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Good evening Mark Hamilton.

I have just finished a conference call with my ateam and we were discussing the extremely difficult requirements that California has to register a new party and to get on the ballot. Our TVP representative brought up the fact that other states were much more lenient than others to acheive these two things.

I have been thinking hard on this for several days now and, as it is something that has always bothered me, it really hit home with the information in your last email to me. So I asked the group Why is it so difficult? Who has put these things into place to make it so difficult and by whose or what authority?

We know the answer to the Why question from the information we have learned from the manuscripts. It’s simple; so they can hold onto their power by minimizing the competition.

I asked the TVP representative to look into the other two questions because I feel that this needs to be questioned by every voter.

You see, every voter has the right and privilege to vote for whomever they choose in America, as we both well know, but, the choices are only on the ballot or as a write-in. By impeding a candidate’s ability to be known by the voters by being on the ballot is fraudulent, pure and simple. People should be outraged by this. Everyone always complains about the limited choices we have for candidates.

I think this needs to be challenged. I want to know who gave them the right to impose such exaggerated processes to be put into place. I want them to prove to me that these things are morally and ethically proper. I do not think that they can but it would sure keep them off balance for a bit if the cry for this kind of accountability was aimed at them, and maintained by an evergrowing voice , both in numbers and volume.

This might keep at least some of the focus off of you while they juggle to keep their balance. This is just one idea but we could be using the tactics that they use on us to distract us from what they are really doing. White Hat neo-cheating? Mark, I think we also need to be on the offensive with these clowns as well as on the defensive. I’m reasonably certain that you have some ideas and plans on this as well so I wanted to make a small contribution in this direction.

On another note, I am working on a new testimonial to add to the other 2. I don’t know if the other 2 are to be used , but I wanted to continue the theme set there in them. Please let me know as it has a huge bearing on how I write it.

Thank you for listening.

Have a good evening,



To Mark Hamilton:   I am a proud American, an ex marine, veteran of the Vietnam war who has served our country and a recipient of the purple heart.   I have read your prime literature and it makes me proud to be included in the efforts of the neothink society.  Approximately one year ago I received an invitation to join the neothink society and in it you offer me the food I needed to cure and ease the pain of a wound to my heart that was bigger than the one I received in Vietnam.   Nine years ago on a Christmas night, I lost my older son to a car accident.  This event drove me crazy, as I made a lot mistakes that ended my marriage of 38 years.  My depression took over my life and I developed  cancer of the prostate, diabetes,four by-pass heart surgery and two years ago I had a ruptured appendix. What else could go wrong I asked myself, but my only other son did not want to follow my steps in the businessand I closed my real estatebusiness.  He was suffering perhaps more than me since the family was disintegrating and no one was making any sense.   I tried going to church, but it didn’t help at all, The VA clinic send me to group therapy with other veterans who were possibly hooked on drugs or alcohol and I felt insulted since I don’t even smoke. They thought that I was on denial so I stopped going to those sessions.   I had lost my family so I tried living with a new family twice before I received your invitation to the neothink society but they didn’t work.  In my last relationship with a good woman, it kept me active in a new business, but our management of the business and the family was always in conflict and I was getting sick to my stomach with every decision so I finally ended this relationship in April of 2009.  I have found my home in the neothink society, since it has open my eyes to a new world of positive thinking and like-minded members.  My son’s accident and all of the events in my nightmare made me doubt my purpose for continuing to live, but the goals of the neothink society for a better world to be happy in this planet has led me to change my way of thinking and now I want to live a little longer.  I  want  to be part of helping humanity to make the leap from the bicameral mentality that instead of just reacting automatically to  the forces of nature,  they learn to think for themselves  and become self leaders.  I want to be a part of the movement to eradicate diseases and help cure cancer, aging and other diseases.  I want to be a part of the twelve visions party to make our government more efficient and eliminate so many costly programs and taxes.   I enjoy the meetings with the other members in the web site as we all learn from each other as we integrate our neothinking.  I, since becoming an active member of the society, have learned so much and feel free and happy again.  I now enjoy a better relationship with my only son,  his wife, and my two grand sons.   It is because of them that I want this world to change to one of value creators instead of value destroyers.  I want them to live in a planet of peace not in a planet where people must look over their shoulder to see who is trying to hurt them.   Lets make a difference.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for coming into my life.


Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton. Thank you for exposing me to the Twelve Visions Party. You have definitely changed my life for the better. I undoubtedly will never be the same because of you. For the first time ever my life is worth living. You’ve given me a new way of seeing the world. It’s not like I’ve been told what to do or to do anything differently. What you’ve done for me is to help me to be able to think in a totally different way. I now have a new way of approaching the world. And for the first time ever, I am in charge of my life. I no longer allow outside influences to influence me.

So many people have so many different opinions of what’s wrong with the school system. But it just amazes me thinking about what an incredible world we would be living in if, when we were children, we had been taught or just allowed to think for ourselves. Integrated thinking and total honesty is definitely our way out of the hell that has been created on this earth by dishonest, value destroying people. I’m so happy to have found the Twelve Visions Party. Thanks once again Mark Hamilton.


Steve S


I cannot explain how much the Neothinksociety has organized my business and my life. Before receiving the secrets that i now know, i was very unorganized and just another sheep in society. Now that i have the knowledge from NEOTHINK i am on my way to living a very SUCCESFULL LIFE.

