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Neothink and the literature has cleared the cob webs of my mind . To a better understanding of why people and governments do what they do. I am no longer supertisish I can read and see circumstances as they really are. The world is filled with 3000 year old mindset of not thinking for ones self and blindingly following the leaders like sheep. My experience with the literature and concepts has shown me how important it is to develop self leadership and think and act for my self . I have also learned alot about how the brain functions and how Neothink and neothink has made a major break through in my life and circumstances.
More importantly the literature speaks to the inner child in us all.
Live Life With Passion



Hello Great One,

If only you could imagine the light you’ve brought to my darkness. Since acquiring your 3 installments. The world of illusions I’ve experienced; are a thing of the past.

I’m ready to join the Twelve Visions World! You gotta understand. I see through all the lies the government has presented. I knew long time ago I was different. Thanks

to you. You’ve shown me a vision. That vision tells me I’m not alone in this. I’m honored and this planet should feel the same to have a great leader such as you. I’m a ex military

warrior who survived the B.S. my so called present government tried implant the mystic spirit into me. I knew there was an enlightened out there. That was you all the time. Again,

I’m honored to be an apprentice of yours. No matter how they try to stop you. Keep it movin!  Like the Miss Annebelle Story; I see your vision such as hers. Plant the seeds and

let your flowers grow. I know The Twelve Visions Party will help me and many who are searching for that major break through. The little you’ve shown me; means alot. I appreciate

it. I’ll always stay loyal. I you ever need me; I’m not hard to find. If there’s something you’ve taught me. That is ; sometimes to get through a forest; you gotta chop a couple of trees

down. Don’t let those neocheaters scare the movement. Keep going! I believe in you. I’ll see you in our bright future. ” LET THERE BE LIGHT.”

We’ll speak again,