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Dear Mark:
Thanks for notifying me of your difficulties introducing yourself. the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party to our society.
It is difficult for me to understand opposition to the introduction of an alternative to our current political and economic system. Neither of these systems are successful, they have taken us to the second great depression!
In addition, to needing alternative solutions to our problems, this is a democracy built on free speech! The introduction of the Neothink approach with its efficient use of resources, its increase in motivation and wealth for the working Americans is imperative.
Is happiness and wealth our enemy? We working Americans are willing to accept possible improvements in our life style. The Neothink methodology will improve our business organizations and economic performance. Why would we not want this?
Are the present efforts of both government and business too involved in corruption and dishonesty? Does Mr. Mark Hamilton’s proposal frighten them?
Based upon fear being their only objective Mark Hamilton’s Neothink must be introduced! If they fear it. it has merits!
The media supports the status quo because that is the source of its revenue! The media fears progress and change! They object to sharing the wealth. They will not print the truth if it is a threat to their advertisers! Neothink offers an acceptable improvement to our economic and political system. Neothink is for the many not just the few!
Dr Charles H Mott


Dear Mark,
Thanks to your books, and the society, I have hope for the future. Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope that the future will be better, if we all join in to make it so .
I am now living a life that may not be one that others will say is useful, but it does give me time and opportunity to do some major thinking on things that I’ve read in the multi generational books. I’ve seen things that when I stop to think about them, I can associate them with the thing that I’ve read in the books. And I can see the need for the society’s principals to be propagated throughout our society.
So I want to thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all the things that you and the society have taught me. I’m still trying to apply all the principals to my life and job. But I am learning, and hoping that I will see the day that these laws of life are used by all people to the betterment of all of us.
Keep the faith and the hard work moving right along, because I can’t wait to see the Twelve Visions World come into being.
Thank you, for choosing to mentor me and introduce this great idea and hope to me, and now all the world!
Your Student,



Dear Mark,

Thanks for all your effort in getting the Neothink materials to me and all deserving people.  It has been a great inspiration to me to pursue my bliss and develop my special abilities.   Nowhere have I found a more inspiring batch of material that gets people to look at what they do best and reach for a better life that can be free of fear and the day to day grind of a job they are not happy with.  Also your idea’s about a wrld that could be possible without disease and death are intriguing.  Keep up the good work. If will support you anyway i can in the future.  Your friend,
Sincerely, Allan L. C