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The value that I have received from Mark Hamilton, his Neothink, his literature is amazing, It changed my live forever.

My name is Tony G, I have been familiar with NEOTHINK for about eight years now.

When I first started reading I was not sure what I had gotten myself into, but as I read on book after book I started to understand, I was involved in a car accident in 1999 I had done considerable damage to my back and a decision was made to perform back surgery and do a fusion at my L5-S1 vertebrae, I searched and searched for another procedure, one that was not available in the US finally came to light. Apparently German doctors had been performing a full disc replacement with highly recommended and durable replacement discs, that has had a great deal of success with a person being able return to work in short period of time usually around 6-8 weeks. Once armed with this information I tried to see if I could get the same surgery in the states I was told no because the FDA had not allowed the release in the US, later I found that the German doctors had been performing the procedure for more than 12 years. Armed with that information I requested the insurance company paying for the surgery to allow me to travel to Germany and have the surgery there, I was told no by the insurance company, then was told that I had to have the surgery with what was available here in the US.

I had the laminectomy in July of 2001, I am still to this day in pain every day.

NEOTHINK has given me strength over the years, strength and understanding to move past my prescription drug addiction, strength to deal with the pain of withdrawal.

NEOTHINK has given me the power over my adversaries that have caused me to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

I now move forward as a better man, husband and father because I have had the fortunate pleasure of being involved with an every growing, positive, and persevering organization.

If it had not been for Neothink and Mark Hamilton I would have surely met my demise a long time ago, Thank you Neothink for bringing me the tools to survive in this dismal world.

Tony G


Dear Mark,

I was introduced to the Neothink literature by my mother.  She had already purchased it and to help with my public speaking, I asked if I could read something out loud to her every night.  She agreed and suggested I read the literature.  At first, I didn’t think too much of it because I was just focusing on how I read out loud, imagining myself in front of a crowd and trying to get over the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  After about the second or third day though, I grew accustomed to my own voice and I was absolutely blown away by the words that started to sink in.  My life changed from that moment on.  I didn’t fully realize it right away of course but now, looking back, so many opportunities and beneficial experiences have happened after being exposed to the literature.  I didn’t even have to try hard, the powerful concepts made so much sense and were so simple to absorb, my psyche just began using them almost automatically.  It was as if my intelligence had jumped after reading and I could more easily handle a lot of smaller concepts that before befuddled me.  I started a business shortly after and have been steadily building my wealth ever since.  As I reread and apply more of the concepts, more opportunities come my way.  I find myself more “naturally” positive because I am more in control of my life than ever and know where I am heading.  I also understand better why I used to get off-track before reading the literature and don’t go off into the “deep-end” as much with old negative habits.  The amazing concepts lead to success in all other areas of life so I’m naturally stimulated to stay out of the old habits; I’m having too much fun going forward and capturing success.  It’s a really cool feeling, I compare it to when you’re playing a game and feel you have all the secrets and actions you can use to win the game and it’s your choice as to how quickly you want to get there. 

Thank you to the author, Mark Hamilton for doing all the nitty-gritty hard work to discover and market these invaluable works.  I feel so lucky to have read the literature when I did so that I am better prepared to handle the current economic trouble our country is in.  As I’ve grown in years and experience, I have seen and understand increasingly how our country is being critically mismanaged by political leaders and how the Twelve Visions Party, the movement springing from the literature is the only thing available that can restore and protect forever our individual freedoms.  Hopefully in 2012, we will have that presidential candidate on the ballot ready to usher in what should have been ours since our country was founded: wealth, health and safety for every citizen. 

Sage K