predicted.


First there is Mark Hamilton the writer, he writes books about how to improve your job performance, your health, your love life, financial status, your place in the universe your business, I have read every one of them more than once. and will probably read some of them again. The information in his literature is invaluable, in no other

literature can you find an easy explanation of facts that


Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Neothink Society, has changed my life. My life has become better and better, each and every day because of them. Every aspect of my life, from my professional life, my love life, my living situation, have all changed dramatically for the better since I started reading the Neothink Literature over a year and a half ago. Reading this literature was the best decision I have made in my life.
The success of the Twelve Visions Party means everything to me. It literally means more happiness, success, love, and wealth for everyone on the planet, including myself. It will make my life, my loved one’s life, and everyone else’s life, way more enjoyable and healthy.
If Mark Hamilton were to be silenced it will be more devastating to the world than I think you understand, especially if you have never read his literature for yourself. Someone who will bring so much value to each and every person in the world should never be silenced. It will be a dark day for the planet when Mark Hamilton is silenced, and even darker days will follow.
I am forever great full for what Mark Hamilton has done for my loved ones and me. I want nothing more than peace and happiness for the world. If you have read Mark Hamilton’s work, you know that’s all he wants too.
Joe LoC


I’ve read Mark Hamilton’s books since the early 1990’s, and have come to realize that, we all are coming into a future of a new world order. Simply by adding the Prime Law to the constitution as an amendment.
This will get the government off our backs and an end to all the regulation, and taxation and government entities, that keep popping up.
We will prosper like never before.
The Prime Law will give us a Protection only Budget. Taxes will decrease, crime will decrease dramatically. Our health and wealth will soar.
The Prime Law will depoliticize and deregulate and get the government into a Protection only status.
Better health will be apparent without the FDA regulations. Jobs will beabundant with the technological revolution.
Our love life will blossom like never before. We will be happy people.
This is what my family looks forward to.
Eric L. L



I want to tell you about my experiences with the Secret Society.  I received a letter in the mail inviting me to join a group of people called the Secret Society.  This letter was full  of complementary things such as I was special and this was a special time or phase in my life that I was entering. The Society recognized special skills and talents in me and wanted to share information that would better my life, world, finances and love life.

I was thinking how much will this cost and that it’s just a scam to get money.  At best it was some type of cult or religion wanted me to join and eventually would take my money.  I told them that the information they offered sounded good (because it really did sound very interesting) but I just didn’t have that kind of money for their books right now.  I figured the Secret Society would drop me like a hot potato with no money to give.  Well, boy was I wrong.  They responded to me dropping the price of their information very low so I could afford it.  They said they wanted me to join because they saw in me talents and skills that were very special as I stated before.  So I sent the money and still a little part of me still was suspicious.

Shortly I received a book of information which I’m still reading and absorbing the information.  I received invitations to clubhouse meetings and have been personally contacted through letters by my mentor (who is a world known television personality).  Everything I was offered and told I would receive has been done just as it was offered to me by the secret society.

I will continue to be involved with these people as they seem very sincere and have kept to their words to me.  Actually I feel very excited to learn more information and meet these exciting people.  They sought me out and are very excited to meet me and what I things can bring to the Society.




Hi my name is Alice

When I was first introduced to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I was a little skeptical.  But I read the letter and got the books and after reading all three of them, I could see all the honesty and love for all the people in MARK HAMILTON and not just for some people but all people all over the world.  And meeting MARK HAMILTON and the society has changed my life for the better. I am happy and have a love for life it not a burden to live I feel free in my mind and soul.

It is a joy to live and to see the future thru the TVP.  I’ll learning to lead my one life and not let other people tell me how I should think or be  have more confident in myself lost fears doing things  I would not have done if I had not met Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society they help me to use my mind in ways I didn’t know I could.  We need the TVP it will be life changing for all the people the poor, middle and the upper class for the better. Don’t be afraid of Mark Hamilton or the NEOTHINK SOCIETY use your head think for your self.  Don’t listen to what other people have to say 95%of them don’t know anything about Mark Hamilton or NEOTHINK SOCIETY they are afraid of what they don’t know so you find out for yourself. I have learn it better to find out for your self about anything you want to know firsthand that way you know what you are talking about and not talking out of fear of the unknown. and what tvp mean to me and my family is a better life in the future where the people needs is more important than making rules to control the people with all these laws that only is taking your rights and we the people have no say so .just do what they say do or go to jail or something like that .but with the TVP it will be all about the people right to live life to well and happy



I want to thank Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes and showing me my own value.  I now have friends from coast to coast, and I love my life.

Roxanne I.B.