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My Mentor  
I am in good health and hope the same with you. I hope that you receive my testimonial. I used the email I receive your mails. I hope it will assist to counter-down the media and government authorities’ ill-motive schemes. Other Testimonies will follow soon.
In April I was to receive the final secrets (114) from our society. I had send a cheque of 10 US $ as requested. Could you please confirm whether they received it? Up to know I haven’t heard from them nor received the final secretes. I do check routine in the postal address or the Email.
Mark I am eager to receive the secrets and I don’t know how I will react (Feeling). I miss to own and know those secretes and utilize them to my advantages. Am planning to achieve great accomplishment, feel real good, feeling secured and fulfilling my dreams. I need what other Neothink members is reaction and feel anxious.
I as still doing benevolent work at my medical clinic. Treating clients low (Earns) less I than 1US $ per day. Being woken at midnight to treat midday peoples children with sudden illnesses e.g. pneumonia, malaria only to charge them less and many are not able to pay. I am ready now to change my life.
Your Disciple