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In 2005 I was at a very low point in my life. I had just bought a house that had a fire upstairs and was living in it as I remodeled it. One of the first pieces of mail I recieved was from Mark Hamilton inviting me to learn secrets that would improve my life. As I absorbed the information my life changed for the better; and has steadily improved in all facets of life. I am Happier; Have found the LOVE of my life: own more real estate and 3 businesses now! Thank You Mark Hamilton for helping me develop into a self leader. Michael C


My name is Andrew Y, when I was introduced to Neothink just over three years ago, I had to be apart of it. Before Neothink, I was lost and stagnant. The love of my life, left me and I lost hope. When Neothink came to me, I was astonished. I read the literature and it motivated me to keep going and improve my life. And help improve other lives. I am doing that. Since then I have moved up in the company I work for. I have a lot more confidence in myself and have met great people and friends with Neothink, and recently met a great woman who I adore.  There is a lot of great knowledge to learn through Neothink and I am still learning, but the rewards are endless.