Wake Up America!

About five years ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton, little did I know that my life was about to be changed from a life of stagnation to an exhilarating life of creation. At that time in my life I spent most of my time playing video games. I responded to the letter, Mark Hamilton sent to me and I ordered a book from him. When that first book arrived it was too big to fit into my mailbox so I had to go to the post office to pick it up. Except, to learn something specific I hadn’t read a book in 20 years, so as you can imagine when I saw this first book with over 1000 pages I was quite intimidated. I haven’t played a video game in over three years, because I don’t have time to waste in a life of stagnation.

I started reading and my life started changing for the better. I found myself so interested in this first book that I was reading 10 hours a day, instead of getting up in the morning and playing video games I was immersing myself in this prime literature I received from Mark Hamilton. I ended up ordering two more books, and both of them were very large. Inside the pages of these manuscripts I found that I had a desire to learn. I have continued to read and study every day to increase my knowledge and understanding so that I can make a difference in this anti-civilization society in which we live.

Because of Mark Hamilton I joined the Neothink® Society three years ago. Since joining I have met people from all over the United States, and Canada. The friendships I have made in the past three years are lifelong friendships filled with fully integrated honesty and love! Inside the Neothink® Society is a group of like-minded individuals who realize something just isn’t quite right with the way our government is running this country and we are working to correct the injustices and illusions that are being put over on the American people.

While reading the third manuscript, I became interested in the current political structure in this country. I no longer went along with the status quo; I began seeing the destructive nature of career politicians. I began understanding the need within myself, to help with restructuring, what is right now a corrupt government system in this country and bringing to it a fully integrated and honest system of government. With the Prime Law (see the Twelve Visions Party® national platform on the website) as an amendment to the United States Constitution will end an era of corrupt Career politicians and bring a New Beginning to the political arena filled with Honest Businessmen and Women.

We had our first Twelve Visions Party® National Convention on July 18, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. I was quite honored to have been the first speaker and the last speaker of the day at this historic event. I recite the Prime Law each and every day, the Prime Law is in my mind and in my heart; it has become an integral part of who I am. From this one Prime Law which is the foundation of the Twelve Visions Party® and as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution will bring universal wealth, health and peace which has never before been known on this planet. Thank you, Mark Hamilton for inspiring me to become a Value Creator.

We have had over 200 years of career politicians, breaking down the United States Constitution and now our current government is attempting to bring socialism to this country. It is time for us, “We the People” to stand up and let our voices be heard. We can no longer stand by and let a government filled with career politicians, whose personal agendas are destroying the U.S. Constitution and taking away our freedom, which the founding fathers of this country fought and died to Create.

The media in this country is controlled by a parasitical elite class that wants to keep the American people, ignorant so they can be easily controlled. If you are among those who believe the propaganda the parasitical elite class (the media) wants you to believe, then you need to start studying Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature so that your eyes will be opened to what is really happening with the current political system in this country!

The Twelve Visions Party® with its Prime Law, written by Mark Hamilton is the only chance this country has to recover from the degradation that 200+ years of career politicians has brought to this country. Wake Up America and see through to what really is! Never before have we had this chance; let’s restore the U.S. Constitution to what it was in the beginning of this country, and with the Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution we will ensure that never again will a corrupt government be allowed to take away our rights, our freedom!

Wake up America, before it’s too late!

Thank you again Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes, and bringing me into a life of Value Creation.

Kenneth T


I’ve read Mark Hamilton’s books since the early 1990’s, and have come to realize that, we all are coming into a future of a new world order. Simply by adding the Prime Law to the constitution as an amendment.

This will get the government off our backs and an end to all the regulation, and taxation and government entities, that keep popping up.

We will prosper like never before.

The Prime Law will give us a Protection only Budget. Taxes will decrease, crime will decrease dramatically. Our health and wealth will soar.

The Prime Law will depoliticize and deregulate and get the government into a Protection only status.

Better health will be apparent without the FDA regulations.  Jobs will beabundant with the technological revolution.

Our love life will blossom like never before. We will be happy people.

This is what my family looks forward to.

Eric L. L


Are you worth a minute in time?

When we were born, we had no choice at what we believed. TV, radio, Parents, religion, government all told us what was ”Their real reality beliefs”. When in fact you had no choice to what was truly real in life, only what they thought was real. If you’ll take just a minute and think about this…

When we were little, we  believed in magical power. Adults couldn’t see it now, for the same reason we adults can’t see it now, we were told it’s not real, you can’t trust your own thoughts! But what “If” the natural you fresh out of the womb, unspoiled by anything of this world, could see this magic, that we were slowly weaned away from through the media, parents, religion, government, etc,etc, that told us it’s not real.

Swept under the carpet to forget about. This is about each one of us number “Ones” out there.

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society and TVP party, is about this. To bring back to you the ability to see the magic in your lifetime, for you, and the people. To “feel” the reason we were born for.

Sincerely, One

Jon R


I am deeply grateful for having come across Mark Hamilton’s vision for a better society for all people around the world. Mr. Hamilton’s projection for a better future for all people is what has instilled the hope back in to my heart.

Warm Regards,

Belinda C


The Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton have empowered me to live the life of my dreams.  The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World are powerful puzzle pieces regarding everyone everywhere living the life that we are meant to live minus the dishonesty!