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The Twelve Visions Party <TVP>


My name is Ralph Menchaca, and I belong to the Twelve Visions Party. I am a Visionary member for the TVP, and also a participating member of of the Neothink Society.

Mark Hamilton is the Founder/Mentor of the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party.

The Prime Literature written by the Founder/Mentor, Creates the TVP,Visions, Ideals, Business Dynamics, and



HI, My name is Ralph Menchaca.

I belong to the Neothink Society, and I’m inviting you to come to a Neothink Clubhouse Meeting and Join! Next, I welcome you to Join-in with Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party <TVP> and make everyone RICH! Including the Poor.

A new FUTURE awaits everyone, come and see.

At this time, as a participating Neothink Mentor, I can tell you,- Come and live the Life your were Meant to live! for that Something More.


Ralph M


Whom it may concern,

Mark Hamilton has been a huge mentor in my life. He has made me see the 12 visions and to apply them in my life. I thank Mark Hamilton for the opportunities that he presented to me, the life changing books he has publish for us as an honest society to learn and apply, and to make us the person we were meant to be. This information changes people’s lives to make us honest<,happy<,positive about life,<helping others<making the world a better place<and to love yourself and love life to the fullest. I am so glad i have received this information in the mail to get in the society and the 12 visions. Finally I’m honored to have Mark Hamilton as my mentor.

                                                                              Thanks so much,

                                                                                       William O