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My Name is Eddie Perkins.  I am 71 years old.  I was born in  Delhi, Louisiana and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I graduated from High School in Little Rock.  After attending college for one year, I joined the Air Force.  After four years in the Air Force,  I  went back to college and graduated as a Medical Technologist.  I married my wife Neta in 1964.  We are still together.  I was raised in the Baptist Church.  My wife was raised in the Holiness church.  So, I now attend both.
I worked as a Medical Technologist for 22 years, then I worked in Health Administration for 12 years and retired.  When it was time to get up in the mornings and go to work I sometimes dreamed of working my own business from my home when I retired .  I started a Multi Level Marking Business with Primerica Financial Services prior to retiring.  
My  FNE is a business of helping others.  I have always enjoyed helping others and to help others and get paid is a win, win situation for me.
I was searching for a way to get my business started when I got a Pamphlet from the Neothink Society. Although I was skeptical at first, I wondered what it would be like to use both sides of my brain .  I have never liked being in the spot light.  I liked working in the background.  One of the things reading the Heirloom  Packages have shown me is that I have a low self esteem. Therefore I am working on my self esteem by getting out of my self and move on whether I thought I was ready or not.  I am not a fast reader, and I lose my concentration after about an hour.  Therefore I am behind in my reading of the Heirloom Packages. I have learned so much from reading them.
I wish to thank Mark Hamilton for his patience and his teachings during the meetings, which has helped me to get started in the society. I am a level 8 member.

Eddie L. Perkins