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I am a very proud member of the Neothink Society. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature. Mark shows us in his writings that life for man-kind is suppose to be a healthy, prosperous, fun filled adventure…where we all love our fellow man, our freedom, and our earth.  Mark Hamilton has envisioned this life for all of us and he has envisioned what its going to take to get us to where we are suppose to be. We have been suppressed for thousands of years due to neo-cheaters. We live in an anti-civilization and we will remain there if something isn’t done and done soon!!

Mark Hamilton has spent his entire life writing about his visions of a world of hope, of love, and prosperity for every man, woman and child. But his visions haven’t stopped there. His visions told him what has to be done to get this world to that place of beauty, peace and harmony. His love for life and man-kind has led him to the understanding that the government is the place we must all start. That is when he founded the Twelve Visions Party. For the changes must start in the highest ranking fields in America….The White House, the presidency, the congress, the senate, clear down to the mayors of each city. We must take back our country from the neo-cheaters. With this being said I back Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party 100%.  With out them our world as we know it will self destruct and human-kind will exist NO MORE!!!

I believe that Mark Hamilton and the TVP is the cure to the fears, illnesses, depression, diseases, crime, pain, the poor, and a multitude of other ailments that this world is enduring. Mark Hamilton’s goals and desires are to bring this world to a place were happiness, love for each other and prosperity are rampant instead of crime.

Mark Hamilton loves people and this world so much that his ultimate goal is to bring immortality to us all so that none of us will ever have to feel the pain of loosing a loved one again. This is the  type of a man that I want running my country!!! He lives and breathes Honesty, who in their right mind does not want to live a life of pure honesty, love, health, wealth, and freedom!

I encourage everyone who reads these testimonials to get a copy of Miss Annabelle’s Story. READ IT!!!  It is so enchanting and real, it will send tingles down your spine. I am an avid reader and this book was the most exciting book I have ever read. I have read it over and over….I WANT THIS LIFE FOR ALL OF US!!!   Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party is our ticket to this life.

As I have learned through my readings of Earl Nightingale, Zig Zigler, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. David Schwartz, Rhonda Byrne, and Jerry and Esther Hicks is you get what you think if we all think about this, believe in it and have faith in Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party we will get all that they are offering to us and more.

Have Faith and Believe my Friends and nothing or no one can bring us down!!
With Love and faith,

For those who happen to read this: All of your eyes, if you can read….because there are those who read, but still in doubt of what we are and what we are here, for?……As an apprentice of Mark Hamilton…I’ve learned deep in my heart, that  ” THIS IS IT “….I’ve read the 3 Heirlooms, meet Neothink members face to face, listen to tele-conference, joined a business entity with NT members, a TVP CA visionary and in my own little way a warrior ( for life’s existence in a more meaningful ways ) with a secret weapon to protect myself and fight against those who takes advantage over me.

There’s nothing to be afraid of….Mr. Mark Hamilton….we are protected by what we believed is true….whatever happens….the Truth will come to surface….even if they are going to destroy us ( our movement ). We need the Change….only, majority are still blinded by their beliefs….and they will start seeing it more clearly when we are stop, we are destroyed, or jailed…..because, they will ask ( the public ) what are we dying for?

We Are Here For A Better World the Twelve Visions World. No more killings ( terrorist ), no more hunger / famine, no more diseases or H1N1 scare, no more corruption, no more recession / unemployment, and most of all; no more human made laws that protect the interest of those who are in the authority. NO MORE NEO-CHEATERS.

In my open testimonial to the public….we are not asking you to join us….just do something, in your own little ways to protect yourself and learn how to fight back against those who cheated you. You just made yourself…a warrior….seeking for a better world.

Jun D